Wednesday, 13 April 2016

345. Vibhishana appeased Rama and others.

                 While Lakshmana was trying his best to bring his dear bro out of his trance, Vibhishana arrived there along with his four pals. Seeing Lakshmana wearing a very sorrow face holding in his arms his dear brother who seemed to be un or semiconscious and sorrounded by Hanuman and other vanaras, all wearing very sad faces with their eyes  filled with tears.
           He was shocked to see Rama, who seemed to be in a state of stupor, resting on the arms of Lakshmana. He asked Lakshmana with his eyes "What is this?"
             Lakshmana told him about the catastrophe. By that time Rama came out of his trance and looking at Vibhishana nodded at him in recognition.
       Vibhishana was not able to contain his laughter.  Then he told Rama and others "O! My God! It is absolute nonsense! All of you have been fooled by that clever Indrajit. I know the amount of passion Ravana has for Seetha. He would not allow anyone to harm Seetha, even very slightly. Ravana agreeing for the killing of Seetha is unimaginable.
    "That clever rapscallion, Indrajit has fooled all of you for some purpose. Obviously he wants some time for doing something when all of you are drowned in intense sorrow and not in a mood to do anything, least of all to fight or think, by hoodwinking the vanaras. There is absolutely no doubt that Seetha whom he killed was an illusion. Please let me think for a few moments to think why he did that. ..... Ah...! That must be the reason. I am absolutely sure that he wanted to go to the sanctuary called Nikumbhila. There, he wants to get a lot of  addition powers by propitiating gods by pouring oblations into the sacred fire accompanied by appropriate prayers. When he gets the additional powers then that fellow, Indrajit will prove to be impossible to be overcome in battle by any one, including Rama and Lakshman.
           "His action to kill an illusory replica of Seetha is obviously to keep all of you at bay with utter shock of the brutish act. It is evident that he hoped to complete his propitiation and get all the powers he wants before all of you recover from the shock and realize the reality. We should stop him before he completes his performance.
       "O Rama! I suggest you send Lakshmana with army to go and make Indrajit abandon that act of sacrifice. Then, he could be killed.
       "I enjoin you to act at once. If that Indrajit completes the sacrifice, he would not be visible even to the suras and asuras  in battle. He will then  become absolutely invincible."

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