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194. Angada tries to find the vanara who can cross the ocean.

          Those happy vanaras who were motivated and energized by the kingly eagle Saampaati moved happily towards the southern ocean. They could not contain their happiness ipso facto they were jumping and screaming with joy.
      On reaching the northern side of the southern ocean those vanaras camped there.
          On seeing the ocean the vanaras seemed completely mesmerized. They found that ocean uproarious with its tides and  gigantic waves. Almost all the vanaras were looking at the ocean with their mouths wide-opened.
        Somewhere that ocean seemed as though sleeping well, and somewhere else it looked as though sporting, elsewhere it was overspread with tidewaters as high as mountains, somewhere else it was tumultuous with the best demonic beings who were the residents on the plane of netherworld, and some of the vanaras were terrified on seeing such a hair-raising ocean. On seeing the shoreless ocean that was like an endless sky, hence unnavigable, the vanaras were despaired and was asking his neighbor "how to vault this ocean?"
      And most of the vanaras seemed to be scared of the ocean. Then their leader, Angada, started to inspirit the army of vanaras who were anguished by fear on gazing at the ocean, by saying "Hi! My dear fellows! SAY not the struggle naught availeth,
The labor and the wounds are vain,
The enemy faints not, nor faileth,
And as things have been they remain.
If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars;
It may be, in yon smoke concealed,
Your comrades chase e'en now the fliers,
And, but for you, possess the field.
For while the tired waves, vainly breaking,
Seem here, no painful inch to gain,
Far back, through creeks and inlets making,
Comes silent, flooding in, the main.
And not by eastern windows only,
When daylight comes, comes in the light,
In front, the sun climbs slow, how slowly,
But westward, look, the land is bright.
(Note: With my due respects to Arthur Hugh Clough)
Loosing heart to dismay is an unworkability, because dismaying itself is detrimental, and dismay alone ruins a person, as a vicious viper unreasonably ruins an innocent child. Individual achievements will be unachievable to him who readily braces himself with despair when the time for venturesomeness verges on, because of the lacking of his own vitality." 
          All the vanaras nodded with complete agreement with their leader. It was then observed that it was night. All the vanaras then turned in for rest.
      At the wee hours of next day, Angada woke up all the sleeping vanaras. When everyone was awake and finished their morning chores Angada initiated a deliberation with them. 
     Angada called near him older and more capable vanaras and addressed them "Now it is highly imperative that at least one of us should jump over this ocean to the land at the other end of it. Please help me to find out those vanaras, who are that great-resplendent and can vault over the ocean and facilitate our lord, King Sugreeva to become truthful to his word. Please step forward those of you who are that brave and possess such a capability." and waited.
        As there was no volunteer in this respect he (Angada) continued "My dear chaps! We have to find at least one hurdler who can hurdle over a hundred yojana distance. Is there anyone who can  emancipate all these vanara commanders from the great fear of Sugreeva. Is there anyone by whose benignancy we can rejoicingly see our wives, sons, houses and homes on going back from here after achieving the purpose of our task? Is there not a single one by whose benevolence we can unworriedly approach Rama, or that irascible Lakshmana, or the ruthless Sugreeva.
       "If someone among you is capable to jump over the ocean, that heroic vanara may now quickly give us all a munificence, called a solemn impunity from Sugreeva." 
       Angada anxiously waited for some hero to step forward, but unfortunately and disappointingly there was none.
     Angada thought that a different approach may yield the desired result. Accordingly he told them "I know that all of you are the best ones among the powerful vanaras and you all are determinedly venturesome, born in flawless families and adored again and again for your adventures.
     "It seems that even though many of you are capable to get across this ocean but no one is willing to own it up for the fear of possible failure. Therefore, every one of you may give an account of his capability in jump-leaping this ocean."

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

193. Saampaati got his wings back!

        After a pause, Saampaati continued "After the great sage left his human body, I prayed homage to his mortal inert body and  then left for my cave. Creeping very slowly for the cave of that mountain I clambered up the Mt. Vindhya and have been looking forward eagerly for your arrival.
       "Many times I thought of committing suicide. But such thoughts were set-aside by me by virtue of the afflatus endowed to me by that sage. And I was pushing aside the anguish and have been clinging to my life.
     "Though I was well aware of the valour of that dirty-minded Ravana, I rebuked my son saying, 'you should have saved Maithili.'
       "I was sad that my son did not effectuate my cherish even on hearing the bewail of Seetha, or at least on hearing that Rama and Lakshmana were separated from Seetha, or at least on knowing my friendship with Dasharatha." 
          All the vanaras then noticed an amazing sight. Both the wings of Saampaati started cropping up before the eyes of those vanaras who were clustering around him. 
        Seeing the amazing look of the vanaras, Saampaati looked down and noticed, with joyous amazement, his body was now covered with newborn reddish-feathered wings. Saampaati, with an incomparable rejoice, told the vanaras "Hi! friends! I feel that I am getting back the valour, vigour and valiance that were prevailing in my youth. You surely will succeed in your endeavour. This event of my regaining wings is an indication that things will augur well for you and me, too."
      On saying thus to all of those vanaras  Saampaati took wing from that mountaintop to ascertain the condition of his kingdom which was without any monarch after the demise of his dear brother Jataayu.
        On hearing that word of Sampaati those vanaras felt happy and have became proactive towards their task.
   Those vanaras having redeemed their certitude, were anxious for action. With a gustily gusto they all waited for the next auspicious as well as opportune time and then journeyed on to the southern direction. All of them felt absolutely confident that they will find Seetha, the daughter of Janaka.

Monday, 25 August 2014

192. Saampaati continues his tale.

        Saampaati continued after a pause "I was not able to see my dear brother Jataayu suffering. I was now more happy that it was me who got the burns and not my dear Jataayu.
          "I told the sage 'I am totally exhausted and haggard due to my descend from this mountain to come to you, and as such I am unable to speak elaborately. I, therefore will make it short.
           " 'Fascinated by our relatively less significant triumphs, Jataayu and myself competitively flew up far-away on the sky. Before the sages on the peak of Mt. Kailash we have staked a stake that we two will follow the Sun till he reaches the great westerly mountain, namely Mt. Dusk.
      " 'We reached the sky in a trice to a height wherefrom we could see each of the townships on the surface of earth, separately and singly, in the size of a chariot's wheel. We also saw and heard instrumental music somewhere, and somewhere else tinkling of jewellery, and elsewhere singing of many ladies dressed in red.
       " 'We went up the sky in a short while and followed the solar path. We observed that forests looked like patches of pasture on the earth. From there the earth covered with pebble like mountains appeared shingly. Interwoven with yarn like rivers the surface of the earth looked thready. Himalayas, Mt. Vindhya and even the very tall mountain Mt. Meru looked like elephants in lakes.
    " 'Then all of a sudden we started sweating profusely. For no apparent reason tiredness, fear and stupor invaded both of us. Both of us experienced a severe vertigo. We could not recognize any direction i.e. up, down, north, east, west, south etc. And the world looked as though burnt down by the fire at the end of an era.
      " 'Then the Sun appeared dwindled to the size  of the earth. Without informing me Jataayu started to trip over the earth, and then on seeing him I too let myself loose from the sky.
      " 'I started covering Jataayu in sky with both my wings from the scorching Sun.  Both my wings were completely burnt. I became unconscious. When I opened my eyes I found that I was lying on the Mt. Vindhya. I supposed that Jataayu as had fallen in Janasthaana.
      " 'I lost my wings and thereby my kingdom. It would have been very nice if I had died from the fall. I have come to you for guidance now.'
      "After telling the sage the tragedy of my misadventure, I started weeping profusely as I was highly despaired. 
       "Then after meditating for a while that sage told me 'Don't fret my dear chap. You surely will get back both your wings. However, nitially it will emerge as small wings anew. Similarly you will get back all your valour, power, and life-force.
     " 'There is going to be some king known as Dasharatha, an enhancer of Ikshvaku dynasty, and he would beget a great resplendent son who will be known as Rama. As desired by his father, that Rama would go to forests along with his brother Lakshmana and his wife Seetha. A rakshash named Ravana, the chief of rakshasas, would abduct Rama's wife from Janasthaana. She, that Maithili, a highly privileged and prestigious lady would not touch any food, though she would be highly lured by banquets and feasts by that Ravana, for she would be sunken in sorrow. On knowing Seetha's plight Indra would give a nectar like food (which is not available even for  gods) for Vaidehi.
      " 'But on getting that food, and on knowing that it is from Indra, Maithili would take up the first morsel and then would dispense it on the surface of earth saying "If my husband is living, or at least my younger brother-in-law Lakshmana is living, or if both of them have attained godhood, this food belongs to them." Saying so Seetha would be offering oblation to them.
    " 'Ushered by Rama, Vanaras as harbingers of Rama would be going over to the place where Seetha is captivated, and you are to tell those vanaras about the queen of Rama. Then you will get your wings back.  
    " 'May be I am capable of getting back your wings now itself, but it is so destined that you have to wait until you meet those vanaras and help them by telling them where Seetha could be found. 
    " 'That deed aimed at the wellbeing of both those princes, Rama and Lakshmana, and of Brahmans, teaches, sages and also of Indra is predestined to be done by you alone!
   " 'As a matter of fact I very much wish to see those brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, but it is so destined that I have to castaway my mortal body now.'
   "Saying so that sage, who is a discerner who discerns the sum and substance of Supreme Person castaway his mortal body in his ascent to heaven."

Thursday, 21 August 2014

191. Saampaati tells a strange story.

       Saampaati told the vanaras "Oh, folks, at the outset I would like to tell you as to how I came to know about Maithili. Already I have told you that I fell on the peak of this Mt. Vindhya when the scorching sunrays completely burned my wings and limbs. For about six days or so I was lying senseless. When I regained my senses, and opening my eyes and looked around, I could not recognize anything. I became aghast, horrified, shocked, amazed, stunned, appalled, astonished, startled, astounded, confounded, awestruck, horror-struck, thunder-struck and whatnot. I prayed Him and  slowly I started recognizing the oceans, mountains, rivers, lakes, provinces and forests. I noticed this mountain was teeming with teams of birds, caves in its midriffs, and it is with peaks of its own kind was familiar to me. After thinking hard for sometime, I recognized it to be the Mt. Vindhya at the coast of southern ocean.
        "There was a sacred hermitage belonging to the sage of intense ascesis known as Sage Nishaakara who was reverenced even by gods. This is where I was destined to live for eight thousand years after the departure of that sage Nishakara to heaven. I claimed down, onerously and slowly, and reached the earth from the lopsided peak of Mt. Vindhya, whereat the sacred-grass-blades were thorny.
     "I very much wanted to see that sage because I and Jataayu had approached that sage for many a time earlier. I neared that place with much anguish because of the pain caused by the loss of my wings due to the scorching heat of the sun. At the proximity of his hermitage wind whiffed with a sweet-smell, and no tree was flowerless and no tree was fruitless. On nearing that sacred hermitage and sheltering myself at the base of a tree, I waited there for that godly Nishaakara to return from his morning chores.
      "Then I saw the sage coming at a distance, returning after performing his morning chores. He looked unassailable, irradiating the ambiance with his radiance. Bears, antelopes, tigers, lions, and diverse reptiles and snakes were following him at his heel. Just like the ministerial and military staff would retrace steps after the king enters his place-chambers, all the animals and other beings on noticing the sage's entry into his hermitage, retraced their steps and went away.       "The sage saw me and just smiled at me and went into his hermitage. But in a short while he came out and asked me about the objective of my visit.
     "He said 'Dear Saampaati, I did not recognize you with the deformity of your feathers. You, indeed, look so different, my gentle Saampaati. I see that these two wings of yours are severely burnt.
     " 'I have earlier seen you both eagle brothers, kingly eagles among eagles, similar in your speed to the wind-god Vayu and form-changers by your wish. You are the elder, ain't you? And Jataayu is your younger brother. You used to touch my feet in the guise of humans.
     " 'Is this damage to your wings a result of any illness? Or is it due to any scourge imposed on you?' "

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190. A dialogue about Seetha's abduction.

          After safely placing Saampaati at his cave, all the vanaras were looking at the bird with love, admiration and adoration. The sweet information about Seetha conveyed by him were relished like ambrosia by them. They asked the bird "Please tell us vividly as to where Seetha is at this moment. Please, also let us know any other relevant information about Seetha."
      Saampaati told them "Well, to start with, I will now narrate as to how I heard about the abduction of Vaidehi, by whom it is said to me, and then let you know where that wide-eyed Seetha is now.
      "I already told you that some years ago I became unconscious and fell down on this mountain. I was very hurt and incapacitated by that fall. I absolutely became incapable to fend for myself.
        "Fortunately for me, my son, named  Supaarshva started taking care of me.
      "Daily my son was getting me food well before I was getting too hungry. My son knew very well that I cannot bear acute hunger and as such he was very particular to come with adequate food well before hunger starts to torture me. On a certain day when hunger was aching me and I was craving for food, my son Supaarshva did not come until the sun of the day went down. When he did come he was empty clawed and empty beaked. As I was intolerably hungry, I reproved him very harshly for that.
         "He, pulling a long face explained 'Oh, papa, when I was hovering over the area overspreading the Mt. Mahendra for some good fleshy grub, I happened to see something very odd. There I saw someone who looked like a shoved heap of mascara carrying away a lady whose beauty was beyond compare. On seeing the two of them I resolved to use them up for our lunch. But he surprised me by benignly, basely and beggarly besought me to leave them alone for their traversal. How can I harm, leave alone killing, anyone who begs like that? That apart, being your son, I, like you, let him off magnanimously.
      " 'That knave hastily went away as though enshrouding the skies with his vigour. And then I noticed some movements. It was caused by the beings from the firmament. They came straight to me and applauded me. They told me "Fortunately Seetha is alive. Seetha in fact is to be protected by one and all like you. Anyhow by your magnanimity you are blest without a doubt."
      " 'Then those celestials, informed me that the lady who was yelling both the names of Rama and Lakshmana, was the dear wife of Dasharatha's son Rama, the daughter of Janaka. They also informed me that the rakshash who was abducting her was Ravana, the king of rakshashas. This is the reason I came so late, that too without any grub.'
      "On hearing my son, I very much wanted to encounter that rakshash Ravana, and thrash him to within an inch of his life. Unfortunately I could not do so. How a wingless bird can even think of such an action?"
         Saampaati then paused to collect his thoughts. He then resumed "I, however decided to do what is possible for me to. I can advise you like a votary as to how you should go about." 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

189. Saampaati reveals some info about Seetha.

                 Saampaati was very much moved on hearing the pitiable plight of the vanaras. He told them "Oh, vanaras, the mighty bird Jataayu you spoke about is my younger brother. I very much like to avenge the unfair, dishonest and unethical killing of my dear brother. Unfortunately I could not take any action in that direction due to my old-age  coupled with the loss of my wings.
          "Once, when Indra was fighting the rakshash Vritta (who was ultimately killed by him), my brother and I sportively challenged each other and flew towards the Sun, and we had gone very near the scorching sun. We almost reached the firmament much speedily. Unfortunately for us it happened to be noontide and the scorching of the noontide was at its peak. Unable to bear that heat, Jataayu started to flounder. Seeing my dear brother suffering from the heat, I protected  him covering him with my both wings.
        "And oh, vanara-chiefs, when the sunrays totally and utterly burned my wings I fell down on this Mt. Vindhya. Since then I have been living hereabouts constrainedly. As such I completely lost touch with my brother Jataayu." 
           Angada asked Saampaati "If you are the brother of Jataayu, then you are most likely to know about that knavish rakshash Ravana and his whereabouts. If so please tell us. It doesn't matter whether the location of his residence is nearby or far off, as we can search far and wide." 
            Sampaati smiled and nodded and then said "Now I am an eagle with utterly burnt wings and vanished valiance. Nevertheless, I very much like to be of some assistance to Rama, at least verbally. I have seen the worlds of Varuna i.e. earth and its substrata like atala, vitala, sutala, paataala and I have even seen those empyrean worlds that were triply trodden by Vishnu, and the intermediary regions of upper and lower worlds where devas and asuras combated ghastly. I have also seen the Milky Ocean when it was churned for ambrosia.
     "Now to get down to brass tacks, I have seen a youngish lady while she was being carried away by the black-hearted rakshash Ravana. She was richly in her mien, embellished with every befitting jewellery for a princess, and that lady in fury was bewailing calling, 'Rama... Rama...' and also calling 'Lakshmana...' and she was throwing her ornaments down and wriggling her limbs hard to get herself free from that rakshash.
        "In the flank of that blackish rakshash her lovely ochry silk-sari was dazzling like sunshine atop a blackish mountain. Sometimes it looked like lightning athwart a blackish ocean.
     "At that time I did not know who that lady was. I am now positive that she was Seetha. 
      I, however recognized that rakshash.  He is the son of Vishravasa and brother of Kubera, and he presides over the city named Lanka and he is known by the name Ravana.
  Here is a curious comment by some expert. Jataayu knew that it was Ravana who carried away Seetha. He also knew that he was the king of Lanka. He also knew about Ravana's lineage. Jataayu died before he could tell Rama all about Ravana. Valmiki must have killed him purposely; otherwise there would be no Kishkindha canto, no Vali, no Sugreeva, no Hanuman and his Sundara Kanda, as Rama would have gone to Lanka, straightaway. Ramayana is still living as a great literary work because it has this kind of melodramatic montages on very many occasions.
End Comment.

       "There is a lavish city in the island afar a hundred yojanas all in all from here, which Vishvakarma, the Divine-Architect, has built, and it is called Lanka. Its multi-storied buildings are built very symmetrically and they will be in golden tinge with completely golden doors. The golden podia of verandas are amazing. That city is securely enclosed in a gigantic rampart that is dazzling in the colour of sun. Vaidehi, wearing a sad look is there at Lanka sitting under a huge ashoka tree in the Ashoka woodland of Ravana, highly guarded by rakshashis. You can see her if you could go over there.
          "I have a strong feeling that at least one of you will go over there and find Seetha there.  
       "By which raw-flesh-eating knave this deplorable deed of abducting Seetha is done, if that rapscallion is retaliated by Rama and you all, my vendetta towards the very same scoundrel caused by his animosity towards my brother Jataayu will also be fulfilled. Staying here I am clearly seeing Ravana and Janaki, too. For us eagles, the power of our eyesight is excellent like that of Garuda, the Divine Eagle. Thereby, oh, vanaras, dietetically and congenitally, we eagles can see up to at least one hundred yojanas, comprehensively.
    "Think hard to evolve some means to get across the ocean. I am sure, you will return to Kishkindha only after finding Vaidehi.
    "Please shift me to the residence of Rain-god, namely the ocean, for performing water oblation in respect of my dear departed brother Jataayu."
         The vanaras gladly took the bird to the ocean and then lodged him at his own cave after he performed the oblation.
A brief about Ravana.      
One of Brahma's brainchild is Pulastya who from his wife named Havirbhuk begot two sons, namely Agastya and Vishrava. This Vishrava has four wives. His first wife is Ilabila from whom he got Kubera as son. Second wife is Sumaali's daughter Kaikasi. Lady Kaikasi gave birth to three sons Ravana, Kumbhakarna, and Vibheeshana. The third wife of Vishrava is puShpotkaTa, the sister of Kaikasi, and this Pushpotkata gave birth to Mahodara, Paarshvaada and others whom we will meet in in the Yudha Kanda. Vishrava's fourth wife is the other sister of Kaikasi, named Raaka, who gave birth to Suurpanakha.
     Ravana's wife and empress of Lanka was Mandodari, the daughter of Maya, the son of Diti. Mandodari's characterisation vies equally with Seetha, Savitri, Anasuuya, Ahalya, Draupadi, and with other great chaste ladies. Her name has some significance. When Shurpanakha was claiming herself a befitting female for Rama, and belittling Seetha she uses words like krishodari, shaatodari meaning 'a female with feeble womb'. So also manda udari means 'slow, womb' (meaning  one with slow conception.' Mandodari begot Indrajit, an extraordinary fighter, and all-conquering warrior. Indrajit's wife was Sulochana, another lady of high nobility and chastity, counted on par with other most chaste ladies like Seetha.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

188. Angada informs Saampaati of their plight.

           Despite the fact that Saampaati's voice became husky and his entire attitude seemed to turn very concerned by his sadness for the demise of his so called dear brother Jataayu, Angada and his pals were not inclined to believe the same. They felt sure that the eagle was pretending and intending to kill and eat up all of them. 
        The vanaras discussed per se and came to the consensus "We are sitting for fast-unto-death and if that eagle wishes eat us let it be so.  By either way our deliverance will be achieved and we will go to heaven from here." When all of the vanara chiefs made up their minds in this way, then some of them on going to the mountaintop helped that eagle to come down, After Saampaati perched comfortably, Angada told him "Oh, bird, my noble grandfather is known as Rikshaja who was a valorous and an outstanding vanara among all vanaras, was the king of all the vanaras. He begot two generous and great mighty sons namely Vali and Sugreeva. My father Vali was highly renowned in the world for his bold acts, and he succeeded my grandfather as the king of all vanaras.
      "Among the dynasty of Ikshvaku the son of Dasharatha, namely Rama, who is a great-charioteer, a king for the entire world, a peerless person, who abiding by his father's directives and opting for righteous course of conduct, moved into Dandaka forests along with his brother Lakshmana and also with his wife Vaidehi. Ravana forcibly abducted his wife namely Seetha, from Janasthaana, and a kingly eagle named Jataayu, who is a friend of Rama's father Dasharatha, saw her while she was being abducted. Jataayu became overly tired when he made Ravana's chariot defective and stayed for sometime the abduction. As he was very senescent, Ravana wounded him fatally in that conflict. 
         "Subsequently Rama and Lakshmana found him barely alive. The brave bird informed the brothers about the abduction of Seetha and died. The brothers performed the obsequies. He departed on a sublime avenue to heavens.
      "Then Raghava made friendship with my paternal uncle Sugreeva, an intellectual autocrat, and Sugreeva got my father killed. Since Sugreeva antagonized my father, my father interdicted him along with his ministers from the kingdom, and Rama killed my father Vali and made Sugreeva his sucessor. Sugreeva then ordered us to locate where Seetha is kept.
         "We searched  forests very meticulously, but we unwittingly entered into a wide-opened Black Hole, which was crafted by the wizardry of the rakshas Maya. 
        "Unfortunately for us the time limit fixed by our king for our return has elapsed. Fearing the fury of our king Sugreeva, we could not muster enough strength to return to Kishkindha. We, therefore decided to go on a fast till death embraces us."

Monday, 11 August 2014

187. Saampaati is introduced.

          All the vanaras were sitting quietly and wondering how the death by fast will feel like and how soon or how late it will start and end. After some time they felt hungry and bored as well. In order to keep both the feelings at bay they started chatting this and that.
         By the curious turn of destiny the elder brother of Jataayu, a kingly eagle known as Saampaati by name, renowned for his forcefulness and aggressiveness, and a celebrated and sempiternal eagle happened to be sleeping in his cave which was situated in a close proximity to the place where the vanaras were fasting. He was awakened by the noise of the chitchat of the vanaras who were contemplating death by fast. He got up and came out of his cave to probe the cause of the disturbance. He was very surprised and very happy to see quite a lot of vanaras sitting and chitchatting. He thought aloud "Good-oh! God is very gracious! All these monkeys are quite sturdy and fleshy! One per day would be quite enough to satiate my hunger. Henceforth I need not depend upon my son for food for months."
       The words and the sight of that gormandising bird made Angada breathless. He told hurriedly to Hanuman "I say m'dear chap! Look! In the shape of an eagle, the son of the Sun, Yama, has manifestly arrived at this area. Now we will not die by fasting. We will be his feed.
        "All of us are very unlucky. We could not find Seetha nor could we die by fasting. You all have heard in its entirety what deed the kingly Jataayu has done to protect Vaidehi. Conscientious Jataayu has done a brave deed much liked by Rama. Despite trekking the forests without even caring for our lives in the cause of Rama, we could not locate Maithili. He that kingly eagle Jataayu who was killed by Ravana is certainly a very happy soul.
     "By the sad and cruel killing of Jataayu and by the sad end of Dasharatha, and also by the purloin of Vaidehi, all of us are piled into a predicament.
     "Just by giving boons to Kaikeyi, the quandaries like Rama's dwelling in forests along with Seetha and Lakshmana, as a result Rama's fury elimination of the rakshasas in Janasthaana completely, and as a sequel Raghava's arrow exterminating Vali, have come to pass."
     Saampaati was completely taken aback on hearing the news about the death of Jataayu. He peremptorily shouted "Who is talking about the demise of Jataayu, my most precious brother? How a combat occasioned between that eagle and a rakshash in Janasthaana, and how and why am I hearing the name of my brother after a long time? I entreat you to get me down from these mountain soars. After a long time I hear about my younger brother who is straightforward, praiseworthy for his valour. I am glad that he was spoken in praise. I wanna listen about the death of my brother Jataayu when he was in Janasthaana. I know that Dasharatha was a friend of my brother Jataayu. But how did Dasharatha pass away?
       "I am incapable to spread my wings widely as they are burnt by Sun's rays. I, therefore request you to lower me down from this mountain." 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

186. Hanuman intervenes.

         The most sagacious and highly erudite Hanuman was silently watching the dialogue between Angada and the others. After hearing Lt Tara, he felt that it was his duty to intervene. Hanuman could not believe that the son of Vali, Angada, whom he knew was having all the intelligence, fourfold tactics and the fourteen traits, buckle like that under duress.
        Hanuman was well aware that Angada  was brimmed with spiritedness, mightiness, valorousness and waxing like the moon starting from day one of White Fortnight of a month. His sagacity was comparable to that of Brihaspati. It is well known that he mirrors up his father Vali in intrepidity. It was a pity that he was now assiduously attentive to the rebellious suggestion of Lt. Tara, like Indra who once listened to the untenable teachings of the mentor of the asuras, namely Shukraacaarya. It seemed that Angada was overly enervated to fulfill the concerns of the king Sugreeva. Then Hanuman who was a scholar in all scriptures decided to confederate the confidence of Angada with the present regime of Sugreeva.
           Hanuman told Angada "Like your father you are undeniably as able as him in warfare, oh, the son of Lady Tara, and as with your father you are unquestionably capable enough to sustain the vanara kingdom. Angada, I am sure that you are well aware that these vanaras are inconsistent at their will. Separated from their sons and wives they are not likely to remain under your control for long.
      "Let me tell you bluntly what is obvious. This Jambavan and these vanaaras like Niila, Suhotra and others do not definitely tag along you. Likewise I too do not definitely tag along you.
         "The idea of going underground into that Black Hole which you people seem to think as a safe hideout from Sugreeva. Let me tell you that it is a deed of trifle for Lakshmana to split apart the whole of that Black Hole in a trice with his arrows.
      "You are well aware Indra thudded his Thunderbolt on this very underground illusory place. That Thunderbolt made a single demon-sized aperture to eliminate a single rakshas, Maya. That cavity made by the thunderbolt is now known as Riksha bila (Black Hole). Let me tell you that Lakshmana can splinter  the whole of this Black Hole with his acute arrows, as if it is leafy bowl.
       "There are numerous iron-arrows with Lakshmana that are kindred to Thunderbolt of Indra, and maybe much more powerful than the thunerbolt of Indra.
       "Let me tell you that if you decide to settle down in that underground, a most unbefitting place for a crown prince, all the vanaras, maybe with a few exceptions, will desert you resolvedly. Always sulking and reminiscing about their sons and wives, and yearning  for the proximity of their kinfolk and hungered for diverse palates as any vanara would cherish, they will coolly desert you.
      "It will not be difficult for Lakshmana to kill you, as he can aim his arrows to any place on any world. But, if you return to Kishkindha along with us, I am sure Sugreeva will accept our explanation and pardon all of us.
     "I have moved very closely with your paternal-uncle Sugreeva for some years. As such I can confidently vouch that his plus point is his honesty. I have never seen him to be dishonest. One of his lovable characteristics is his affection as he is free of aversion. His dedication is staunch as he is free of prevarication, and he himself is exoneration as he is free from exploitation, and thus in no way he would liquidate you. Such a thought would never occur to him.
    "You know that he is your mother's well-wisher. There is no other posterity to him than you. Oh, Angada, therefore go back to Kishkindha." 
             Angada was not inclined to agree with Hanuman. He told Hanuman "You extolled the positive side of Sugreeva. Because of your intimacy with Sugreeva you refuse to see the dark side of him. 
     "Let me remind you that Sugreeva arrogated his elder brother's wife when that elder brother was still very much alive and well. The wife of any elder brother is morally considered as ones mother. Sugreeva flouted that morality due to which he is despicable. And it is Sugreeva who closed the mouth of the cavity peremptorily when his brother with all his belief and faith assigned and stationed him alone at the mouth of the cavity so that the enemy could not escape through that cavity.  Obviously Sugreeva wanted his brother to perish inside that cavity. Thus he is nefarious. I wonder how you acclaim him as one conversant with moral rectitude. He is full of moral turpitude. Have you forgotten that Sugreeva just overlooked no less than the great glorious Raghava, whom he truthfully and cunningly befriended and from whom his own task of arrogating my kingdom by eliminating my father is facilitated? How can I believe that such a Sugreeva would remember the good services of others like us?
       "He has ordered and sent us for searching Seetha only because he was dreadfully scared of Lakshmana. He never cared about what others thought about his unscrupulousness, and as such how then can scrupulosity manifest in him? Which respectable one can rest his faith in Sugreeva, who, after shamelessly eliminating my father, and unmindful of tradition usurped my mother and throne, and who did not care to requite the favour to  Rama. 
           "Only the son, whether good or bad, honest or deceitful, has the right to the throne of his father. When Sugreeva shamelessly usurped the throne he certainly will eliminate me without any compunction at the first opportunity. 
      "My slyness in planning to live in that Black Hole has backfired. Being the troop leader, I am now morally and constructively culpable of not finding Seetha, and I am now completely powerless as you all are with Sugreeva's side. How then will I be allowed to live after reaching Kishkindha. I am sure that the ferocious and barbarous Sugreeva will evict me from this world by some ingenious means in order to continue to be the monarch of vanaras. I prefer death by fast rather than the slow and cruel death by some trammeling means. Those who do not want to be with me in this may go back.
          "I, hereby reiterating to you all that I do not wish to go back to the city of Kishkindha. I am going to sit here fasting unto death, as death alone is expedient to me. Please convey my respects and regards to Rama and also to the king of all vanaras Sugreeva. 
       "Please convey my respects to my step-mother Ruma. Lastly but not leastly, solace my mother, Lady Tara, who by her nature is a warm-hearted and austerely lady who cherishes her son more than her life, and as such she is she is likely to leave off her life on hearing that I breathed my last." 
      After paying deference to his elders and bidding good-bye and good wishes to his pals, Angada wearing a glum face went up and reclined on the sacred grass spread on the ground.
       Quite a number of vanaras agreed with Angada and followed suit. The sacred-grass was spread as sacred beds to cast off their lives. The edges of grass blades were positioned southward. As they were on the northern shore of the southern ocean, all those vanaras who were bent on following Angada to the end, became recumbent facing eastward.

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185. Angada discusses the next course of action.

        Then they turned southward and saw with wonderment the inexorable ocean, the realm of the Raingod, tumultuous with ferociously roaring and implacable waves, and shoreless otherwhere. Because of the thorough and meticulous search made by them coupled with the unfortunate incident of being held up within the cavity of the rakshash Maya, the time limit of one month passed away. Sitting on a foothill of the Mt.Vindhya which was with fully flowered trees those vanaras were brooding and tormented by shame and ipso facto driven to desperation.
     The sight of the treetops, weighty with flowers and enshrouded with hundreds of vines of the spring season, made them feel quite the opposite of what such a lovely sight would make anyone feel, to wit happiness. Strangely and incredulously that beautiful sight filled them with the fright of the outcome of failing Sugreeva's time frame. The reason for this contrariwise phenomenon was that sight made them realize that spring season had arrived, which means that they had overshot the time limit specified by Sugreeva.
        The crown prince and a great warrior Angada, greeted and addressed his mighty force with a grave voice "Oh, my dear fellows, I take it that all of you know now that the month fixed by our king Sugreeva was over long ago mainly due to the reason that we were held up in that Black Cavity. 
       "Our king Sugreeva selected all of you for the reason that you are all the pioneers in the pathway of principles, you have notched up his credibility, you are all well disposed in his well being and you are the contrivers of any exploit. All of you are unparalleled in all tasks, all your asperity is renowned in all directions and all of you have come impelled by that ochre eyed Sugreeva keeping me as your helmsman. As we have not lived up to his expectations, we will surely be punished and that punishment will surely be death sentence. I have no doubt about it for the reason Sugreeva is a tormentor by nature and now he is institutionalised in lordship, and as such he will not condone any of us.
       "I think it would be better for all of us to die here itself by fasting.
    "I am not anointed as the  crown-prince by Sugreeva of his own volition. He did so because Rama, the king of people asked him so. I feel that king Sugreeva was always bound up in animosity with my father, and ipso facto with me, too. Now he has a convenient and a reasonable reason to liquidate me without any compunction."
          The speech of Angada was received with mixed feelings. Some of the prominent vanaras of that force discussed per see over what Angada said. They then replied Angada "We agree with you that Sugreeva is a hottempered vanara and Raghava is interested in his beloved wife. The timeframe is lapsed and we do ot have any clue about the whereabouts of Vaidehi. If we go back to Kishkindha now, without completing our assignment, Sugreeva will surely liquidate us without any second thoughts. He may think that it will please Rama.
       "In view of the above, we are inclined to agree with your suggestion to go on fasting until death.
     This produced complete silence. After a few moments, Lt. Tara said "Let us cut this misery and desperation. If all of you agree, then let us enter that cave again where we can live. That highly impassable cavity contrived by that rakshash Maya is abundant with trees, water, eatables and potables. Nobody can find us there and there is no fear even from Indra. We can live there until our lost day."
     All the vanaras were inclined to agree with Lt. Tara.