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349. Indrajit accepted the challenge.

              Being a true warrior, Indrajit just could not ignore the challenge thrown out by Vibhishana, despite the fact that he did not like to deviate from his present aim for getting absolute powers to win Rama and his army by propitiating divinities by offering oblations etc. He was, however, bubbling with rage at Vibhishana for that. He scolded and ridiculed his most despised uncle with intolerable rage and hate. 
             Looking at Lakshmana from his incomparable chariot, wielding a large bow, fully adorned, and spewing scorn from his eyes saw that Lakshmana who was ascending Hanuman's back shouted with derision "You behold my prowess now. Now, you try to stop an unconquerable stream of arrows, like rain, released in the sky, discharged from my bow. Today my arrows will destroy you and all the monkeys, as fire consumes a pile of cotton.
      "Try to stop the streams of my arrows  thundering like a cloud. Earlier, you, Sugreeva and quite a lot of your monkeys were made unconscious by me and all of you were lying down on the floor. I guarantee that today will be the last day of living for you and others."
         Lakshmana, who was more amused than irritated or angered by the bragging of that rakshash, replied "O my dear fellow! Bragging will not lead you to anywhere. In case you strongly believe that bragging will satisfy your ego, then go on bragging till you drop dead.
     "Yes! On the other day you did make all of us unconscious. That you did by becoming invisible in the battle-field. Such and similar course is not adopted by valiant ones, but by cowards. If you have the guts, demonstrate today that you are valiant and not a coward."
        Hearing those words, the mighty Indrajit, whose pride was very much hurt, silently  released a few powerful arrows from his bow. On reaching Lakshmana, the arrows released by Indrajit, which rushed with great speed and were as deadly as the venom of serpents, fell like the hissing of snakes.
        Indrajit followed more sets of quite powerful arrows which struck Lakshmana making him drenched in his royal blood. The glorious Lakshmana, with his body very much wounded by those arrows, was shining like a smokeless flame.
            Indrajit, who was very happy to see the whole body of Lakshmana was oozing blood, gloatingly shouted at him  "Hey, Lakshmana! The next set of my arrows is going to ooze your life out of your body to accompany your blood. Hope Jackals, multitude of hawks and vultures will relish your flesh. Coming to know of your killing by me, your dear brother Rama will come and try to avenge your killing. But I will make him follow you."
        Lakshmana retorted "You lousy rakshash! I am fed up with your bragging. Let me see your action."
         Lakshmana without any further formalities hurled five of his powerful arrows at that rakshash. The arrows, blazing like serpents and feathered with fine plumes, shining like sun-rays hit that rakshasha's chest. Ignoring the pain caused by those arrows Indrajit pierced Lakshmana with three of his arrows.
         That duel between the two very versatile adversaries Lakshmana and Indrajit was most terrific and tumultuous. Both were endowed with strength. Both were distinguished for their prowess. Both were exceedingly difficult to conquer and peerless in strength and courage.
            When Lakshmana, looking fierce and undaunted, kept on hitting Inderjit continuously without any pause with  his powerful, violent, intense, raging and furious arrows, Indrajit, hissing like an enraged serpent became pale-faced. The sound of every twang of the bow-string of Lakshmana seemed to make the face of Indrajit more and more pale.
         Seeing Indrajit's face was getting more and more pale, Vibhishana prompted Lakshmana, who was fully absorbed in the fight "O dear Laksh! I see from the face of that fellow Indrajit that he underestimated your capability and is worried. Capitalize on this and try to finish him as early as you can."
          Lakshmana okayed the advise of Vibhishana by increasing the frequency and power of his arrows hurled on Indrajit which made Indrajit to become stupefied.
           Regaining his senses after a few moments, Indrajit told Lakshmana "Don't you remember my prowess in our first encounter, when you along with your brother, was bound by me and you were wriggling on the floor? At that time almost all your warriors  were laid down unconscious on the ground. You seem to have forgotten that. Now I'm gonna send you to meet your Maker. Get ready for that."
          With a supreme effort he hit Lakshmana with seven arrows and Hanuman with ten arrows. The angry Indrajit continued with a supreme effort coupled with twice as much vehemence, wounded Vibhishana with  hundred  arrows.
         Lakshmana guessed that Inderjit was expecting approbation from him for what he did. Lakshmana decided to ridicule him so that that rakshash would get so angry and make some mortal mistake which he (i.e. Lakshmana) can capitalize. With a sneering smile Lakshmana replied Indrajit "A little boy learning archery in our place would do much better than this. A true warrior who is determined to win the battle does not fight like you. Your arrows were light, weak and mild. Let me show you how a lad of some experience in our place would fight." Thus speaking, Lakshmana streamed forth some powerful arrows on him.
         The large golden armour of Inderjit was broken to pieces by Lakshmana's arrows. The valiant Indrajit was wounded by the powerful arrows of Lakshmana by piercing his chest after braking his armour. Ignoring the acute pain caused by that arrows,  the valiant and undaunted Indrajit of terrific prowess was enraged and wounded Lakshmana with a thousand arrows by braking his armour into pieces. The two warriors vied with each other in offence and retaliation in their attack.
        Those two warriors, with their entire bodies lacerated by the arrows of the opponent, smeared with blood all around and breathing heavily, fought the battle with the determination to kill the opponent. Each found that the other was relentless and daunting.
       Despite the fact that both were absolutely tired and drained, their bodies covered with a multitude of arrows and their armour and standards torn to pieces, continued the battle strenuously trying to vanquish the other. They stood emitting hot blood, as two water-falls gushing hot water.
       Each found that whatever missile dispatched by him was annulled by the other by appropriate counter missile. The powerful arrows released by them clashed in the sky and shattered. The monstrously huge pile of arrows hurled by them appeared like a mass of sacred Kusha grass by the side of two blazing fires at a sacrifice.
        The wounded bodies of those two mighty opponents were shining like Kimshuka and Shalmali (silk-cotton) trees in full blossom, deprived of leaves. Indrajit and Lakshmana were trying their best to outwit the other.
         Both of them were very much hurt. However, they did not seem to feel any discomfort of the pain nor were concerned about the blood flowing like a stream from the wounds on their bodies caused by the arrows of the other. With innumerable arrows dug deep into their bodies looked like two mountains fully covered with plants shooting from them.
           All their limbs, dampened with blood and thickly covered with arrows were shining very much like blazing fires. Seeing that, Vibhishana wanted to give Lakshmana some help in someway.

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