Thursday, 31 March 2016

340. Makaraksha was killed by Rama.

            Seeing another army coming with the intention of vanquishing them, the entire army of Rama took their positions to meet and crush the enemy. The battle that ensued then was said to be like that between devas and danavas.
           In the following battle the vanara army found themselves to be in the receiving end. Makaraksha carried out the battle so fiercely and efficiently, all the vanaras with their tails between their legs started running away from the battle field. Seeing that all the rakshashas roared like lions with a triumphant feeling. Seeing that, Rama hurried there and made the rakshashas to halt with his renowned arrows.
        Seeing Rama ably interrupting his chaps, Makaraksha went before Rama and told him angrily "Hold on, Rama! Stop showing your valour on the poor rakshashas. I dare you to have a dual with me. I will send you meet your maker. Since the time you killed my dear papa by some tricky means on that day in the Dandaka forest, I have been waiting with my anger growing more and more violent, to meet you and kill you, by honest means and not like you by some nefarious acts. By a good fortune, God has made you come into my sight here, now, O Rama! You are being sought by me, as a lion in hunger seeks his favorite animal to eat.
         "O Rama! Choose the means by which you want to embrace your death. Do you want to fight with Astras, or with a mace or by our arms or by any other means you think you will be better off than me."
       Rama was amused to hear the bragging of that rakshash. He told that rakshash "O rakshash! Stop boasting, unless you think that you can win by doing so. I guess you know that I killed fourteen thousand rakshashas along with Khara, your father, Trishira and Dushana in the Dandaka forest.
      "O  paltry, despicable and contemptible rakshash! Today, vultures, jackals and crows are going to enjoy eating your flesh.”
         Irritated by Rama's retort, Makaraksha discharged a multitude of arrows on Rama. Rama tore those arrows by his array of arrows. That day the battle raged furiously between Makaraksha and Rama.
       There was a flash announcement over the air in all the Seven Logas that the battle between the two was quite interesting and that tickets were available. Within a short time the firmament was filled with Devas, DanavasGandharvas, kinnaras and Mahoragas (celestial serpants). 
        All the spectators felt that they were lucky to witness such a wonderful duel between those two.
          All the four quarters and the intermediate points were diffused with a multitude of arrows. Even the earth was covered on all sides and was not visible to the spectators. Then Rama broke off the bow of the rakshash and got a roaring applause from the firmament.
           Encouraged by this appreciation from the firmament, Rama struck the charioteer with his arrows. Then Rama broke the chariot with his arrows and killed its horses. Makaraksha jumped out of his chariot before it was broken. That rakshash, standing on the ground, took in his hands a highly powerful spike which was gifted to him by Rudra, one of the eight forms of Shiva, the Lord of Dissolution. That terrible spike, which flamed violently in the sky, looked like another new weapon of destruction of the world. On seeing it, all the deities were afflicted with fear and watching with apprehension the outcome.
            That rakshash Makaraksha, with a sneering smile hurled that spike towards Rama. Rama with absolute nonchalance countered that flaming spike with his arrows hurled with utmost celerity. To the utter   astonishment of all, including the spectators in the firmament,  that horrendous   spike, adorned  with charming gold, struck by Rama's arrows was broken to smithereens, fell scattered on the earth, like a mighty meteor. All the divinities in the firmament applauded by shouting loudly 'bravo' many times.
           Seeing that spike destroyed, Makaraksha with his raised fist, was running towards Rama, presumably to attack him. Then, Rama fitted to his bow, a missile powered by Agni. hurled it at that rakshash. Struck by that missile, the rakshash, with his heart split open, fell down dead.
          Seeing the fall of Makaraksha, all the rakshashas who accompanied him ran away straight to Lanka.

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