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348. Vibhishana dares Indrajit to fight a duel with Lakshmana.

               Lakshmana agreed and  both of them went to the place where Indrajit was poised to fight and try to kill him Hanuman. 
               Seeing Vibhishana and Lakshmana Indrajit rushed to their proximity. Seeing Indrajit before him, Lakshmana told him "I am inviting you for a duel. Fight without cheating, if you are capable of it." 
    Seeing Vibhishana Indrajit deduced that he must have guessed his plans to come over this place (i.e.  Nikumbhila). Indrajit became so angry that is own uncle spoiled his plans, he exploded at him "O raksacle! (i.e. rakshash+uncle, my own coining) You were born and brought up at my dad's place here. You are a brother to my father and ipso facto, a paternal uncle to me. How can you be hostile to me, who is like a son to you? You cannot unless you are perverted and an abuser of righteousness! Consanguinity is not a consideration for you, or friendliness, or pride of birth, nor a brotherly feeling nor a right conduct. O evil-minded one! You are pitiable and deserve to be reproached by the virtuous. Are you not ashamed to abandon your own kith and kin and have entered into the service of our enemy?
        "You may consider that our enemies are virtuous. And, in your opinion our own kindred are not virtuous. But, a relation, though bereft of merit is preferable than the enemy who may have some merits. This maxim is followed even by a child. Don't you know that an enemy is, indeed, ever an enemy. He who, abandoning his own side and takes sides with the adversary, is not fit to live."
      Vibhishana replied "You are a goose! That is why you speak perversely, as though you are not aware of my nature? My undear wicked nephew! Even if I am born in the race of rakshashas, who do not averse cruel acts, my nature is goodness, which is prime virtue of human beings and it is not that of rakshashas. I neither delight in cruel acts, nor rejoice in any unvirtuous act. How can a brother be driven away by his brother, even if the former's nature is different?
         "Renouncing the person of sinful resolve whose conduct has deviated from righteousness, one attains happiness, like one shakes off a venomous serpent from his hand. Wise men say that an ill-natured fellow, who lustfully eyes another's wife, is worth shunning, as one abandons a house in flames. Three faults produce destruction. Taking away other's property, lustfully eyeing another's wife and excessive distrust with one's friends.
         "Even though my brother, that is your dad Ravana has very many good qualities, I was constrained to leave him for some of his faults like killing great sages terribly, waging war against all devas, arrogance, becoming angry very easily and quarrelsomeness. These undesirable qualities have obscured the good qualities of my elder brother, as the clouds conceal the view of mountains. Because of these vices, Ravana, your father and my brother, has been abandoned by me. Neither will this City of Lanka will exist for long nor you nor your father.
        "Coming to the  reality of the moment, you are not going to reach the banyan-tree any longer. You have to fight with Lakshmana, and after killing him you can go to that banyan-tree. Now show your prowess to Lakshmana, if you dare."

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