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341. Ravana sent Intrajit again.

              On hearing report of the liquidation of  Makaraksha, Ravana almost went into delirium. He was absolutely confident that Makaraksha, who was one of the best warriors who had been ever victorious in battles, and was nursing a grudge against that fellow Rama for killing his dad, would return victorious after killing Rama and his army.  Grinding his teeth in all the ten mouths in rage, he was thinking hard what his next move should be. He could not think of any one more competent than his dear son Indrajit. He, therefore sent for his son and buttered him "O hero! Either remaining yourself invisible or visible, or by any means, fair or unfair, kill Rama and Lakshmana. You certainly are superior in strength than them by all means. You have conquered Indra in battle. It should not be difficult for you to destroy those two humans. 
          It is needless to mention that Indrajit was pleased and elated by the buttering of his dear dad. He agreed by silently bowing to his father.
          Indrajit then performed some ceremony for victory. Offering oblations in fire for gratifying Devas, Danavas and Rakshashas, Indrajit ascended his that chariot which was capable of disappearing from sight whenever he so desired. Drawn by four horses, provided with sharp arrows and a mighty bow placed on it, that  exceptionally excellent chariot looked sensational.
        Adorned with gold, that chariot glittered on account of its body and was decorated with carved images of antelopes, full moons and crescents. The flag-post of Indrajit shone like a flaming fire, provided, as it was, with large rings of gold and decorated with cat's eye gems.
            Armed with brahmastra, which was as effulgent as the sun, Indrajit endowed with exceptional strength, became almost absolutely invincible.  
           Before rolling out from the city with the capability of vanishing from the sight whenever he so desired, he announced loudly and majestically "I'm gonna present a gift to my dad by the happy news of victory secured in the battle, to my father, Ravana today by making the earth bereft of monkeys today and by killing Rama and Lakshmana.". 
               Then Indrajit vanished from the sight of every one and reached the battle-field speedily. He saw the two princes with mighty prowess, looked like three- hooded serpents in the middle of the vanaras.
            With a crooked smile, Intrajit with his chariot remaining invisible in the sky, struck Rama and Lakshmana with his sharp arrows. They were completely enveloped by a stream of arrows. Rama and Lakshamana endeavoured to retaliate with missiles. But no dice.
           Seeing that the two princes could not effectively retaliate, Indrajit created an illusion of dark smoke all around. The movement of Indrajit was not seen nor the sound produced by the impact of his palm on the bow string, or the sound of the movement of his chariot or the clattering of the move of his horses. And nobody was able to see him.
           In that thick darkness, Indrajit showered hails of his arrows, like a torrential shower of rocks. He  pierced Rama and Lakshmana in all their limbs with his arrows.
         After many futile efforts, Rama and Lakshmana succeeded hitting Indrajit in the sky. Some of their arrows fell on the ground were found to be soaked in blood, obviously that of the rakshash Intrajit. 
         By trial and error, Rama and Lakshmana found that the missile 'Bhalla' was found to be very effective in warding off the arrows of that rakshash. Rama and Lakshmana, besides warding of the missiles of that rakshash, tried their best to hit him with various  missiles in the direction from which they saw the aforesaid arrows fell.
          Indrajit, who was a past master in battles,  was swift in discharging missiles which pierced Rama and Lakshmana. The brothers, Rama and Lakshmana pierced deeply with multitude of arrows, appeared like two Kamshuka trees in flowering.
            As that rakshash, Intrajit was so versatile in moving so fast almost at the speed of light, it was impossible for the brothers to locate him. Rama commented "Bro., I think I may be able to locate the position of the sun when the sky is thickly overcast with clouds, but not the    position  of that rakshash." 
          Intrajit alternated his hitting between the brothers and the vanaras. The vanaras dropped dead in hundreds and the princes loosing a good lot of their royal blood.
             Lakshmana became wild at the unorthodox way of fighting by that rakshash Intrajit. As half permission and half declaration he told his brother Rama that he was going to kill ALL the rakshashas by using the Brahmastra.  Then, Rama shaking his head as disapproval told Lakshmana "O! My dear bro! It is not proper to kill all the rakshashas on earth for the sake of a single rakshash, It is quite possible that some rakshashas are very pious, sleeping or drunk.
        "We shall concentrate our efforts to kill Indrajit alone. Let us employ some other asthras which are less menacing, with great impetuosity."
         Rama then was thinking how best that rakshash could be contained by orthodox means.

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