Saturday, 16 April 2016

346. Lakshmana was sent to Nikumbhila to kill Indrarjit.

        Rama's mind was so engrossed about the catastrophic news about his sweetheart Seetha his mind as well as his sense organs did not have the receptibility  for any other thing. As such he did not understand what Vibhishana was telling him. He, therefore, asked Vihbishana "My dear chap! I didn't follow what your were telling me. Please tell me again."
      Vibhishana agreed by saying "O! My dear sir! The information you heard about Seetha was contrived to be communicated by you by that clever but vicious rakshash Indrajit. Therefore, abandon this lamentation and grief. I assure you that Seetha is very much alive.
      "It is very evident that Indrajit wants some undisturbed time to get more powers by propitiating divinities by oblation and other means. This is the reason, I am absolutely sure, why he created an illusory figure of Seetha and killed it before Hanuman and the vanara army. His  plan is that while all of you are grieving, he can get more powers making him absolutely invincible. 
       "I am totally positive that he has gone to the sanctuary called Nikumbhila for this purpose. Action should immediately be taken by you to prevent him to do it and kill him. I suggest that Lakshmana together with a large army should be sent immediately to  Nikumbhila to kill Indrajit. Otherwise he will kill all of us."
            Rama nodding assent to the suggestion of Vibhisshana told him "O Vibhishana! I have been informed of  the conjuring tricks of that clever rakshash. Indrajit is said to be in possession of Brahmastra. He is intelligent. He is a past master of several conjuring tricks. He is so mighty that he can, in battle, render unconscious even the gods like Varuna. I, myself have witnessed his capability to become unseen in battle."
         Then Rama told Lakshmana "O Lakshmana! You, accompanied by that entire army of Sugreeva, which is under our disposal, proceed immediately to Nikumbhila. Take Vibhishana, who knows all the conjuring tricks of Indrajit, along with his palls, with you."
          Nodding his agreement, Lakshmana quickly dressed himself for the combat and told Rama "Today, I will make that fellow Indrajit know my prowess. I assure you that today will be last day for that Rakshash."
        Lakshmana then left for Nikumbhila along with Vibhishana and his palls.
      Hanuman accompanied by many a thousand vanaras followed him.  Jambavan also followed with his army of bears.
        Duly arriving at Nikumbhila, Lakshmana got ready for the battle along with Vibhishana, Angada and Hanuman, Jambhavan and their army of vanaras and bears.
       Lakshmana penetrated that heterogeneous army of Indrajit, resplendent with spotless weapons, thick with ensigns and abounded with huge chariots, exceedingly strong, very terrific, with unimaginable swiftness, like one would enter a thick veil of darkness.

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