Thursday, 28 April 2016

349. Indrajit accepted the challenge.

              Being a true warrior, Indrajit just could not ignore the challenge thrown out by Vibhishana, despite the fact that he did not like to deviate from his present aim for getting absolute powers to win Rama and his army by propitiating divinities by offering oblations etc. He was, however, bubbling with rage at Vibhishana for that. He scolded and ridiculed his most despised uncle with intolerable rage and hate. 
             Looking at Lakshmana from his incomparable chariot, wielding a large bow, fully adorned, and spewing scorn from his eyes saw that Lakshmana who was ascending Hanuman's back shouted with derision "You behold my prowess now. Now, you try to stop an unconquerable stream of arrows, like rain, released in the sky, discharged from my bow. Today my arrows will destroy you and all the monkeys, as fire consumes a pile of cotton.
      "Try to stop the streams of my arrows  thundering like a cloud. Earlier, you, Sugreeva and quite a lot of your monkeys were made unconscious by me and all of you were lying down on the floor. I guarantee that today will be the last day of living for you and others."
         Lakshmana, who was more amused than irritated or angered by the bragging of that rakshash, replied "O my dear fellow! Bragging will not lead you to anywhere. In case you strongly believe that bragging will satisfy your ego, then go on bragging till you drop dead.
     "Yes! On the other day you did make all of us unconscious. That you did by becoming invisible in the battle-field. Such and similar course is not adopted by valiant ones, but by cowards. If you have the guts, demonstrate today that you are valiant and not a coward."
        Hearing those words, the mighty Indrajit, whose pride was very much hurt, silently  released a few powerful arrows from his bow. On reaching Lakshmana, the arrows released by Indrajit, which rushed with great speed and were as deadly as the venom of serpents, fell like the hissing of snakes.
        Indrajit followed more sets of quite powerful arrows which struck Lakshmana making him drenched in his royal blood. The glorious Lakshmana, with his body very much wounded by those arrows, was shining like a smokeless flame.
            Indrajit, who was very happy to see the whole body of Lakshmana was oozing blood, gloatingly shouted at him  "Hey, Lakshmana! The next set of my arrows is going to ooze your life out of your body to accompany your blood. Hope Jackals, multitude of hawks and vultures will relish your flesh. Coming to know of your killing by me, your dear brother Rama will come and try to avenge your killing. But I will make him follow you."
        Lakshmana retorted "You lousy rakshash! I am fed up with your bragging. Let me see your action."
         Lakshmana without any further formalities hurled five of his powerful arrows at that rakshash. The arrows, blazing like serpents and feathered with fine plumes, shining like sun-rays hit that rakshasha's chest. Ignoring the pain caused by those arrows Indrajit pierced Lakshmana with three of his arrows.
         That duel between the two very versatile adversaries Lakshmana and Indrajit was most terrific and tumultuous. Both were endowed with strength. Both were distinguished for their prowess. Both were exceedingly difficult to conquer and peerless in strength and courage.
            When Lakshmana, looking fierce and undaunted, kept on hitting Inderjit continuously without any pause with  his powerful, violent, intense, raging and furious arrows, Indrajit, hissing like an enraged serpent became pale-faced. The sound of every twang of the bow-string of Lakshmana seemed to make the face of Indrajit more and more pale.
         Seeing Indrajit's face was getting more and more pale, Vibhishana prompted Lakshmana, who was fully absorbed in the fight "O dear Laksh! I see from the face of that fellow Indrajit that he underestimated your capability and is worried. Capitalize on this and try to finish him as early as you can."
          Lakshmana okayed the advise of Vibhishana by increasing the frequency and power of his arrows hurled on Indrajit which made Indrajit to become stupefied.
           Regaining his senses after a few moments, Indrajit told Lakshmana "Don't you remember my prowess in our first encounter, when you along with your brother, was bound by me and you were wriggling on the floor? At that time almost all your warriors  were laid down unconscious on the ground. You seem to have forgotten that. Now I'm gonna send you to meet your Maker. Get ready for that."
          With a supreme effort he hit Lakshmana with seven arrows and Hanuman with ten arrows. The angry Indrajit continued with a supreme effort coupled with twice as much vehemence, wounded Vibhishana with  hundred  arrows.
         Lakshmana guessed that Inderjit was expecting approbation from him for what he did. Lakshmana decided to ridicule him so that that rakshash would get so angry and make some mortal mistake which he (i.e. Lakshmana) can capitalize. With a sneering smile Lakshmana replied Indrajit "A little boy learning archery in our place would do much better than this. A true warrior who is determined to win the battle does not fight like you. Your arrows were light, weak and mild. Let me show you how a lad of some experience in our place would fight." Thus speaking, Lakshmana streamed forth some powerful arrows on him.
         The large golden armour of Inderjit was broken to pieces by Lakshmana's arrows. The valiant Indrajit was wounded by the powerful arrows of Lakshmana by piercing his chest after braking his armour. Ignoring the acute pain caused by that arrows,  the valiant and undaunted Indrajit of terrific prowess was enraged and wounded Lakshmana with a thousand arrows by braking his armour into pieces. The two warriors vied with each other in offence and retaliation in their attack.
        Those two warriors, with their entire bodies lacerated by the arrows of the opponent, smeared with blood all around and breathing heavily, fought the battle with the determination to kill the opponent. Each found that the other was relentless and daunting.
       Despite the fact that both were absolutely tired and drained, their bodies covered with a multitude of arrows and their armour and standards torn to pieces, continued the battle strenuously trying to vanquish the other. They stood emitting hot blood, as two water-falls gushing hot water.
       Each found that whatever missile dispatched by him was annulled by the other by appropriate counter missile. The powerful arrows released by them clashed in the sky and shattered. The monstrously huge pile of arrows hurled by them appeared like a mass of sacred Kusha grass by the side of two blazing fires at a sacrifice.
        The wounded bodies of those two mighty opponents were shining like Kimshuka and Shalmali (silk-cotton) trees in full blossom, deprived of leaves. Indrajit and Lakshmana were trying their best to outwit the other.
         Both of them were very much hurt. However, they did not seem to feel any discomfort of the pain nor were concerned about the blood flowing like a stream from the wounds on their bodies caused by the arrows of the other. With innumerable arrows dug deep into their bodies looked like two mountains fully covered with plants shooting from them.
           All their limbs, dampened with blood and thickly covered with arrows were shining very much like blazing fires. Seeing that, Vibhishana wanted to give Lakshmana some help in someway.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

348. Vibhishana dares Indrajit to fight a duel with Lakshmana.

               Lakshmana agreed and  both of them went to the place where Indrajit was poised to fight and try to kill him Hanuman. 
               Seeing Vibhishana and Lakshmana Indrajit rushed to their proximity. Seeing Indrajit before him, Lakshmana told him "I am inviting you for a duel. Fight without cheating, if you are capable of it." 
    Seeing Vibhishana Indrajit deduced that he must have guessed his plans to come over this place (i.e.  Nikumbhila). Indrajit became so angry that is own uncle spoiled his plans, he exploded at him "O raksacle! (i.e. rakshash+uncle, my own coining) You were born and brought up at my dad's place here. You are a brother to my father and ipso facto, a paternal uncle to me. How can you be hostile to me, who is like a son to you? You cannot unless you are perverted and an abuser of righteousness! Consanguinity is not a consideration for you, or friendliness, or pride of birth, nor a brotherly feeling nor a right conduct. O evil-minded one! You are pitiable and deserve to be reproached by the virtuous. Are you not ashamed to abandon your own kith and kin and have entered into the service of our enemy?
        "You may consider that our enemies are virtuous. And, in your opinion our own kindred are not virtuous. But, a relation, though bereft of merit is preferable than the enemy who may have some merits. This maxim is followed even by a child. Don't you know that an enemy is, indeed, ever an enemy. He who, abandoning his own side and takes sides with the adversary, is not fit to live."
      Vibhishana replied "You are a goose! That is why you speak perversely, as though you are not aware of my nature? My undear wicked nephew! Even if I am born in the race of rakshashas, who do not averse cruel acts, my nature is goodness, which is prime virtue of human beings and it is not that of rakshashas. I neither delight in cruel acts, nor rejoice in any unvirtuous act. How can a brother be driven away by his brother, even if the former's nature is different?
         "Renouncing the person of sinful resolve whose conduct has deviated from righteousness, one attains happiness, like one shakes off a venomous serpent from his hand. Wise men say that an ill-natured fellow, who lustfully eyes another's wife, is worth shunning, as one abandons a house in flames. Three faults produce destruction. Taking away other's property, lustfully eyeing another's wife and excessive distrust with one's friends.
         "Even though my brother, that is your dad Ravana has very many good qualities, I was constrained to leave him for some of his faults like killing great sages terribly, waging war against all devas, arrogance, becoming angry very easily and quarrelsomeness. These undesirable qualities have obscured the good qualities of my elder brother, as the clouds conceal the view of mountains. Because of these vices, Ravana, your father and my brother, has been abandoned by me. Neither will this City of Lanka will exist for long nor you nor your father.
        "Coming to the  reality of the moment, you are not going to reach the banyan-tree any longer. You have to fight with Lakshmana, and after killing him you can go to that banyan-tree. Now show your prowess to Lakshmana, if you dare."

Saturday, 16 April 2016

347. Indrajit made to discontinue his propitiation.

           Vibhishana advised Lakshmana "Dear Laksh! Quickly make heavy damage to the army of Indrajit. We should not allow that fellow to complete his oblation etc. When this army is destroyed or at least vastly devastated, Indrajit also will have to show himself.
            "We should not allow Indrajit to complete his propitiation. If we fail to do so then no one can defeat him."
     Thanking Vibhishana with a smile and a nod, Lakshmana acted. Bears and vanaras too increased their efforts to destroy the rakshashas.
      The battle that ensued was so fierce and tumultuous, the sky was covered with weapons of various shapes, sharp arrows, trees and tossed mountain tops. 
       Slowly and steadily the army of Lakshmana gained superiority over that of Indrajit. The army of Indrajit started to retreat. This made Indrajit to leave his propitiation. Cominig out through the thick cluster of the trees, Indrajit ascended his  chariot which was kept ready for any eventualities. That terribly angry Indrajit was looking awfully fierce.
         Seeing Indrajit, his army of rakshashas regaining confidence and boldness, turned back to fight with the army of Lakshmana. With our hero Hanuman in the fore the vanara army overpowered that of the rakshashas.
         Seeing Hanuman, looking like a mountain, fearlessly killing his enemies, Indrajit told his charioteer to go towards Hanuman. When his chariot reached in front of Hanuman, Indrajit hurled swords, sharp-edged spears and axes towards the head of Hanuman.
Warding off those terrible weapons Hanuman told Indrajit hotly  "O evil-minded Indrajit! If you have the guts, fight with me with your arms.  In case you are able to overpower me, then you will be considered as the best among the rakshashas."
           Looking and hearing the repartees between  the two, Vibhishana told Lakshmana "It looks that Indrajit intends to kill Hanuman. You intervene and kill that Indrajit."

346. Lakshmana was sent to Nikumbhila to kill Indrarjit.

        Rama's mind was so engrossed about the catastrophic news about his sweetheart Seetha his mind as well as his sense organs did not have the receptibility  for any other thing. As such he did not understand what Vibhishana was telling him. He, therefore, asked Vihbishana "My dear chap! I didn't follow what your were telling me. Please tell me again."
      Vibhishana agreed by saying "O! My dear sir! The information you heard about Seetha was contrived to be communicated by you by that clever but vicious rakshash Indrajit. Therefore, abandon this lamentation and grief. I assure you that Seetha is very much alive.
      "It is very evident that Indrajit wants some undisturbed time to get more powers by propitiating divinities by oblation and other means. This is the reason, I am absolutely sure, why he created an illusory figure of Seetha and killed it before Hanuman and the vanara army. His  plan is that while all of you are grieving, he can get more powers making him absolutely invincible. 
       "I am totally positive that he has gone to the sanctuary called Nikumbhila for this purpose. Action should immediately be taken by you to prevent him to do it and kill him. I suggest that Lakshmana together with a large army should be sent immediately to  Nikumbhila to kill Indrajit. Otherwise he will kill all of us."
            Rama nodding assent to the suggestion of Vibhisshana told him "O Vibhishana! I have been informed of  the conjuring tricks of that clever rakshash. Indrajit is said to be in possession of Brahmastra. He is intelligent. He is a past master of several conjuring tricks. He is so mighty that he can, in battle, render unconscious even the gods like Varuna. I, myself have witnessed his capability to become unseen in battle."
         Then Rama told Lakshmana "O Lakshmana! You, accompanied by that entire army of Sugreeva, which is under our disposal, proceed immediately to Nikumbhila. Take Vibhishana, who knows all the conjuring tricks of Indrajit, along with his palls, with you."
          Nodding his agreement, Lakshmana quickly dressed himself for the combat and told Rama "Today, I will make that fellow Indrajit know my prowess. I assure you that today will be last day for that Rakshash."
        Lakshmana then left for Nikumbhila along with Vibhishana and his palls.
      Hanuman accompanied by many a thousand vanaras followed him.  Jambavan also followed with his army of bears.
        Duly arriving at Nikumbhila, Lakshmana got ready for the battle along with Vibhishana, Angada and Hanuman, Jambhavan and their army of vanaras and bears.
       Lakshmana penetrated that heterogeneous army of Indrajit, resplendent with spotless weapons, thick with ensigns and abounded with huge chariots, exceedingly strong, very terrific, with unimaginable swiftness, like one would enter a thick veil of darkness.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

345. Vibhishana appeased Rama and others.

                 While Lakshmana was trying his best to bring his dear bro out of his trance, Vibhishana arrived there along with his four pals. Seeing Lakshmana wearing a very sorrow face holding in his arms his dear brother who seemed to be un or semiconscious and sorrounded by Hanuman and other vanaras, all wearing very sad faces with their eyes  filled with tears.
           He was shocked to see Rama, who seemed to be in a state of stupor, resting on the arms of Lakshmana. He asked Lakshmana with his eyes "What is this?"
             Lakshmana told him about the catastrophe. By that time Rama came out of his trance and looking at Vibhishana nodded at him in recognition.
       Vibhishana was not able to contain his laughter.  Then he told Rama and others "O! My God! It is absolute nonsense! All of you have been fooled by that clever Indrajit. I know the amount of passion Ravana has for Seetha. He would not allow anyone to harm Seetha, even very slightly. Ravana agreeing for the killing of Seetha is unimaginable.
    "That clever rapscallion, Indrajit has fooled all of you for some purpose. Obviously he wants some time for doing something when all of you are drowned in intense sorrow and not in a mood to do anything, least of all to fight or think, by hoodwinking the vanaras. There is absolutely no doubt that Seetha whom he killed was an illusion. Please let me think for a few moments to think why he did that. ..... Ah...! That must be the reason. I am absolutely sure that he wanted to go to the sanctuary called Nikumbhila. There, he wants to get a lot of  addition powers by propitiating gods by pouring oblations into the sacred fire accompanied by appropriate prayers. When he gets the additional powers then that fellow, Indrajit will prove to be impossible to be overcome in battle by any one, including Rama and Lakshman.
           "His action to kill an illusory replica of Seetha is obviously to keep all of you at bay with utter shock of the brutish act. It is evident that he hoped to complete his propitiation and get all the powers he wants before all of you recover from the shock and realize the reality. We should stop him before he completes his performance.
       "O Rama! I suggest you send Lakshmana with army to go and make Indrajit abandon that act of sacrifice. Then, he could be killed.
       "I enjoin you to act at once. If that Indrajit completes the sacrifice, he would not be visible even to the suras and asuras  in battle. He will then  become absolutely invincible."

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

344. Rama informed of the killing of Seetha.

            Let us go sometime backwards. The fight between the vanara army led by Hanuman and that of Intrajit was unusually more tumultuous. Hearing that Rama, who was resting became curious and asked Jambavan "Jam! From the way in which we hear the tone of the noise, it seems that our chaps are having difficult time. Therefore, accompanied by your own force, go quickly to help our army."
        Jambavan, along with his army, rushed to the battle ground. On the way Jambavan saw Hanuman, returning with the vanaras, wearing a sad face. Janbavan asked Hanuman with a question mark on his face.
         Hanuman told him how that cruel rakshash Intrajit killed Seetha in an horrible manner. He was, therefore, returning with the army to report that vicious act to Rama.
        Rama then was nonplussed to hear the news about killing of Seetha by Intrajit. The grief made him fall down on the ground, like a tree with its bottom chopped off.
        Lakshmana took the ailing Rama in his arms and comforted or rather tried to, with "O venerable brother! Virtue alone cannot save you, who is sticking to the noble path and who has subdued the senses, from adversities. Like inanimate and animate beings are visible, virtue and vice are not visible. Therefore, my opinion is that virtue is non-existent. Otherwise a virtuous man like you would not have this misfortune.
      "If unrighteousness had been effective, Ravana should have had the repercussion of the same long back. You, endowed with virtue, should never get into any trouble. Since there is absence of calamity for Ravana and misfortune occurred to you, the result of vice is obtained through virtue and the result of virtue is obtained through vice. The contraries of each other have changed the roles with each other.
          "It seems that now the fruit of virtue be obtained through vice and the fruit of vice through virtue.
         "O my dear bro Rama! It is abundantly clear now that righteousness is dead and gone. Otherwise no evil, whatsoever would have accrued to you. As you garnered such a calamity, the hypotheses that the destiny engendered by virtuous acts is real is not tenable any longer.
              "Or else, if righteousness becomes weak and cowardly, as it surrenders to the might, it is my opinion that the righteousness, which lacks strength and has been deprived of its capacity, should no longer be pursued. Depend on might, as you do now on virtue, if the virtue is subordinate to might, thus giving up the predominance for virtue. O tormentator of enemies! Or else, if speaking truth were indeed a virtue, our lying father, who was merciless to you, was disunited from you. Were you not bound by that announcement made by our father regarding your installation as the Prince Regent?
              "My opinion is that righteousness consists in such recourse to both virtue and strength. The very roots of virtue (in the form of earthly gain) have been chopped off by you in that you spurned the sovereignty the other day. By the treasures brought from place to place and augmented by means of various strategies, all the tasks are indeed fulfilled, as the rivers flow from the mountains. All the tasks of a man of small intellect, bereft of his wealth, get a cessation as small rivers dry up in summer-season.........."
              Lakshmana went on on this line to assuage Rama. Then he concluded "O my valiant brother! you have been heaped with more and more  miseries from the time you were deprived of your coronation. O my dear brother! Enough of you restraint. Today I gonna start dispelling all your agonies. Please allow me to completely destroy Lanka with its chariots, elephants, horses along with Ravana, his cruel son Intrajit and all the other rakshashas."

Sarga 83

Saturday, 9 April 2016

343. Hanuman took over the command of the vanara army.

             Hanuman suddenly felt that something was amiss. Something seemed to be telling him to continue the fight with that rakshash. Consequently he decided to take the lead and shouted at his comrades and the other vanaras and bears "O, my dear fellows! Why should we run away, looking dejected and leaving our zeal to fight? Until we are ordered so by Rama we should continue the battle. At this moment I am taking command of you. Follow me. Let us continue the battle."
          All the vanaras agreed with Hanuman and wearing a cheerful countenance, took hold of mountain-peaks and trees. Hanuman, surrounded by the vanaras, started to attack the army of Intrajit as a flaming fire. As the rakshashas were very complacent,  and very relaxed thinking that the vanara army would not have any energy or inducement for launching any attack on them.
       The very  repulsive, shocking, alarming, frightening, terrifying and appalling act of Indrajit kindled the anger of the vanaras.  With great anger Hanuman threw a very large rock on Indrajit's chariot. But to the disappointment of Hanuman, the clever horses carried the chariot away beyond the reach of that rock. That rock fell on the ground and split itself into fragments and penetrated the ground. However, many rakshashas were very much bruised by the spilling fragments of the rock.
        Hundreds of vanaras with their colossal bodies, lifting up trees and mountain-peaks, rushed roaring towards Indrajit. Those vanaras of terrible prowess, threw trees and mountain-peaks towards Indrajit. Intrajit managed to escape, but many other rakshashsas were hit. 
       Seeing the rakshas on the receiving end, Indrajit started retaliation with his powerful arrows. That action by Indrajit energized his soldiers who killed many vanaras with  their various weapons.
         The sight of many vanaras being killed by the rakshashas made  Hanuman  ferocious, wild, dangerous, cruel, savage, brutal and aggressive. With the result he created a havoc among the rakshashas, with Sala trees, distinguished by their excellent trunks and branches as well as with rocks. When the army of rakshashsas was kept at bay, Hanuman thought that it would be prudent to retreat now and he shouted orders to that effect.
         While they were retreating, Hanuman informed his comrades "Seetha for whose sake we were fighting has been killed. Let us inform Rama and Sugreeva about this, after which we shall do whatever they order us."
          Seeing Hanuman retreating with his army, Indrajit proceeded to the sanctuary called Nikumbhila, seeking more powers by propitiating divinities by oblations to overcome Rama and his army. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

342. Indrajit kills the illusory living image of Seetha.

           Seeing the two brothers Rama and Lakshmana, despite heavily wounded by his arrows and blood flowing from the wounds, were not relenting in their retaliation action, Interjit thought that it would not be so easy to vanquish those princes as he thought earlier. He wanted some undisturbed time to think and evolve some strategy by which he can fool them and kill them. That apart, Indrajit sensed that the two brothers plan to act more impetuously their retaliatory action. He, therefore, coolly sneaked out to Lanka to think calmly.
             In a short time he got in his mind what he should do. Then he returned to the battle field. Seeing the two brothers, Rama and Lakshamana, who were perplexed as to why there is no action from Intrajit, who smiled and started to enact his conjuring tricks. Creating and placing an illusory image of Seetha on his chariot and a large army surrounding the chariot, Indrajit started to roll towards the direction of the vanaras, away from the two princes. Seeing him coming forth towards them, all the vanaras were enraged and bounced towards him, with rocks in their hands to hit him.
            Hanuman, our dear hero, taking hold of a very large mountain-peak, which was difficult to be handled by others, marched in the lead. Hanuman was totally aghast to see Seetha, the wife of Rama, wearing only a single braid of hair, looking absolutely miserable, with her face emaciated, dressed in a single worn-out clothing, unadorned and with all her limbs covered with dust and dirt, in the chariot of Indrajit.
          Hanuman compared the face of Seetha  and the one he saw in the Ashoka Vana, not long ago, in his mind. He was totally convinced that it was indeed Seetha and ipso facto became dejected. Seeing her stricken with grief and bereft of joy, looking distressed, miserable and sitting under the sway of Indrajit, Hanuman wondered what that rakshash was going to do. He, however, moved along with the vanaras towards Indrajit.
      When the vanaras reached near Indrajit, that cunning rakshash started executing his plan of action. Making his face excited with anger, he pulled Seetha by the hair on her head and unsheathed his sword. While all those vanaras witnessing that act were totally stunned, Intrajit began to strike that woman who was placed in the chariot by the dint of his conjuring trick and who was crying "Rama! Rama!"
         On seeing her seized by the hair Hanuman was confounded with affliction and shed tears, in agony from his eyes. Seeing that brutal, ruthless, callous, savage and vicious act, Hanuman, with tears in his eyes shouted at him "O evil minded one! Born in a dynasty of Brahmanical sages, your daring in touching a lock of her hair will surely lead you  to your ruin. O cruel, vulgar and mean fellow! O wicked rakshash of sinful prowess! O pitiless fellow! Woe be to you, of sinful conduct, in whom such a resolve has taken place. Such an act is worthy of a barbarian. There is no pity in you.
          "O pitiless one! Why do you want to kill her? For that action, you do not deserve to live any longer."
         Hanuman, then surrounded by the army of vanaras with their weapons and very much enraged, rushed headlong towards Indrajit. The army of Intrajit intercepted them.
       Intdrajit replied Hanuman "The purpose of Rama's coming over here along with Sugreeva, yourself and a huge army of vanaras and bears, is for the sake of this wretched woman, Seetha. If this woman ceases to exist, then there is no point to continue the battle for Rama. I am, therefore going to kill Seetha now, before you. After killing her, It will be easy for me to kill Rama, Lakshmana, Sugreeva, that vulgar Vibhishana and you. "
          Indrajit then killed that illusory Seetha, who had been sobbing all the while, with his sword. Split asunder by him diagonally, that miserable lady of broad hips and pleasant to the sight, fell down on the ground. After killing her, Indrajit told Hanuman "All of you have seen me killing Rama's wife. Now what is the use of your continuing your fight?"
         Indrajit, after performing the act he planned, was happily sitting in his chariot watching the reaction of the vanaras. As he was sitting in that tower of the aerial chariot, which was difficult of access for others, he was not overly  bothered about being attacked by any of the vanaras. Seeing that  brutal, ruthless, callous, sadistic, grim, vicious, atrocious, merciless and brutish act, all the vanaras retreated silently looking sad and dejected.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

341. Ravana sent Intrajit again.

              On hearing report of the liquidation of  Makaraksha, Ravana almost went into delirium. He was absolutely confident that Makaraksha, who was one of the best warriors who had been ever victorious in battles, and was nursing a grudge against that fellow Rama for killing his dad, would return victorious after killing Rama and his army.  Grinding his teeth in all the ten mouths in rage, he was thinking hard what his next move should be. He could not think of any one more competent than his dear son Indrajit. He, therefore sent for his son and buttered him "O hero! Either remaining yourself invisible or visible, or by any means, fair or unfair, kill Rama and Lakshmana. You certainly are superior in strength than them by all means. You have conquered Indra in battle. It should not be difficult for you to destroy those two humans. 
          It is needless to mention that Indrajit was pleased and elated by the buttering of his dear dad. He agreed by silently bowing to his father.
          Indrajit then performed some ceremony for victory. Offering oblations in fire for gratifying Devas, Danavas and Rakshashas, Indrajit ascended his that chariot which was capable of disappearing from sight whenever he so desired. Drawn by four horses, provided with sharp arrows and a mighty bow placed on it, that  exceptionally excellent chariot looked sensational.
        Adorned with gold, that chariot glittered on account of its body and was decorated with carved images of antelopes, full moons and crescents. The flag-post of Indrajit shone like a flaming fire, provided, as it was, with large rings of gold and decorated with cat's eye gems.
            Armed with brahmastra, which was as effulgent as the sun, Indrajit endowed with exceptional strength, became almost absolutely invincible.  
           Before rolling out from the city with the capability of vanishing from the sight whenever he so desired, he announced loudly and majestically "I'm gonna present a gift to my dad by the happy news of victory secured in the battle, to my father, Ravana today by making the earth bereft of monkeys today and by killing Rama and Lakshmana.". 
               Then Indrajit vanished from the sight of every one and reached the battle-field speedily. He saw the two princes with mighty prowess, looked like three- hooded serpents in the middle of the vanaras.
            With a crooked smile, Intrajit with his chariot remaining invisible in the sky, struck Rama and Lakshmana with his sharp arrows. They were completely enveloped by a stream of arrows. Rama and Lakshamana endeavoured to retaliate with missiles. But no dice.
           Seeing that the two princes could not effectively retaliate, Indrajit created an illusion of dark smoke all around. The movement of Indrajit was not seen nor the sound produced by the impact of his palm on the bow string, or the sound of the movement of his chariot or the clattering of the move of his horses. And nobody was able to see him.
           In that thick darkness, Indrajit showered hails of his arrows, like a torrential shower of rocks. He  pierced Rama and Lakshmana in all their limbs with his arrows.
         After many futile efforts, Rama and Lakshmana succeeded hitting Indrajit in the sky. Some of their arrows fell on the ground were found to be soaked in blood, obviously that of the rakshash Intrajit. 
         By trial and error, Rama and Lakshmana found that the missile 'Bhalla' was found to be very effective in warding off the arrows of that rakshash. Rama and Lakshmana, besides warding of the missiles of that rakshash, tried their best to hit him with various  missiles in the direction from which they saw the aforesaid arrows fell.
          Indrajit, who was a past master in battles,  was swift in discharging missiles which pierced Rama and Lakshmana. The brothers, Rama and Lakshmana pierced deeply with multitude of arrows, appeared like two Kamshuka trees in flowering.
            As that rakshash, Intrajit was so versatile in moving so fast almost at the speed of light, it was impossible for the brothers to locate him. Rama commented "Bro., I think I may be able to locate the position of the sun when the sky is thickly overcast with clouds, but not the    position  of that rakshash." 
          Intrajit alternated his hitting between the brothers and the vanaras. The vanaras dropped dead in hundreds and the princes loosing a good lot of their royal blood.
             Lakshmana became wild at the unorthodox way of fighting by that rakshash Intrajit. As half permission and half declaration he told his brother Rama that he was going to kill ALL the rakshashas by using the Brahmastra.  Then, Rama shaking his head as disapproval told Lakshmana "O! My dear bro! It is not proper to kill all the rakshashas on earth for the sake of a single rakshash, It is quite possible that some rakshashas are very pious, sleeping or drunk.
        "We shall concentrate our efforts to kill Indrajit alone. Let us employ some other asthras which are less menacing, with great impetuosity."
         Rama then was thinking how best that rakshash could be contained by orthodox means.