Saturday, 12 October 2013

87. Bharata returns to Ayodhya.

                   Thereafter, keeping the sandals on his head, Bharata thoughtfully ascended his chariot along with Shatrughna. Bharata and all others who came with him including Vashishta and other brahmanas and his troops left for Ayodhya. On the way Bharata saw the hermitage where the sage Bharadwaja was residing. Bharata halted near that hermitage and descended from his chariot and bowed down at the feet of Bharadwaja in salutation.
             Bharadwaja enquired "O, dear prince! Has your purpose been accomplished? Have you met Rama?" Bharata told the sage what happened at the Chitrakuda Mountain and concluded by saying "Sir, now, I am proceeding to Ayodhya along with the sandals on my head."
           Sage Bharadwaja complimented him for his efforts and blessed him. After the usual reverence to the sage, Bharata proceeded to Ayodhya along with his ministers and others.
          Beholding the City of Ayodhya, which was bereft of his father and brother, Bharata tormented with grief, cried
"God! Ayodhya city now looks ruined, with a vacant look, joyless and miserable. 
           "How is it that the deep and intensified sound of vocal and instrumental music is not heard as before in Ayodhya today? The intoxicating odour of spirituous liquor or the fragrance of floral garlands or the aroma of sandal and aloe-wood fumes, which used to be spread once on all sides, are not being wafted.
           "I do not hear, as before, the sound of the horses, the sound of the intoxicating elephants and the clattering of the great chariots in this city now. Rama, having left Ayodhya, the distressful youth are not making use of the perfumes like sandal-wood, aloe wood as also the most admirable and fresh floral garlands. .........."
            Thus wailing, lamenting and grieving in many ways, Bharata entered his father's house, which resembled a cave bereft of a lion. Bharata, though a composed man himself, shed tears by seeing that entire empty gynaecium, looking like a day with the sun who has relinquished his radiance.

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