Wednesday, 15 October 2014

200. Hanuman vanquishes Lanka.

       Hanuman, the son of Vayu, one with great might, while waiting for the night to fall, was standing on the mountain called Lamba mustering courage to enter at night the city of Lanka with beautiful forests and places of water such as lakes. The city of Lanka was shining with buildings equaling autumnal clouds. With a sound resembling that of an ocean, it was served by ocean breeze. It was filled with well fed and mighty armies like Vitapati, the capital of Kubera. It had elephants positioned at archways and had white gates and archways. 
         When it became quite dark, Hanuman slowly and cautiously approached that city of Lanka which was protected by Rakshasas, like the auspicious city of Bhogavati being protected by serpents moving about, spread with cloud illumined by flashes of lightening, served by pathways of stars, with a light breeze like the Indra's city of Amaravati, surrounded by a wall with a golden hue, decorated by flags with sounds from groups of small bells.
      With every step towards that beautiful city, Hanuman became more and more surprised. At last he reached, without being detected, the doors which were of golden color, with platforms of cat's eye gems, inlaid with diamonds, crystals and pearls, embellished with floors of gems, graced with elephants made of refined gold, crowned with spotless white silver, stairs studded with cat's eye gems, with inside walls made of crystal free from dust, provided with lovely assembly halls, with sounds of Krauncha birds and peacocks, served by royal swans, looking as though flying toward the sky, with auspicious houses resounding everywhere with the sounds of clarionets and ornaments, equaling the city of Vasvaukasaara, as though flying towards the sky.
        Seeing all these things, Hanuman could not help thinking "It is not possible for anyone to conquest this city, which is being guarded by the strong armies of Ravana, by strength alone. This land may be conquerable by Kumuda, Angada,  the great vanara Sushena, Mainda or Dvivida. Perhaps also by the son of Sun God Sugreeva, the vanara Kusaparvana, the chief among vanaras Riksha and humble me." The thought of the long armed Sri Rama's tremendous strength and Lakshmana's formidable valour, made Hanuman happy.
         That city of the king of rakshasas seemed to Hanuman like a wealthy woman decorated with diamonds for her clothes, various storage houses as earrings and amouries for her breasts. Due to the lamps that illuminated the radiant great houses, all darkness vanished. As a result the guardian of that city spotted Hanuman trying to sneak into the city. Seeing that pint-sized Hanuman, that guardian of Lanka, called Lanka (I do not know whether she was the Miss Lanka then) rose up with a horrific appearance of face and eyes. She stood in front of the little Hanuman. She made a great sound and spoke to Hanuman "O! one who lives in gardens! Who are you? Why did you come here? Get it into your pea sized head that no one including someone your size could enter into this city of Lanka without my knowledge. Tell me the truth before I kill you."
    Hanuman told her "I certainly will tell you very truthfully everything. Before that please tell me who you are? O horrible one! I have not seen anyone with such an ugly face before! Why are you stopping and threatening me?"
     Suppressing her anger with great difficulty, Miss Lanka told Hanuman "As I am invincible, I have been asked by His Majesty to protect this city. I am one of the many servitors of the king of all rakshashas Ravana, the great. I am going to kill you for humiliating me."
       The son of Vayu then told Miss Lanka "I like to see the lovely city of Lanka with its palaces, defensive walls and archways. I came here for that purpose. I am very curious to see them. My arrival here is indeed to see Lanka's wonderful gardens, parks, forests and the magnificent and important houses all over."
      Listening to Hanuman's words, Lanka  spat out more harsh than before. "You lowly Vanara! I am not giving you permission to enter this city. Enter after defeating me, if you can."
      Then Hanuman replied politely "O auspicious one! Without seeing this city I cannot return to where I came from."
        Hearing that Miss Lanka got very angry and hit Hanuman soundly. The hit was so forceful even Hanuman became dizzy. It took a few moments for him to recover his senses. He wanted to send her to her creator. But she being a woman, though unthinkably ugly, he hit her back hard but bot very, with his folded fingers of his left hand. Surprisingly that ugly rakshashi fell down with a distressed writhing body and  a horrific face. A few moments later, Miss Lanka looking at Hanuman without any malice or pride and told him "So, you must be that vanara Brahma told me about. Brahma told me that when a vanara hits me without any fear then the end of Ravana and his rakshashas would not be far off.  Get propitiated and protect me. Those with great strength and courage always stand firm on tradition. I am the city of Lanka. I am now defeated by you. With your appearance now, the time has come for me. Ordinance of Brahma is the truth and is absolute and immutable. The end is not far off for Ravana the evil minded king and to all Rakshasas. Now you may enter the city of Lanka ruled by Ravana and do whatever tasks you want to. Enter the auspicious city of Lanka stuck by the curse, ruled by the king of Rakshasas. Roam everywhere and search for the chaste wife Seetha according to your comfort."

Sunday, 5 October 2014

199. Hanuman takes an unguided tour of Lanka.

       Hanuman was surprised to note that he was not a bit tired. On the other hand he was feeling more fit than ever. He was happily viewing the city of Lanka located on the peak of the Mount Trikuta. He was startled as something soft was falling on him. Oh! Rama! It was a rain of flowers released by the tree under which he was standing. He found himself shining like one made of flowers.
        Hanuman then started walking towards the city of Lanka. When he neared the city of Lanka ruled by Ravana, he found that city looked so beautiful, enchanting, alluring, enticing, fascinating and attractive. He wondered whether he had come to the city of Gods in heaven. The city was decorated by moats filled with lotuses and water-lilies, which were well protected.
      Rakshasas with horrifying voices roaming around that beautiful great city, which consisted of houses as high as mountains and they also looked like autumnal clouds. The roads were white and the main streets were elevated and decorated with flags and pennons. All the archways were decorated with golden hued material and adorned with sculpted rows of vines. He was absolutely enamoured of the city of Lanka with such beautiful white buildings situated on the top of a mountain like a city located in the sky. He remembered hearing (from his mom or dad or may be grandma) that the city of Lanka ruled by Ravana, the king of Rakshasas, was constructed by Visvakarma (architect of Gods), and it looked as though it were floating in the sky.
        Hanuman gaped at the city of Lanka which was touching the sky, seemed like the peak of Kailasa. He thought wryly that the city with lovely mansions, filled with horrible rakshasas and serpants like the city of Bhogavati (capital of Patala), was unfathomable, a well arranged and a clean city, was governed by Kubera in earlier times. Now it is protected by courageous and horrible serpents and Rakshasas with mouths with sharp teeth, with spikes and Pattisas (spears) in their hands. Seeing the very well protected city of Lanka, Hanuman thought "Assuming that our vanara force could (some how) come here, it doesn't seem possible for them to win over this mighty and very well protected place. It does not seem possible even for Devas to be victorious against Lanka in war. Even if Rama reaches this very difficult and impenetrable Lanka ruled by Ravana, what can he with mighty arms do? It does not seem to be possible to win over these rakshasas by persuasion, gifts, dissension or war. Only four Vanaras can come here - the son of Vali (Angada), Nila, myself and the wise king Sugriva. I will first find out if Seetha is alive. Then I will think of the next action."
      Hanuman then pondered "My God! This city is very well guarded and protected by these cruel and strong rakshasas. It would, therefore be foolish to go about in my normal guise. I would better dwindle myself to the size of hmm.. a cat. As an additional precaution I will start the search in the night."
       After the sun was set, Hanuman reduced his body to the size of a cat. Then with confidence but very cautiously he started to probe the beautiful city of Lanka with well divided main pathways. He saw that the great city filled with series of mansions, golden hued pillars and window lattices was emulating the city of Gandharvas.  All its buildings were seven or eight storied with their top portions studded with crystals and pearls and decorated with gold.
      The houses of rakshasas shone with the top portions painted by cats-eyes and emeralds and decorated by groups of pearls. Golden archways with strange hues illuminated the well decorated city of Lanka in all directions.  He saw that the city of Lanka of great fame, with white, closely built buildings having golden windows and doorways of great value, consisting of ogres of great strength and ruled by the strong hands of Ravana. As if to help Hanuman in his search, the moon started to shine brightly.