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136. Seetha imprisoned at Ashoka Vana.

                The dirty, unscrupulous, immoral and unethical words of Ravana fell into the ears of Seetha like boiling lead. She became very angry. She wanted to hit that Rakshash in such a way that it hurts him very much. She cannot shout which was not in her nature and not proper, either. With tears brimming both her eyes she was staring at her sari with her bend head. Suddenly she saw something sticking in her sari. She became curious and examined what it was. It was a blade of straw! For a moment she wondered how it got stuck into her sari. But that was quite immaterial. And she suddenly got an idea. She took that straw and placed it in front of her with a disdain in her face. Looking at the straw she said "Rama's father was a resolute king known as Dasharatha. That king was a kingly rampart for righteousness, a kingpin abiding in forthrightness and thereby his kingliness is well renowned in all the worlds, and my husband Rama is the son of such a king.
              "Apart being the son of such a great king Dasharatha, Rama in his own merit is highly renowned in all the three worlds for his ambidexterity and perspicacity. That son Rama is my husband and he is god to me.
               "He is born in the great Ikshvaku's dynasty and is himself a great-resplendent one with his shoulders like those of a lion. He along with similarly lion-shouldered and great-resplendent brother of his, namely Lakshmana, will surely come and squeeze the life out of you.
                   "If you had tried to take me in the presence of Rama, you too would have been killed by him and by now you too would be sprawling on earth, like Khara in Janasthaana.  As you do not have the guts to face him, you foxed him.
                  "If only you have the courage to face him then those gilded arrows of Rama will utterly batter your body, as the waves of River Ganga will be battering that river's riverbanks. 
                  "Even if you cannot be killed either by gods or by rakshashas, you will not be disenthralled by Rama while you are alive, for you hatched a very great animosity in him against you.
                 "That mighty Rama will become the terminator of the vestige of your life, and as with an animal fastened to the stake of sacrifice your life too will become irretrievable.
                 "If  Rama glances you with his rancour-torched eyes, you rakshash, you will be completely burnt down, as with Love-god burnt down by the Furious Shiva.
                 "Rama can hurl down the moon from the sky onto earth, or else extirpate it if need be. And he can desiccate an ocean to come and rescue me from here.
                 "Kiss 'good bye' to your liveability, your prosperity, your vivacity and  your faculty. Thus Lanka is going to be widowed by a single misdeed of yours.
                  "Your action to separate me from the propinquity of my husband, with a diabolic deed of yours will not result in any ultimate happiness for you.
                "The arrows of my husband will dislodge the arrogance, insolence, puissance and impudence from every limb of yours.
                 "Likewise, I am the solemnly pledged legitimate wife of one who steadied himself in righteousness, and such as I am, it is impossible for you, a basely rakshsash, to trespass or to touch me even. How a she-swan ever frolicking with majestic swans in bunches of lotuses can leer at a water-crow sneaking in a bunch of grass?
                 "Oh, rakshash, you may either trammel or vandalize this inertial body of mine. I claim neither this body nor life of mine as my own. But I am intolerant to bear with any disrepute on this earth." 
                  The reaction of Ravana was mixed. He was very angry and at the same time amused. He thought that in due course of time, with some persuasion and threat Seetha would agree to his wishes. He therefore said "Oh, angry lady Maithili, listen to my words. A period of twelve months is given to you. And, listen carefully, if you do not change your mind within that period, then the cooks will slice you to pieces for the purpose of a morning meal."
               Then Ravana told the rakshashis taking care of Settha "You do your best to kill her pride. Take her to the center of Ashoka Vana, where you all shall blockade and guard her stealthily.
             "You threaten her with dreadful admonitions and again speaking imploringly you all have to bring her under control, as a wild she-elephant of age will be brought under control."
               As per the orders of Ravana, Seetha was taken to the Ashoka grove. That Ashoka grove was surrounded with trees that yield fruits to every savour, and now they were diversely flowered and fruited. Further, those gardens were highly adored by all-time lusty birds. In the midst of the rakshashis, Seetha looked like a deer surrounded by tigresses.
              In the Ashoka vana, Seetha was seated under the shade of a large tree and all the rakshashis started to intimidate her. Seetha simply closed her eyes and shut her ears too (by mental will power) and started to reminisce about her dear husband and about her brother-in-law Lakshmana.  When she felt about the improbability of their coming here, she was distraught with alarm and anguish, and then she swooned.

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