Monday, 21 March 2016

336. Sugreeva ordered the second bonfire of Lanka.

            Seeing that all the dead vanaras and bears were revived and all the maimed ones were made fit absolutely, Sugreeva smiled with bubbling joy. He decided to make good use of this. Accordingly he ordered his commanders “Since Kumbhakarna and his four sons were killed, Ravana's mind would be in a paralyzed state and as such he could not think of any concerted defense. Let us make best use of this situation. Make a bonfire of Lanka including the abode of Ravana.”
          Then at the dusk, more capable and adventurous vanaras entered Lanka from all the gates with torches in their hands. When the troops of vanaras, with torches in their hands, attacked them suddenly from all sides, the rakshashas holding the position of guards fled away. Seeing that there was absolutely no resistance, the happy vanaras set ablaze every thing.
        The vanara squad targeted the of houses of rakshashas resulting destruction of mountainous mansions, excellent sandalwood of great value, pearls, glossy gems, diamonds and corals. Linen, charming silk, blankets of sheep’s wool, various kinds of ram’s wool, gold ornaments and weapons were also destroyed.
        The furious vanaras did not spare the ornaments, saddles etc. of diverse and peculiar designs of horses, the chains worn round the neck of the elephants as also their girths and polished ornaments meant for the chariots. Coats of mail of the warriors, the armour of the elephants and horses, swords, bows, bow-strings, arrows, lances, goads and javelins were also burnt.
         Agni had a sumptuous grub on that late evening.  He had blankets and rugs made of the hair of animals, whisks made of the hair of the tails, the skins of tigers, many birds, palaces inlaid with pearls and gems and various kinds of stores of arms. He got also many kinds of bright coloured houses of a good many rakshashas. Not satisfied he consumed as many inhabitants of Lanka he was able to get.
       He relished the houses, which were strong, very valuable with profound qualities, decked in gold with moon shapes and crescent shapes.
          That City of Lanka at night with all its house-tops being burnt ablaze with flames, looked like Kimshuka trees in full bloom.
        Seeing the city in flame, Rama and Lakshmana seized hold of their bows. Rama made a tumultuous twang with his bowstring, which struck terror in the hearts of the rakshashas. 
       Rama then shattered the main gate of that City looking like a peak of Mount Kailasa. As Agni's tummy was overflowing, he perforce had to leave some mansions.
        Seeing those vanaras standing at the gates, with flaming torches in their hands, Ravana was enraged with fury. He sent both Kumbha and Nimkumbha, the sons of Kumbhakarna, along with a multitude of rakshashas to kill or at least, drive  out those vanaras. Ravana also ordered Yupaksha, Shonitaksha, Prajangha and Kampana to help the sons of Kumbhakarna.
          That army of rakshashas was looking awful with all kinds of  formidable, alarming, frightening and awful weapons.
         Seeing that army of rakshashas the army of vanaras  jeered at it loudly. Thereafter, the battle of the streets started. The vanaras started striking the rakshashas with whatever was available in the street and in the houses as well as with fists, nails and teeth. The rakshashas fought with their weapons and tore off the heads of those vanaras bouncing upon them.
        Many of the rakshashas on the streets of Lanka lost their ears which were bitten off by the vanaras with their teeth. The skulls of many rakshashas were smashed with fists of the vanaras and their limbs broken by crag blows. Nevertheless, some daring,  fearless, audacious, intrepid, impulsive and valiant rakshashas with terrific stature hit back with their sharp swords.
        Both the armies of vanaras and rakshashas found that the streets were too uncomfortable to fight. They, therefore, moved out to the open space where battles were fought earlier, to continue their fight.

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