Thursday, 24 March 2016

338. Hanuman killed Nikumbha.

             Seeing his brother Kumbha killed by Sugreeva, that too in such an  awful, appalling, terrifying, shocking, grim, dreadful, revolting and fearful manner, Nikumbha, whose blood in his veins and arteries were boiling, looked at Sugreeva angrily. If only his eyes had the power of the third eye of Shiva, Sugreeva would have been burnt to ashes like Manmatha. Then, Nikumbha grasped his incredibly huge iron club, which was stupendous like the crest of Mount Mandara and was bright and festooned with wreaths and provided with iron plates. Around it ran a broad strip of gold and diamonds and rubies studded it all over. It looked ominously ominous causing dismay to the vanaras and acted as a tonic on the nervous rakshashas. Wielding that weapon, which in size resembled the flag-staff of Indra, Nikumbha roared menacingly. On his chest shone a medal of gold. His arms were held by beautiful bracelets. Lustrous pendants dancing from his ears. Resplendent garland enfolded his neck. With these ornaments and with his club, Nikumbha looked awfully  alarming and sinister.
Nikumbha, who was almost as strong as his dad, hurled his club aiming at the breast of Hanuman. The path of that projectile i.e. Nikumbha's club, in the sky above appeared very dangerously menacing.
           Looking that all the vanaras as well as rakshashas were transfixed. On the other hand our dear Hanuman, who was the object of attack by that club, braced to take it with his breast bared to the fury of the attack. The titanic club hit with a tremendous force the wide and rock-like chest of Hanuman. To the surprise of Nikumbha and all his accpmpanying rakshashas and joy and relief of all the vanaras, it at once shattered into hundreds of fragments, like hundreds of meteors shattering into the sky. Hanuman, struck by that blow of the club, was standing unmoved like a mountain in an earthquake. Then Hanuman clenched his fist forcibly. Lifting that fist, he hit hard the breast of the gaping rakshash Nikumbha. That blow rendered his (i.e. Nukumbha's) armour split up and red blood profusely oozed out causing Nikumbha to come out of his astonishment. He then grasped the unwieldy bulk of Hanuman and lifted him high above his head. Seeing the mighty Hanuman lifted off the ground, loud roar of exultant joy rose from the ranks of rakshashas. As Hanuman's hands were free, he struck that rakshash with his powerful fist. That made Nikumbha to throw Hanuman on the ground. Hanuman surprised him by leaping on his chest and pounding it mercilessly making that rakshash dizzy. Then with both hands, he caught the rakshasha's neck, twisted it about and tore off his huge head, while Nikumbha was horribly roaring until he his life sneaked out of his body.

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