Tuesday, 15 March 2016

334. Intrajit did it again.

                 One of the heads of that great king of all rakshashas, Ravana, did not like to go on brooding over something which cannot be reversed. While that head was thinking what to do, Indrajit rushed in to its aid. Indrajit came and sitting close to his dad and hugging him fondly, told him “O! Papa! Why are you worried when I, Indrajit, your most dear and competent son is alive. You know very well about my capabilities. Today, I will ensure that Rama along with Lakshmana, with their bodies undistinguished, scattered and dead, lying down on the floor, with their limbs diffused all over. You know I did it once. Somehow they survived. This time I will ensure that today is the last day for them.” 
             Intrajit, after getting a a nod of approval from his dad Ravana, mounted his chariot yoked with excellent donkeys which can go faster than the most fast car now available on this earth. That greatly resplendent Indrajit started rolling towards the battle-front with joy and tremendous  confidence. His magnificent chariot was stored with excellent bows, lances, sharp-edged spears, swords, axes, maces, some  kind of fire arms, mallets, cudgels and iron rods. He was naturally followed by a large army of rakshashas equipped with all kinds of weapons.
        Reaching the battle-field, Indrajit performed a sacrifice by making an oblation to the fire. Then Indrajit invoked the missile presided over by Brahma and charged it on his bow, chariot and all.
Having propitiated offering in fire, Indrajit ordered his army to kill as many vanaras as they could and then he becameinvisible in the sky, with the bow, arrows, sword, chariot, donkeys, charioteer etc.
       As per the order of Intrajit, his army of rakshashas set out with a determination to win, started killing the vanaras in the battle-field with arrows possessing great velocity as also lances and goads.
        Indrajit without being seen by anyone started attacking the vanaras and killed  and wounded  a huge number of vanaras.  Then, all the hapless vanaras who were alive with their bodies wounded severely or their limbs dampened with blood, took to their heels. However, some very brave vanaras resisted by wielding mountains as their weapons, roaring in the battle field, without turning back, abandoned their lives, showing their courage for the sake of Rama. Continuing to stay in the battle-field, those vanaras rained trees, mountain-peaks and rocks to where they thought the invisible Indrajit was.
         On that day Indrajit killed a huge number of vanaras. Gandhamadana was hit with eighteen sharp arrows and   Neela, who was standing at a far-away place, was hit with nine arrows. Mainda had his share of seven arrows, which tore asunder his vital parts. Gaja was hit with five arrows.
         Jambavan, Nila, Sugreeva, Rishabha, Angada and Dvivida were also made staggering and breathless by the arrows endowed with boons.
       That valiant and heartless rakshash harassed the army of vanaras who were started feeling that death would be preferable than this torture. He was happy to see that the battle-field was filled with the blood of vanaras.
           In that battle, the bodies of the mountain-like vanaras were torn into pieces by the  conjuring tricks of  Indrajit.  Those vanaras saw only arrows with pointed tips falling on them but they could not see Indrajit, who was remaining invisible by his conjuring trick.
In this manner Indrajit wounded also all those foremost of vanaras like Hanuman, Sugreeva, Angada, Gandhamadana, Jambavan, Sushena, Vegadarshina, Mainda, Dvivida, Nila, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Kesari, Hariloma, Vidyuddamshtra, Suryanana, Jyothimukha, Dadhimukha, Pavakaksha, Nala and Kumuda.
            Not satisfied by his harassment of the vanaras, that rakshash started hitting Rama and Lakshmana, too without being seen by them. Ignoring that shower of arrows, as though they were mere showers of rain, Rama told Lakshmana “O Lakshmana! This guy Indrajit is tormenting our vanaras more than they could take. That rakshash is not visible. We should find someway to kill him or at least stop him harassing our vanaras.
                   “It is obvious that this rakshash is using the missiles he got by his boons from Brahma. I feel that for obvious reasons it would not be prudent for us to counter those missiles. At the same time I do like this entire army of Sugreeva is obliterated by the missiles of that rakshash.  
          “I, therefore, suggest that the two of us feign hit by his missiles. Finding both of us fallen unconscious without displaying any joy or anger as also having desisted from fighting, Indrajit will certainly return to Lanka, thinking that the battle is over forever."
      Lakshmana naturally agreed by a nod. Rama and Lakshmana took a multitude of arrows of Indrajit and  feigned death. Seeing that both the humans were lying inert due to their incapability to resist his powerful missiles, Intrajit roared happily with a thrill of rapture in battle.
    Intrajit then happily returned to the city of Lanks.  For quashing the army of vanaras along with Rama and Lakshmana, Indrajit was eulogized by all the rakshashas. On reaching the city of Lanka Indrajit went straight to his papa and cheerfully informed him all that had happened.

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