Saturday, 16 April 2016

347. Indrajit made to discontinue his propitiation.

           Vibhishana advised Lakshmana "Dear Laksh! Quickly make heavy damage to the army of Indrajit. We should not allow that fellow to complete his oblation etc. When this army is destroyed or at least vastly devastated, Indrajit also will have to show himself.
            "We should not allow Indrajit to complete his propitiation. If we fail to do so then no one can defeat him."
     Thanking Vibhishana with a smile and a nod, Lakshmana acted. Bears and vanaras too increased their efforts to destroy the rakshashas.
      The battle that ensued was so fierce and tumultuous, the sky was covered with weapons of various shapes, sharp arrows, trees and tossed mountain tops. 
       Slowly and steadily the army of Lakshmana gained superiority over that of Indrajit. The army of Indrajit started to retreat. This made Indrajit to leave his propitiation. Cominig out through the thick cluster of the trees, Indrajit ascended his  chariot which was kept ready for any eventualities. That terribly angry Indrajit was looking awfully fierce.
         Seeing Indrajit, his army of rakshashas regaining confidence and boldness, turned back to fight with the army of Lakshmana. With our hero Hanuman in the fore the vanara army overpowered that of the rakshashas.
         Seeing Hanuman, looking like a mountain, fearlessly killing his enemies, Indrajit told his charioteer to go towards Hanuman. When his chariot reached in front of Hanuman, Indrajit hurled swords, sharp-edged spears and axes towards the head of Hanuman.
Warding off those terrible weapons Hanuman told Indrajit hotly  "O evil-minded Indrajit! If you have the guts, fight with me with your arms.  In case you are able to overpower me, then you will be considered as the best among the rakshashas."
           Looking and hearing the repartees between  the two, Vibhishana told Lakshmana "It looks that Indrajit intends to kill Hanuman. You intervene and kill that Indrajit."

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