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333. The flabbergasted Ravana ruminates the next course of action.

             When informed that all the four mighty sons as well as his two cousins who were equally mighty, were killed by the army of Rama, all the ten heads of Ravana started spinning. He just could not swallow that  Atikaya was killed by that human Lakshmana. It came to his, i.e. Ravana's, mind that Dhumraksha, Akampana, Prahasta and Kumbhakarna who were never before been defeated by any one, including Indra and other mighty warriors, were killed by Rama, who seemed to be unwearied in battle.
         Ravana continued to ponder that 'Indrajit, his son, whose strength and prowess were renowned, bound both Rama and Lakshmana. That bind cannot be released by any deva or anyone like the mighty Yakshas and the like. Rama and Lakshmana were released from that bind.  That means they had that power or sorcery or by some marvel I could not figure out.'
             Ravana contined to think that “All of those valiant rakshashas sent by me were killed by those monkeys. That means that those monkeys are exceptionally mighty. I am yet to find a rakshash, who can crush that Rama along with Lakshmana, Sugreeva and Vibhishana.
           “Now quite a lot of my warriors are dead. The monkeys know that. They may now start attacking the gateways to the city and may be Ashoka vana as well. My immediate action should therefore, to guard them. I have to ensure that they are well protected. Some regiments of the army have to be deployed for the protection of this City and Ashoka garden where Seetha is being guarded, vigilantly on all sides.”
           Having decided that,  Ravana called required commanders and ordered “Stay on all sides with your respective armies. The various positioning of those monkeys are to be watched. Indifference should not be shown to monkeys in any way at any time, either at evening or at midnight or at dawn. You have to watch  the army of adversaries and find out whether they are active or advancing or staying where it was, etc.”
          Having thus instructed, Ravana resumed his brooding about the loss of his sons.

Sarga 72

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