Friday, 31 January 2014

133. Seetha vent her wrath on Ravana.

                Suddenly Seetha realized that Ravana had carried her away quite a distance from the hermitage and as such there was no possibility of Rama and Lakshmana catching them up. That made her highly frantic, naturally. She didn't know what to do. The only thing she could do was to try to hammer good sense into at least one of the heads of that brute. That was exactly what she started. She said "You scoundrel, you are taking flight on abducting me when I was alone without any protection. Are you not ashamed in the least for this disgraceful, outrageous, scandalous, mean, low, base, infamous, indecent and degrading subterfuge. You blackguard, now it is obvious that you sent that Golden Deer to lure my husband and Lakshmana away from me. You bragged this and that and all that but now I find you a bloody coward. You had to struggle very hard to overcome that old bird Jataayu. It is therefore, very apparent that you shiver to face my husband or his brother Lakshmana. 
                  "Ah, you have not revealed even an iota of your valor you were boasting about, you basely rakshash.
                 "A vain boaster as you are, this highly inhuman, iniquitous and imputable deed of yours will be recounted with the greatest scorn by all men, women and children in all the worlds now and for all the time to come.
                  "Damn with what you have said then about your might and mettle and damn with this kind of your demeanor which is lamentable to the whole of your clan in this world.
                  "You are running away in a hurry because you are afraid of being killed by my husband. If you are really what you were boasting of, then wait for my husband to come.
                  "Even with the entire army of yours you have absolutely no chance of winning my husband or his brother. You and your entire army will be completely wiped out.
               "There is no point in taking me to your place as I will not be able to live for long in the custody of an enemy and without seeing my husband.
            "Oh, unmerciful one, on doing this kind of misdeed to that noble-souled Rama you are rendered incapable to bear up life for a long time like the one who quaffed venom.
            "You must have known that your army of fourteen thousand rakshashas based on Jaanasthana was completely wiped out by my husband in a matter of minutes without any help from his brother. It will not therefore be difficult for him to eliminate you, the stealer of his chosen wife, with his mordant arrows." 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

132. Ravana travels back to Lanka with Seetha.

                  Seetha could not bear the sight of the valiant Jataayu whom Ravana wounded fatally. Sitting beside him and weeping she was saying "I have heard that humans perceive disastrous or distressing happenings by its concomitant indications like uncommon reflexes of their own body parts, or by the presages, or the conjecturable concomitants or the cognising calls of birds.
               "Oh, Rama, I am sure that animals and birds are running towards you for my sake, to tell about me.
               "Oh, Rama, this noble bird Jataayu who mercifully came to save me is badly mangled on his encounter with Ravana, and he is sprawling on earth, due to my ill luck.
               "Oh, Rama of Kakutstha, Oh, Lakshmana, Come and liberate me now." 
               Seetha's garlands and jewelry were muddled up. Clinging a sturdy tree and muffling her misfortune she started bawling "Rama, Oh! Rama". That rakshash, Ravana, rushed towards Vaidehi  who was bawling like an orphaned child, and repeatedly and harshly taunted Seetha saying, 'leave it off, leave it off.' 
              Seeing Seetha's abduction God Brahma declared, "the deed is done." However, all of the supreme sages in Brahma's abode became distressed, and yet delighted in foreseeing the consequential results.
             Wresting Seetha from the tree to which she was clinging, Ravana took flight skyward. Seetha scintillated like the oblique flashes of lightning in a cloud, owing to her golden coloured body which was decorated with jewelry of pure gold, and made more attractive with a golden coloured ocherish silky dress, while traversing in the sky.
                 When her ochreish silk sari's upper fringe was upheaved by air onto to Ravana, Ravana looked blazing like a mountain set ablaze, muchly and overly.
                Reddish and scented lotus-petals adorning Seetha were slithered, but again upheaved by air they were bestrewn on Ravana.
               The Upper fringe of Seetha's silk sari with golden glitter was upheaved in the sky, and with the reddish hue of sun in red heat of midday it beamed forth like a reddish cloud.
                Like a stalk-less lotus the immaculate visage of Seetha lost its usual brightness as Rama was not in the vicinage.
               Her lotus pistil like face without any trace of pimple was adorned with a pretty forehead on which prettyish curls were fluttering, and with teeth that were spick and span and sparkling, but tears dabbed on that face to sideways when she wept, yet it was pleasant like moon for a sight with shapely nose, pretty eyes, roseate lips, and shining with golden hue in the sky. Nevertheless, when she had gone in the flank of Ravana on the sky such an immaculate face of Seetha turned like a palish moon that had just risen bursting a bluish cloud.
                  Highly disconcerted by the rakshash that auspicious face of Seetha was much less bright like the moon arisen in daytime with somewhat golden hue.
                  While Seetha was being carried away by Ravana, her golden yellowish complexion in the tinge of a lotus in combination with her ornaments of purified gold, flashed like lightnings in dark clouds. In the background of the black Ravana the rustles of Vaidehi's jewellery shone forth like a shipshape blue-black cloud with rumbles and undulating lightning.
                 During the flight of the rakshash with Seetha, the flowers gracing her head, on chest as garlands and on the armlets had fallen all-over the surface of earth like showers of flowers.
               During their flight Seetha's anklet adorned with gems fell down onto the earth like an electric annulus with its sparky sparkles.
              The flight of Ravana carrying Seetha looked like a black elephant with a golden girdle moving in the air.
              Due to her radiancy, Seetha against the black Ravana looked like the moving of a massive meteor. 
              Similarly some of her ornaments were sparkling like the sparkles of fireworks. A multi-string pearl pendant, a rivière, that vies with the moonshine had glissaded from the medial of her breasts, and while glissading from sky it looked like the sheeny River Ganga while she glissaded from the skies.
               The trees on which diverse birds were perching were stirred up by the wind blown and up-heaved by the gust of Ravana's flight, while the swaying motion of those treetops looked as though waving hands to console Seetha saying, "fear not... fear not..."
                  Seeing the atrocity all the lotuses in the lakes below wilted; fishes and other beings in the lakes became very sorrow in the same manner as a girl would for her dear girlfriend. 
                 All lions, tigers and other animals and birds gathered in herds from all-over were rancorously pursuing the shadow of Seetha.
                 The mountains seemed bewailing with their waterfalls as shedding tears and with their peaks as upraised arms.
                 It seemed that even the Sun seemed to have immersed in such a great sadness which weakened his sunshine, thereby paling the brightness of the sun-disc, and consequently vastly lowering the solar constant. 
                 And the sylvan deities physically shuddered in a worst way. Not knowing what to do, Seetha was bawling in high-pitched but mellowly voice calling "Rama, Lakshmana."  

Sunday, 26 January 2014

131. The valiant effort of Jataayu.

               Ravana did not at all like Jataayu's peremptory actions and utterances. At the outset he did not like the old bird perching on his chariot. The sermons of the bird kindled his anger. Ravana's fury reached its pinnacle when the old imprudent bird poised threateningly to stop him physically. The uncontrollable anger made Ravana's eyes red. And he gnashed his teeth in anger which caused his burnished golden ear knobs flicker as if they were fireballs. 
              Ravana found that it was not easy to ward off the old bird. His annoyance grew further when he realized that he had to spent some time and energy to overcome that bird. The physical clash between the rakshash and the bird turned out to be like the one when two gigantic clouds upheaved by the tornadic gusts hard hitting each other tempestuously in the sky. Ravana found that the old Jataayu was fighting better than he imagined and he perforce had to exert much more than he planned. Then the combat turned out to be as startling as that between two gigantic and winged mountains.
             Ravana incessantly stormed Jataayu with arrows that had excruciating and highly dreadful arrowheads, like tubular arrows, iron arrows, and with arrows that had crescentic arrowheads. That mighty eagle Jataayu not only sustained those arrays of Ravana's arrows  but severally made gashes on the body of Ravana with the strong and sturdy claws on his feet. Ravana took up ten deadly arrows that were similar in their shine to the Shafts of the Terminator, released and impaled the eagle with straight shooting arrows on fully stretching the bowstring up to his ear, whose steel-pointed arrowheads were sharp, hurtful, and deadly.
              The agonized and the teary-eyed face of Jaanaki in the chariot made Jataayu lunge towards that rakshash heedless of the arrows that were lunging at him. That unexpected move of Jataayu made Ravana's bow which was decorated with pearls and gemstones, shattered. Ravana convulsed in anger then took up another bow and stormed hundreds and thousands of arrow storms. Nested in the arrows shot by Ravana Jataayu shone forth in that combat like a bird that obtains a readymade nest. On winnowing those arrays of arrows with his wings, Jataayu shattered that bow too with his feet. That lord of birds also blasted off the armour of Ravana with his feet.
               That old but mighty Jataayu also knocked off the ghost-faced mules yoked to the chariot of Ravana. Then that great-chariot which was flourishing with three bamboos from chassis to yoke, and which traversed just by its steersman's wish, and which was crafted fantastically with gem-studded body and stairs, whose wheels were crafted with gold and gemstones, and which in its flare was like a Ritual-fire,  was splintered by Jataayu. Jataayu swiftly collapsed the parasol of Ravana which in shine was mirroring the full moon, along with the regalia of white-royal-fur-fans, together with the rakhashas handling them for fanning Ravana. Jaatayu also pecked off the robust head of the charioteer of Ravana with beak. Now Ravana was without any usable bow and chariot. The horses and the charioteer were killed. Faces glowing like fire, Ravana grabbing Vaidehi by her torso jumped to earth.
                Seeing Ravana floundered on the earth from his crumbled vehicle, all beings like sylvan deities, caaranas, siddhas and suchlike, reverenced Jataayu. 
                Due to his age, Jataayu became quite tired. Ravana was pleased to note that the old bird had become quite tired. He therefore started going away by raising up to the skies taking Seetha with him. He decided to deal with that bird later. But the old bird was quite a persevering one. He (Jataayu), too swiftly rose to sky dashing to forestall Ravana, whose only weapon now was a single sword. Jataayu shouted at Ravana "You mean-minded Ravana, you want to run away to avoid facing her husband Rama who wields arrows that touch off like the Thunderbolt of Indra. This abduction will result in the complete eradication of  the entire race of rakhashas by Rama. If you have adequate bravery wait till Rama comes and take his wife after defeating Rama."
                Ravana was not in a mood to heed anything Jataayu was telling and started moving towards Lanka carrying Seetha. Seeing this Jataayu descended on the hind-side of Ravana, devastatingly. On clasping Ravana with incisive claws Jataayu lacerated deeply and rampantly, as a mahout, an elephant-trainer-controller, sitting astride on it would try to control an uncontrollable elephant that was running amok, with an incisive goad. Armed only with his claws, wings, and beak, Jataayu not only tore the back of Ravana asunder applying his beak and claws, but started to tweeze even his hair which made the lips of Ravana quiver. Ravana became very much exasperated by the continuous harassment of Jataayu. When the persecution became intolerable Ravana staggered on to his right targeting the hovering eagle at his hind-side to fell it down and hit back Jataayu with all the palms he could muster, while firmly clutching Vaidehi onto his left flank.
               But Jataayu, our present hero, outstripped Ravana and ripped off ten left-arms with which Seetha was being held by Ravana, with his beak, so that Seetha would be released from the grip of that rakhash. Hare Ram! Fresh arms started immediately from his body like snakes possessing a series of venomous blazes sprawling out from a snake pit. But this was the last straw for Ravana, who then threw off Seetha, and out of fury he scuffled with the king of eagles with fisticuffs and kicks, by both his feet and fists. Their encounter in this fashion continued for some time between them. Ravana managed to draw his sword and hewed off both the wings, sides, and feet of that old bird. Incapacitated in this fashion the colossal eagle Jataayu immediately fell down to earth completely exhausted.
                   On seeing Jataayu fallen on earth and dampened with blood Vaidehi fell into a fit of weeping and ran towards him as if he was her own close relative. Ravana gazed at that worthily valorous Jataayu, who in his shine was like a blue-black cloud with a whitely white chest and who by now was like a quiescent fire-storm flattened onto the ground.
                 Seetha hugged the eagle Jataayu and wept over uncontrollably incessantly.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

130. Jatayu tries to infuse good sense into the heads of Ravana.

                Jataayu who was having his customary siesta was startled hearing the shrieking voice of Seetha. He opened his eyes and saw Ravana taking away Seetha. Guessing correctly what must have happened, he perched himself on the chariot and told Ravana "Oh, brother Dashagriiva (this is one of the original names of Ravana meaning 'ten-headed one'), what you are doing is highly deplorable. I am one of those who abide by perpetual probity and avowed to truthfulness. Such as I am  I am the mightiest king of eagles known by the name Jataayu.
              "Rama, the son of Dasharatha, is the master of all the worlds, one similar to Mahendra and Varuna, and the one who is connected with the well-being of all the worlds.
              "Whom you are now abducting is Seetha who is the legitimate wife of that preserver of all the worlds, namely Rama. How a king adhering to probity can lay his hands on the wives of others? If it is a king's wife, oh, great-mighty Ravana, she is to be particularly safeguarded. Reverse your filthy course, or else you will perish with your race.  A sagacious person does not undertake any deed by which others deplore him. As with the protection of one's own wife from somebody laying hands on her, other person's wife is also to be protected in that way.
               "Oh, the scion of Pulastya, you know very well that the subjects of a king would tend to follow the monarch. Ipso facto if you stoop to such a low level of kidnapping the wife of someone else, then one of your powerful subjects may do the same to you with impunity and justify his action.
Ravana was the son of Vishravasa who was the son of Pulastya, the brainchild of Brahma. As such all the ancestors of Ravana are well-read scholars in all scriptures and sciences. Hence, Jataayu was addressing Ravana as the 'scion of Paulastya' to remind him of his illustrious tradition in the hope that it may make him see good sense.
End Comment.       
                "You know very well that the subjects will ape the king.
                 "I guess that you must have come to know as to how Rama completely wiped out your force at Janasthaana including the chief Khara who transgressed for the sake of Shuurpanakha. Like that it would not be hard for him to wipe out the entire race of rakshashas including you, of course. Be sensible and return Seetha to Rama and apologize to him.
             "I have dedicated myself to the kingdom of my fathers and forefathers according to tradition, and sixty thousand years have elapsed since I was born. You are youngish whereas I am oldish, you are an armoured archer darting arrows from an air-chariot, whereas I am a pensile bird in the open sky. Nevertheless I cannot and will not keep quite seeing you go away with Seetha.
              "Oh, Ravana, if you are valiant enough wait for Rama to come here searching for Seetha and you can combat with Rama and take Seetha after killing him, if you can. In case you are afraid of meeting Rama, then I will forestall you till Rama and his brother Lakshmana come."

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

129. Ravana kidnapped Seetha.

                Ravana reached at the end of his tether on hearing Seetha's arguments which sounded to him as the blabbering of an imbecile. He thought that Seetha may change her opinion in his favor if she sees his real mighty body. He, therefore shed the disguise and resumed his own guise. He then looking at Seetha told her loftily "Like everyone in all the worlds, you too must have heard about my valour and vanquishes. Perhaps you have not cared to remember about them in your madness for Rama.
                "Standing on the sky I can lift up the earth with just two of my arms; I can completely gulp down any ocean; standing in war I can even put the Death to death. Indeed, I can split the Sun and splinter the earth with my splitting arrows. Oh, mad but lovely woman, I can assume any form as I wish, and endow any wish you wish. As I have all the attributes any sensible woman would wish for her husband, I must be your husband. Behold me and enjoy the sight." 
                  He was telling Seetha the above in utter rage. As such his eyes became further bloodshot and blackened at their edges. In his own guise he looked like Yama. He stood before Seetha showing his mighty physique expecting her to melt with love on seeing such a magnificent manly physique, which was dissimilar to the girlish physique of her husband Rama.
                 Ravana continued "If you wish to have a husband who is well renowned in all the three worlds you seek shelter in me. I alone will be the most appropriate match as your husband. Ultimately you have a much lauded husband in me. Come with me, and I will not cause any displeasure to you at any point of time. Let your heart refrain from that human Rama and you start bringing round your heart towards me.
                "Oh, halfwitted lady, you think yourself a highly intellectual lady, but you stick to that mindless Rama who just by the word of a greedy woman relinquished kingdom along with all of his amiable people, and lives in this forest where the predators are on the prowl. Thus he who is spurned off from the kingdom, and who as a human has a very short life, I wonder by what merits you are impassioned for such a chap called Rama?" 
                  Saying the above, Ravana closed near Seetha. Seeing her on close quarters that verily evil minded Rakshas Ravana became more maddened by lust and grabbed her, as Budha, (i.e. the Planet Jupiter) grabs the Star Rohini in the firmament.
                  He lifted the lotus-eyed Seetha  with one of his left hands at her plait of hair at nape, and with a couple of his right hands at her thighs.
                 The deities in the forest could not bear the atrocity, and hence quickly fled away as they did not have the power to prevent Ravana doing this dirty, nefarious and heinous act.
Then the miracle-air-chariot of Ravana which is miraculously designed to appear and disappear at the wish of its master, yoked with miraculous mules, and built with its golden wheels and parts, appeared before Ravana braying noisily. Ravana lifted her up by her waist and got Vaidehi up on the air-chariot intimidating her with bitter words with a malicious grin.
              Seetha was totally stunned.  When regained her senses she cried aloud calling her dear Rama. Despite the fact that Seetha was absolutely and totally repulsive for any kind of sensuality and was writhing like the wife of the King Cobra, Ravana surged skyward and flew off with her in his air-chariot.
While that heinous rakshash was abducting her in the sky way, Seetha became frenzied with bewildered faculties and then started bawling stridently and hysterically "Haa, greatly dexterous Lakshmana... oh, rejoicer of your mentor... you are incognizant of me who is being abducted by this rakshas.
 May be you too would be wondering why Seetha shouted help from Lakshmana instead of Rama, particularly when she had admonished Lakshmana earlier. The possible explanations are a) she did not really mean what she accused of Lakshmana and b) Lakshmana left the hermitage just now, so he must be within earshot, while Rama went into deep of the forest long back.
End Comment.           
             "Oh, Raghava, you have relinquished your high life, happiness, and riches for the sake of righteousness, and though you avowed to protect your observance, you are unobservant of me who is being abducted by the unrighteousness itself. Oh, enemy-inflamer Rama, I reckon that you are an absolute controller of uncontrollable beings. I wonder why you are not controlling this sinner, Ravana?
               "I suppose that I am to resign to the fact that the result for an evil act does not follow instantaneously. Even the time becomes a factor in the matter of cause and effect, as with the crops becoming cookable after certain time lag."  
                    Then she addressed Ravana "You seem to have lost your brains in all your heads. For this heinous act you will get a devastating and life-ending tribulation from Rama."
               Seeing the lustful grin on all the faces of Ravana, Seetha soliloquized "An honest wife of the glorious man Rama who aspires nothing but honesty, I am being abducted, thus the aspiration of Kaikeyi and her kinfolk has now come true. Oh, god!"
               Reaching at the end of her tethers, Seetha did not know what to do. She therefore started crying aloud addressing the woods and others on the ground "I call the attention of the flowered Karnikaara trees of Janasthaana, you inform Rama that Ravana is thieving Seetha. I pray you who are with the bustle of swans and other water birds, as well as the river Godavari, you promptly tell Rama that Ravana is thieving Seetha.
                "I also venerate you, the deities who travel in this forest and those who abide on the treetops, you may please inform my husband that I am being stolen.
                "Those who are living over there on the ground below, as well as all the flocks of birds and hoards of animals, I pray you to convey this news to my husband Rama.
               "Inform my husband about his dear and lofty wife the helpless Seetha is being stolen by Ravana. If that ambidextrous Rama comes to know about me, even if I am taken to heavens, or, even if I am impounded by Death, that great-mighty Rama would bring me back, even if he had to fight against all of the gods in heaven, or, against Yama, the Death God." 
                   She then saw the eagle Jataayu perching on a tree. Gripped by by fear she shrieked squeakily with a stuttering voice that was mingled with anguish "Oh, fatherly Jataayu, see me, like an orphaned one I am pitiably abducted by this lord of rakshashas. May be it is impossible for you to forestall this merciless nightwalker, for he is formidable. Oh, Jataayu, everything about my abduction may please be conveyed to Rama, or to Lakshmana." 
         Ah! you might have heard or perhaps seen in movies/TV serials the famous "Lakshmana rekha". This has been added in subsequent versions. It is not there in this version as Maharishi Valmiki is quite clear about the fact that
'Nothing happens by mere touching of Seetha, for she is a resolute lady to abide by her husband Rama.' Valmiki is very clear in picturing her to be a stubborn and staunch husband-devotee, and no more mythological bends are required to prove her chastity. She herself proved this with her agni pravesha ' (self-immolation) later. If Seetha acquired a blemish by mere touch, then Draupadi will be in a more pathetic state, since she was physically handled by Dushasana, . Whether it is myth or real, Seetha was not at all a frailty to yield up that easily nor a weak bodied one for an easy molestation. She traveled long distances by foot  in forests. These ladies of yore are said to have their yogic faculties. As an example Gaandhaari, the mother of Duryodhana, in Maha Bharata made him a diamond-bodied one, excepting his thighs. Their words come true if they utter them with certain concentration. At the time of burning the tail of Hanuman in Sundara Kaanda, Seetha says: siito bhava 'cool down...' 'Let the fire on the tail of that monkey be a coolant to him...' and it happened accordingly. That burning tail burnt whole Lanka, except some places, without any scorching effect on Hanuman. Likewise she could have said at Ravana hato bhava 'dead, you are...' but she did not say so obviously for the reason that Rama's pledge to saints and sages to eliminate evil on earth is to be fulfilled by Rama alone.
End Comment.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

128. Ravana tempts Seetha with goodies.

               Ravana became very angry on hearing Seetha's repartee. Suppressing his anger, he patronizingly told  
Seetha "As I have already told you, dear lady, I am known as Ravana, with superb complexion. I am the highly valorous and ten-headed stepbrother of Kubera. I am that Ravana at whose sight all the gods together with gandharvas, evil-spirits, birds and snakes will always be frightened and fleeing, as with the people frightened and fleeing from death. I am that Ravana who became infuriated for a certain reason took up a duel with Kubera, his brother from a stepparent, wherein that Kubera was completely trounced. I am that Ravana by whom Kubera, the god for Wealth-Management, was tormented fearfully and made to completely abandon his wealthiest place, and I am the one who made that Kubera to flee to the Mt. Kailash where he is somehow living, because I will not cause any harm on Mt. Kailash as I hold it sacred.
                 "I am that Ravana, oh, auspicious lady, who just by his valour acquired Kubera's auspicious aircraft known as Pushpaka, whose pilotage is just by the wish of its aviator, with which I will be travelling in the skies. The rancorous face of mine, oh, Maithili, will make all the gods quickly shoot off, even if Indra is leading them. Wherever I stay there the Vayu wafts doubtfully, lest his gusts and blasts may hurt me, and the Sun also effectuates his scorching sunbeams as cooling moonbeams, lest I may abduct his wife Prabha, the Sunshine. At places where I stay or freely moving, there the leaves of the trees will be less of rustle, due to the fear that I may wilt them up if they don't, and there the gush of water of rivers too will quieten, lest I may dry them up.
                "My magnificent city known as Lanka is flourishing on the other shore of the ocean, with a plethora of every kind of amenity, as well as with ghastly rakshashas. That city will be on par with Indra's Amaravati, but for the meekly gods and meaningless souls. That gorgeous city is completely walled in with compound walls that are adorned with whitish silver, and its palace chambers are golden, and its archways are fully jeweled with lapis jewels. It is encumbered with elephants, horses and chariots, well sounded by the sounds of trumpets, and with trees which yield fruits that fulfill all the savors, and it is bedecked with chirpy pleasure gardens.
              "Oh, princess, when you come to reside with me you will start feeling that you are far above the human females. 
Ipso facto you will not recollect the humanly Rama, whose longevity is short.
               "Though Rama is the eldest son, king Dasharatha established his dear younger son Bharata as king, and because Rama is spineless he is put to flight to forests. As such he does not deserve to be your husband. Just wash him off.
              "I, the king of all the rakshashas, am hit by the arrows of Manmatha and have come to you with love. It is not appropriate for you to reject me in such a rankling manner.
              "Oh, modest lady, if you reject me then you will surely become remorseful like Uurvashiwho in the first instance kicked Puruurava with her feet.
Uurvashi was one of the very well known apsaras, namely, Uurvashi, Rambha, Menaka and Tiolottama. When Vishnu was in His meditation all the other apsaras came to Him to disturb His meditation. Knowing that, Vishnu gave birth to this Uurvashi from his thighs. Thus, she is called the one who came from thighs uuruH 'from thighs...' and this word is defined as uru vaSTi 'muchly, splendorous one...' Then the other apsaras had to accept ashamedly that Uurvashi was a beauty of higher order. Kalidasa took this as his subject for his play 'Vikramorvashiiyam.'
End Comment.            
               "Rama is after all  a human, and as such he stands no chance in an encounter with me. Oh, richly colourful lady, I chanced here merely by your serendipity, and as such it is incumbent on you to honour me and my desire to possess you." 
               Seetha became highly incensed on hearing the nonsense from the sannyasi who now claimed himself to be the rakshasha king Ravana. She scornfully told him with her bloodshot eyes "You claim to be the brother of Kubera, a god reverenced by all other gods. Then how can you stoop shamelessly to commit sins? All the rakshashas will perforce get completely destroyed, oh, Ravana, for whom you the cruel and culpable one with uncontrolled senses is the king, and you will be blameworthy for the elimination of righteous rakshashas like Vibheeshana.
               "It may be possible for you to live after abducting even Shaci Devi, the wife of Indra, somehow. But you will not live long after abducting me, the wife of Rama.
               "Oh, rakshash, it is immaterial for me that you lived long after forcibly snatching many pretty women, but to him who intimidates or abuses me or women like me, there will be no moksha, release from the cycle of rebirth, even if he has consumed Amirtha (=ambrosia)." 

Friday, 17 January 2014

127. Ravana decides to scare Seetha.

                            As the terribly worried Seetha could not find any trace of the return of Lakshmana or Rama, decided to answer the sannyasi in order to keep her worries in abeyance. The hapless Seetha did not know that the villain who had come in the guise of a sannyasi had decided to take her with him by abduction in case she was not prepared to accompany him of her own volition. She took the visitor to be a Brahman albeit an untimely guest who may curse her if she was indifferent or impolite to him. She therefore replied "I am the daughter of the Rajarishi Janaka, the king of Mithila, and my name is Seetha. I am also the dear wife and queen of Rama. Maybe you already know about him. In case you have not heard about him, let me tell you that he is a highly exalted prince in the world, and also an unambiguous, unblemished, unsullied one, and a broad-eyed ambidextrous one, who delights in bringing universal welfare. I am very proud of my husband.
                 "My father-in-law the great and lordly king Dasharatha decided to anoint Rama as the Crown Prince of Ayodhya. When Raghava's anointment was being organised, my venerable mother-in-law known as Kaikeyi begged her husband Dasharatha for the grant of the couple of boons promised to her by the king Dasharatha long ago in return for her saving his life. The boons she asked were the expatriation of my husband to forest for fourteen years and the anointment of her son Bharata instead of my husband Rama.
               "The king was not inclined for the same. But Kaikeyi with great adamancy squeezed out the two boons from the unwilling king threatening him that 'If Rama is anointed now, come what may I will not eat, sleep, or drink and end my life this way'.
                "My great resplendent husband was of twenty-five years of age at that time, and I eighteen years. 
                "That is the reason why we are here.
                "One known as Lakshmana is Rama's brother from another mother, and a follower of virtue and steadfast in his commitments, followed Rama as a helpmate, when Rama was proceeding to forests along with me.
                 "Because Rama always abides in probity and resolutely vowed to it, he entered Dandaka forest as an ascetic along with me and his brother. Such as we are, oh, eminent Brahman, we three are moving about the impenetrable Dandaka forest just by our own mettle as we fell down from the kingdom owing to Kaikeyi.
                  "Please make yourself at home. If you so require you may stay for the night.  My husband will be returning shortly with plentiful forest produce, and plenty of meat on killing stags, mongooses, wild boars etc.
                  "Oh, Brahman, please let me know your name, parentage and caste. For what reason you are wandering in Dandaka forest alone?......" 
                  Ravana, the great-mighty king of rakshashas, brusquely and vaingloriously replied Seetha, even before she finished her questions "Oh, Seetha, my name is Ravana, sovereign of hosts of rakshashas and the mere mention of my name would startle all the worlds composed of gods, rakshashas and humans. On seeing you, oh, the impeccable one, glittering with golden complexion and attired in orchry silks, I lost interest in all my wives.
                "You become my prime queen above all the choicest women with superior status, whom I have appropriated from here and there.
                 "Nestled on a mountaintop my great city known as Lanka is situated in the midst of an ocean. Oh, Seetha, there you can saunter in pleasure-gardens along with me. 
                 "Oh, Seetha, if you become my wife, five thousand handmaidens adorned with ornaments of every description will be in your attendance." 
                 Seetha looking scornfully at Ravan replied him hotly "I have avowed to adhere as my husband only Rama, who is inflexible like a sturdy mountain, comparable to lordly Indra, unshakable like a vast ocean.
                "He who is enriched with all the desired endowments, and who is like a banyan tree with its surmounted orbicularity, the high-minded one with truthfulness alone is his target, and I am avowed to adhere to him and only him.
                "He who is ambidextrous, broad-chested, supreme among men, and a lion-like person with the strides of a prancing lion, and I am avowed to adhere to only that man called Rama.
                "He who is a valiant one with a face like that of full-moon, a prince with untold charms, and he who is expressly acclaimed and effectively armed, and I am avowed to adhere to that man named Rama.
                 "You being a fox you woo me who is an absolutely inaccessible lioness! Why wooing, it is impossible for you to even touch me as with the untouchable Shine of the Sun.
                 "You who is an ill-fated rakshash, by your wooing the dear wife of Raghava, you must be visualizing many golden trees, undeniably.
                 "Do you wish to yank fangs from the mouth of a ravenous lion, the expeditious challenger of animals, or from the mouth of a rebounding venomous serpent?
                 "Do you wish to steal away the massive Mandara Mountain by the sleight of your hand, but how do you wish to decamp healthily without consuming the lethal poison?
 Remember the ''haalahala' " poison from the churning of the Mt. Mandara? If not read the Chapter 18. The legend of churning Milk Ocean.     again.
End Comment.
               "If you wish to override the dear wife of Raghava, then it is as good as wishing to deeply scrape your eyes with needlepoint, and licking the razorblade with your tongue. You who wish to bitterly intimidate the dear wife of Rama are as good as the one who wish to swim an ocean arraying a boulder around his neck. Or with a pair of hands you wish to steal away both the Sun and Moon?
                "You who wish to abduct me with an auspicious legend as the wife of Rama, is like stealing away a glowing fire in a cloth-bundle.
                "You who wish to override the befitting and selfsame wife of Rama, is like wishing to tread on the needle-sharp spikes of iron spears.
                 "It is very well known by all the odds between a lion and a fox in a given forest, between a turbid-rivulet and an ocean, between a fine-wine and sour-gruel. Likewise you are also at odds with Rama the son of Dasharatha.
                 "Like the parity between the metals of gold and lead, the waters of sandalwood and sewage, between an elephant and a wildcat of forests, such a parity exits between the great son of Dasharatha and your lowly self.
                "Which dissimilarity obtains between a crow and an eagle, a waterfowl and a peacock, a swan and a falcon living in forest, such a dissimilarity exists betwixt you and the son of Dasharatha.
                 "Even if you steal me away now, later when Indra similar Rama accosts you with his bow and arrows in hand on the battlefield, you cannot live on, and in the meanwhile you cannot digest me, as with a diamond swallowed along with a fly." 
               After thus giving vent her contempt for Ravana, Seetha trembled as  a banana plant up heaved by gust.
Noticing Seetha to be tremulous, Ravana decided to scare her by clearly informing her of his name, caste, competency, and capability.

Monday, 13 January 2014

126. Curiosity killed the cat.

                  Lakshmana was highly incensed and very furious at Seetha who spoke to him unreasonably so rudely. He absolutely did not like to leave Seetha alone as he felt that there was some trick in the false distress call in the voice of Rama. He could not fathom why Seetha was so unfair this time. In order to make Seetha's stay without guard at the hermiatage as short as possible, he rushed to see Rama immediately, albeit his heart wanted him to stand guard to Seetha. 
               Ravana was hiding in the proximity of the hermitage waiting for the exit of Lakshmana. The moment Lakshmana was out of sight, the ten-headed Ravana taking the guise of a (single headed) mendicant Brahman sannyasi (with only two arms like any human), cloaked in a smooth silky saffron, his head-hair neatly tufted, sandals wooden, umbrella on right shoulder, and on his left shoulder the sanyaasi shaft, onto which his handy water vessel was hooked, walked towards the hermitage. 
                Seeing the ferocious Ravana moving with such nefarious and iniquitous intentions, the trees of Janasthaana stopped to sway, and the wind very much slowed down its blow. On seeing him who was seeing with his bloodshot lustful eyes, River Godavari whose onrush would normally be rapid, started to rush off quietly.
                Seetha followed Lakshmana up to the entrance of the hermitage and was standing there transfixed worrying about Rama. Ravana reached the front of the hermitage and was ogling at the beautiful form of Seetha, whose lips and teeth were fine, visage was shiny like a full moon, and who was presently tortured by her sorrow.  Standing before her, Ravana was enjoying the beauty of Seetha. Ravana felt that he was hit by the arrows of Manmatha.  Then Ravana uttered the Vedic-hymns as precursory in seeking alms. Then he started eulogizing her beauty. Ravana acclaimed that she was an excellent one to look at in all the three worlds, beaming forth with the beauty of her body, and who was like Goddess Lakshmi but for the Divine-lotus as her seat. He continued "Glittering like the glitter of gold, silkened in ochry silks, you are like a lotus-tendril garlanded with divine lotuses as your ensemble. Who are you?
              "Oh, rosy faced one, are you the personified numen of Respect, Renown or Resplendence, or the Felicitous Lakshmi herself, or oh, curvaceous one, are you a nymphal Apsara, or the numen of Benefactress, or a self-motivated woman, or Rati Devi, the consort of Manmatha.
              "Your teeth are evenly, smooth and their tips are like jasmine buds, and your whitish broad eyes are spotless, reddish at ends, and pupils are black. Your hips are splendid, your thighs are very lovely to look at, and these two breasts of yours ornamented with the most beautiful jewelry are rotund, rubbing and bumping each other, and their swinging up and down is enchanting, their nipples are brawny and jutting out, and they look very smooth like palm-fruits, and are highly seductive and extremely exquisite and covetable. Oh, allurer, I am sure that your smile will be alluring, teeth are alluring, and your eyes allure, oh, beauty, your waist is so beautifully small, your hair velvety, your breasts are jostling, and you rob my soul as well as my heart.
                 "I have not so far seen any female in this world with such lovely features as yours. As a matter of fact I have not seen any female as beautiful as you among goddesses or gandharva or yaksha or kinnaraa.  I marvel why an excellent woman beyond any comparison in beauty in all the three worlds by her features, and as youthful as you should be living here in the thick of the forest.
                 "It is not at all safe for you to stay here for this forest is frequented by ghastly rakshashas who by their wish will be changing their guise. You richly deserve to be the wife of the one who can provide you the best of the garlands, scents, foodstuffs, clothing etc. Because you are the best beauteous one, it is appropriate and right for you to choose such a husband.
                   "Oh, curvaceous lady, who are you? Oh, one with an impeccable smile, are you the wife of any of the Gods? To me you are beaming forth like a goddess.
                "This is the dwelling-place of rakshashas, and no goddess or a gandharva or a kinnara will come here. That being so how you have come here? Here, simians, lions, leopards, tigers, bears, vultures etc. will be moving. Are you not frightened of them? Being alone in this forest, oh, lady with a lovely face, how are you unafraid of this horrendous and mighty elephants possessed of rut?
               "Oh, auspicious lady, who are you? Whose are you? Also from where are you? And being lonely, what for you are moving in this dreadful Dandaka forest that is adored by rakshashas?" 
               Seetha took him as what he looked and started to revere him with all the respects obligatory to a casual guest.
She firstly fetched a seat for him, then invited him with water for feet-wash, and then said to him who looked gracious in his bearing,"Oh, Brahman, alms are ready. This is the Darbha-grass-seat and you be seated comfortably. Here is water, receive it for hand and feet wash, here is the forest grown victuals for your sake. Dine on them." 
               Apart from her beauty, the kind and courteous behavior of Seetha as well as her melodious voice attracted Ravana more. His notion of abducting her firmed up after seeing her and hearing her voice etc. and started to dedicate himself for destruction.
              Wearing a worried demeanor, Seetha looked forward for her shapely husband who had gone on a hunting game, and who must be returning along with Lakshmana, and though she looked intently she could only see the green backdrop of that great forest, but not Rama or Lakshmana.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

125. Maareechaa helped Ravana while dying.

             Before leaving, Rama securely fastened his sword with golden handle to his waist. Then he took his insignia namely the three-way arched bow kodanDa, and fastened two quivers.
             Seeing that Rama had started to get him, that Golden Deer disappeared as if with fear and in order to beguile him, the deer made himself visible in one moment and in the next moment invisible. Like this the deer led Rama deep into the forest. At times Rama was seeing it running away as though to circumvent the fall of arrow, and at times stopping only to tantalize him. Sometimes it appeared to be springing as though to skies in a very high perplexity and wariness. When Rama thought that he was getting him (the deer), it was disappearing somewhere in the thickets of forest, and was making an appearance elsewhere in those thickets.
             Thus that deer playing hide-and-seek led Raghava very far from his hermitage. Rama was piqued initially, but the continuous tricks of the deer made him angry and ipso facto decide to kill him after a few more tries. Not knowing the mood of Rama,  Maareecha continued to madden Rama by reappearing close to Rama, surrounded with other animals of the forest. Seeing Rama, the deer ran towards him as though to impress with its guilelessness. Rama thought that he was going to get him that time, but just at that moment Rama started to make a move towards him, he (the deer) vanished as if with extreme fear. Then that deer again emerged out of the thick of trees. Rama became exasperated and his fury reached its pinnacle. Drawing an arrow which had all the attributes of the flare of the sun, tautening it on his very sturdy bow that angry Rama forcefully outstretched the bowstring with arrow targeting the Golden Deer, and released that fiery blazing arrow which was carefully created by Brahma and which was hissing like a snake.
               It promptly severed the heart of Maareecha. Then Maareecha was highly frenzied as his death was imminent, blared a blaring shriek, vaulted up to a height of a palm-tree, and fell down onto the ground. Maareecha abandoned the body of the Golden Deer when he was falling down. But remembering the words of Ravana, he mimicking the voice of Rama shouted in a high pitch and very loudly 'Ha Seetha' and 'Ha Lakshmana'.
              Hearing the cry, Rama thought "So this is the trickery of Maareecha which Lakshmana predicted earlier. And this is none other than Maareecha. This rakshash  before dying out cried with a blatant voice mimicking me 'ha, Seetha... ha, Lakshmana...' And on hearing this how Seetha will be feeling now?  And what will be the plight of dear Lakshmana?'" 
And he became very anxious. Raghava then killed another spotted deer and on taking its flesh, he hurried towards his hermitage.
                The distress call made by Maareecha was heard by both Seetha and Lakshmana.  As the mimicry was par excellence, Seetha believed that it was made by her dear hubby Rama. She, therefore told Lakshmana in a highly agitated voice "You go at once, and check up on Raghava. Please go immediately. I do not understand why your are just standing there without making any move to help your dear brother. I say GO.
                 "He might have come under the subjugation of rakshashas as with a bull coming under the seize of lions. Hence, you hurry up to see what happened to him and help him" 
                 Lakshmana did not make any move due to the strict instruction of Rama to stay guard to Seetha, before he was going to get the deer. 
                 Seetha became very angry and told him "You heard the cry of your brother. But you did not make any move despite my imploring you to go to the assistance of your brother. You seem to entertain some ulterior motive. You seem to have cupidity for me and hence you want your brother to be killed."
                Lakshmana felt very hurt.  He kindly told Seetha, who was deluged under tears because of her anguish and hence talking rubbish "Oh, Vaidehi, you know that your husband is invincible by serpents, asuras, gandharvas, gods, fiends, rakshashas etc. You know that Rama is not in anyway less powerful than Indra. It is inapt of you to talk to me that way as Rama is absolutely inextirpable in any confrontation. I do not venture to abandon you in this forest in the absence of Raghava.
                    "Even the most forceful Crowns with all their military forces, or, all the gods together with their heads, let all the three worlds put together come mutinously, whether jointly or severally, cannot overpower Rama as his prowess is not restrainable in any way or by anyone. Hence, shed all your worries and anxiety. Your husband will be returning soon after killing that extraordinary deer.
                  "Even though the voice very much resembled that of Rama, it is definitely not the voice of Rama. Someone mimicked that voice for chicanery, and that must be the illusory voice of that rakshash Maareecha. 
                  "And lady Vaidehi, as Rama has entrusted you in my care, I do not dare to leave you off now. Oh, gracious lady, we have become the adversaries of these rakshashas because of the elimination of Khara and others. The rakshashas are the swaggerers in violence in these great forests and they will be employing various methods. Mimicking the voice of Rama must be one of them Therefore, Vaidehi, just do not bother about it." 
                 Seetha was not satisfied with the explanation of Lakshmana and as such she became furious on hearing his reply. With bloodshot eyes she rudely shouted at Lakshmana "You are concocting reasons for staying here instead of rushing out to assist your brother. I am now totally convinced that you are a debased one devoid of mercy, thus a dreadful one, and a degrader of your dynasty, and it is now clear that you derive great pleasure from a fatal attack on Rama.
              "You are reeling out all these sermons only on noticing hardship to Rama. It is no wonder that the callous ones and rivals of your kind, who always behave in a cloak-and-dagger way, will tend to commit deadly sins without any remorse whatsoever. You are typically maleficent for you cleverly contrived to make Rama agree for your accompanying him to the forest for some clandestine and covert reasons, probably instigated by Bharata. Now it is crystal clear that the reason is me.
                 "Whether this is an intrigue of yours or that of Bharata, let me tell you, Saumitri, clearly that this is totally not achievable by you. Do you think that after marrying the most wonderful prince who looks like a god, I will ever think about any other man or divine person? 
                 "If my dear husband precedes me, I will just discard my life in your presence, Soumitri. I could not eke out an existence on this earth even for a moment without Rama."
                  Lakshmana was totally aghast on hearing the harsh words of Seetha. He humbly replied "I do not venture to reply you Maithili, as you are like a deity to me. As the wife of my elder brother you are like my mother and I look upon you as such. I know very well that you yourself do not believe what you were accusing me of. Out of your immense love for Rama coupled with your fear, you, after hearing that distress call in the voice of Rama, think that something bad has happened to Rama. You alleged me something which you, yourself know is totally untenable.
               "Let all of the living beings of this forest listen how you are addressing me with bitter words, though I am reasoning with you conscientiously, and let them become my corroborators for the sake of justice. Fie upon you, you are acrimoniously tempered owing to your familiarity with me and by which impulsive reason you mistrust me. I am just carrying out my brother's order. May God damn you for your crotchetiness. I am going there where Rama is, oh, lady with best visage, you be blessed, and oh, broad-eyed one, let all the forest deities protect you.
                "Okay! I am going now as you desire. I have a foreboding as to whether I will be seeing you again when I return with Rama." 
                 Hearing the acrimonious retort by Lakshmana, Seetha with her eyes whelmed with tears told Lakshmana "Without Rama I will plunge myself into the River Godavari, or I kill myself by hanging, or discard this body of mine from heights. Or I drink deadly poison, or I enter a flaring fire, but I will never touch another man."
                 After thus declaring her resolve, Seetha weeping bitterly with great anguish, started to smite her belly with both of her palms in a heightened agony. Looking at the agonized Seetha that cheerless Saumitri tried to cheer her up by repeatedly informing that her husband Rama would definitely come soon. But Seetha did not respond to the brother of her husband, and maintained a silence of antipathy.
                   Understanding the feeling of Seetha, Lakshmana in usual reverence briefly came to her fore and making a reverential palm-fold salute, and then started proceeding to the proximity of Rama, repeatedly looking back at that lonely lady in the thick of the forest.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

124. A thing of beauty is joy for (N)ever!(?)

                 Seetha was completely held spellbound by that Golden Deer that was brightened in one flank with the colour of gold and the other of silver. In a frenzy of utter amazement she shouted for the attention of her husband and also that of Lakshmana who was presently armed. Rama and Lakshmana came there and then they saw that Golden Deer.
                 But Lakshmana became incredulous on seeing it and told Rama, "I guess this is a hoax. I believe that the malicious rakshash Maareecha has come in the guise of this deer with some evil design
                "Oh, Rama, I have heard that when kings, engaged in hunting games, were delightedly moving in the forest, this Maareecha killed many of them by hoodwinking them by resorting to many harmless disguises. Maareecha is an expert in many wiles and he has now assumed the form of this Golden Deer.
             "You know very well that this kind of amazing animal with gemlike dapples is nonexistent in the world. Hence this is truly a phantasm. There is no doubt about it." 
              Unfortunately Seetha was not in a mood to agree with Lakshmana. She was so attracted by that remarkable, surprising, odd, strange, amazing, extraordinary, fantastic, incredible, astonishing, staggering, eye-popping, marvelous, startling, peculiar, awesome, phenomenal, astounding and miraculous deer. She said "Oh, that delightful deer is stealing my heart. Please bring it round, it will be our plaything. Here in the threshold of our hermitage many animals with adorable manifestations are moving about in flocks and herds, like Caamara deer and Srimara deer. We also have animals that are excellent in their form like monkeys. Likewise herds of Kinnara deer, spotteddeer, and bears of great might are freely moving here. 
            "See how this extraordinary deer is appearing  by way of its brilliance, tameness and by the lustre of its skin. I have not so far seen any animal coequal to this. Diversely colored, amazingly limbed, and spotted with gemlike dapples it is shining forth like a deer that is completely gemmy, and while nonchalantly moving before me it is enlivening the forest like the moon. Ah, what a form, ah, what a brilliance, what a beautiful bleat! This amazingly limbed deer is wonderful, and this is stealing my heart. It will be surprising if this deer draws into your capture alive and well, as it creates astonishment to one and all. When we return to the kingdom on completing our dwelling in the forest this deer becomes a masterpiece showpiece in the palace chambers for us.
               "Oh, lord, the form of this deer would create an excellent jubilation to Bharata, to my mothers-in-law, and to all the onlookers. If you cannot get that deer alive, it is okay for me to have it as a corpse as its gorgeous deerskin will be a remnant of it. I wish to sit along with you on its golden deerskin, overlaying it on a seat of tender darbha grassblades, in case the deer is felled.
              "Tradition says that this sort of unruly self-seeking is unbefitting to women. Nevertheless that deer's beautiful body is inducing curiosity in me. You know that a thing of beauty is joy for ever!"
               Rama was inclined to agree with Seetha for the reason that that deer's horns would vie with excellent sapphires, its golden coat with the glitter of tender sun, and its ambience with silver spots on its coat with a clear sky in the night with twinkling stars. He told his brother "Lakshmana, behold this enthusiastic delight of Vaidehi. I am not aware that a deer with such an excellent form exists in this forest. Or else, does it exist in Nandana Gardens of Indra -  no, it cannot be there; in the adjoins of Caitraratha Gardens of Kubera - no, it will not be there; then how can there be some deer on earth which is similar to this!
                "Amazing are its hairlines with hair upturned at some places and downturned at other, and the golden spots embedded on the coat of the deer are glittery. See its tongue that is exserting from its mouth while it is yawning, which is similar to the flaring tongue of fire and to the lightning from a cloud. Its face is like a mug made up of sapphires, its paunch is pearly and conchoidal. Whose heart that will not be lured for this deer with an inexplicable beauty? On seeing at this astounding look of the deer which is golden in glitter and bejeweled numerously as it were, whose heart is it that will not be transported into astonishment? Kings pursuing games of hunting in great forests, oh, Lakshmana, will be felling deer either for the sake of flesh, or just for the purpose of sporting archery. And exerting themselves in great forests, they, by far, amass forest produce, ores, jewels, gemstones and the gravel of gold.
                "Everything of that wealth from forest produce will be filling the treasuries of kings.
                "It is the concerted opinion of financial experts as well as those who are very well off financially that getting something which is very rare and very hard to get will be appreciated by one and all and is lauded as a real wealth.
               "The comely Vaidehi will be sitting on that invaluable golden skin of that gem of a deer along with me.
               "I think the skin of Kadali deer, or of Priyaki deer, or of Praveni deer, or as a matter of fact the skins of the best breed of deer or sheep will not be a match to the deerskin of this deer, in every respect.
               "We know about the magnificent deer in the stellar region. This deer on earth is no way less magnificent than the other that moves in the skies remaining in the stellar region.
               "You are telling me that this is a hoax by that rakshash Maareecha. If that is correct then that deer or Maareecha deserves to be eliminated for the reason that he has tortured many eminent sages earlier when he was on the prowl in the forests, and rebelliously killed many kings who were excellent archers, while they were in hunting games.
              "The rakshaksh Vaataapi who held ascetics in contempt was here earlier, and staying in the stomachs of Brahmans he used to come out by ripping their stomachs open and thus he was killing Brahmans, like a calf killing its own mother at its time of birth by ripping the womb of its own mother.
               "On one occasion after some time, that Vaataapi avariciously obtained that great saint and the one who is endowed with effulgence, namely Agastya, as an eatable; but actually that rakshash became an eatable for the sage. On observing the rakshash Vaataapi who was trying to assume his original form of a ram in order to come out of his stomach, that godly saint Agastya spoke this to Vaataapi with a scornful smile 'Oh, Vaataapi, you have irreverently eradicated the best Brahmans in this world owing to your might, therefore I have assimilated you' and digested him in his stomach.
               "Lakshmana, if the deer is in fact Maareecha then he like Vaataapi should not be alive any longer. Lakshmana, you stay here in all preparedness and guard Maithili steadfastly. I wish to catch this deer, Soumitri. If I could not catch it then I will kill it. I am going forthwith to fetch that deer. See how Vaidehi is completely bewitched by that deer. On second thoughts I am inclined to agree with you that the deer must be a mysterious being. If that is proved, then I will not allow it to survive any longer. Apply yourself vigilantly, Oh, Lakshmana, while staying in the hermitage guarding Seetha.  I will return as quickly as possible.
                "Oh, Lakshmana, take a good care of Maithili along with the forthright, formidable and fatherly bird Jatayu, and be watchful and suspicious from everywhere and every moment." Then Rama started to get the deer.

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123. Maareecha forced to agree.

                 After saying what he wanted to, Maareecha looked at Ravana who was quite nonchalant and arrogant in his demeanor. As his efforts to persuade Ravana did not have any effect, Maareecha meekly murmured "Okay! Let's go". Then on an afterthought he told Ravana "If the great Rama who has spared my life twice before, happens to see me again, I deem my life is verily lost, even before he starts shooting any arrow. To all intents and purposes I was totally subdued and virtually killed by that great prince. What is appearing before you is the reflected image of mine, as I am already slain by the wand of Yama, the moment I conceded to your demand. When you are so spiteful, my lad, indeed what can I possibly do otherwise. Hence thither we go. May good betide you." 
                Ravana was very happy that Maareecha agreed to do what he wanted him to. He hugged him (i.e. Maareecha) and said "I am very happy that at last you have agreed to help me. Now you are really the good old Maareecha.
               "Now quickly emplane this sky-flying chariot which is yoked with ghost-faced mules and adorned with gems. You may go wherever you want to after I get hold of that Seetha."
                Both Ravana and Maareecha got into the aircraft like chariot and started. On reaching the Dandaka forest they located the hermitage of Rama. Getting down from the chariot Ravana taking Maareecha's  hand into his and told him "The hermitage of Rama is that one which we are seeing and which is surrounded with banana plants. Now, let us start executing our plan." 
               Maareecha nodded and then adopting the form of a gorgeous Golden Deer which was superbly amazing just by its appearance, whose tips of antlers were in the hue of best sapphires, and whose face was whitish at some places and not so whitish at others, started rambling the frontage of the hermitage. One of its cheeks was in the shade of a reddish-lotus while the other in the hue of a bluish-lotus, one of its ears was in the hue of bloomed blue-lotus while the other was in the shade of a sapphire, while the shine of its stomach was like that of a best blue-diamond, and with a little upraised neck that deer was moving about there.
               One flank was shining whitish like Madhuka flowers and the other was similar to the roseate fibrils of lotuses, while its hooves were similar to the gemstone lapis, calves thin, and thus with very well cohered limbs that deer moved about there. With an upraised tail that shone forth in a tinge equal to the weapon of Indra, namely Rainbow, and with a complexion that was lustrous and dappled with many diverse gemlike dapples, that deer moved thereabout with a heart-stealing aura. Thus that rakshash Maareecha emerged as a highly splendorous and fascinating deer highly irradiating those woodlands, and the threshold of Rama's hermitage in particular.
                Adopting such an exquisite and heartening form which was amazingly dappled with the colours of diverse ores, that rakshash ambled all over there freely with the bearing of a real deer, and he moved forward onto the pastures, but within the visible distance from the hermitage of Rama. And with hundreds of silvery stipples of body he became an astonishing deer with pleasant looks and indeed moved chewing new grass-blades of trees. That Golden Deer had gone into the boskage of banana plants, and moved here and there around Karnikara trees. He always moved around ensuring that he was always within the eyeshot of Seetha.
                   With an odd lotus like hind-side that astounding deer was verily scintillating, and it milled around the surroundings in the threshold of Rama's hermitage according to its own delight.
                   That excellent deer was going out of sight for a moment and again returning, and meandered thus time and again, and turning its tail for sometime only to return once again very playfully.
                   Again gambolling everywhere and sat somewhere on the ground, then, on coming to the threshold of the hermitage he was going towards the herds of deer. That rakshash who turned into the deer-hood had gone after some herd of deer. But he returned again though that herd followed him wanting to fraternize, in order that he shall remain perceptible to Seetha, and he was spinning like a whirligig in amusing circles while leaping and bounding to and from that herd of deer.
                   All the other animals moving in that forest on seeing this demon-deer with their necks up have come close to it, and on smelling it well they were running away to all the eight directions recognizing it as a rakshash in the guise of a deer.
                Maareecha who loved to eat freshly killed deer contained his craving with great difficulty. And he patted himself (presumably with the tail) for his restraint for the reason that Vaidehi with her felicitous eyes came towards the trees for getting some flowers. And she with her inebriating glances and delightful visage moved there about while plucking flowers of Karnikaara, Ashoka etc. trees. That goddess like lady Seetha who was not quite used to the forest life beheld that deer which was completely gemlike and whose limbs were surprising as though studded with pearls and gems. Seetha goggled at the Golden Deer.  She had not seen earlier a deer with such pretty lips and teeth and hair resembling silver and copper ores. She could not take off her sight from that wonderful deer even for a moment.
              Noticing that Rama's wife Seetha was looking at him with such a surprised look, that highly phantasmal deer too then moved there about as though to scintillate that woodland. To see such a deer which was hitherto unseen, and which was as though studded with numerous gems, the daughter of Janaka, Seetha, went in to an intense wonderment.