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176. Search Party dispatched to west.

           Then Sugreeva ruminated for a while and decided the appropriated leader for the task-force to be sent westward. It was none other than Tara's dad Sushena, who looked like a massive cloud. On approaching and venerating that awesomely valorous Sushena, the father of Lady Tara, and now his own father-in-law, the king Sugreeva told him of his decision which Sushena accepted without any demur.
             Sugreeva then ordered the superb vanara son of the maharishi Mareecha, called Archishman, who was often mistaken for Indra, endowed with brilliance and bravery and whose speed equals that of the son of Vinata, namely Garuda, the Eagle-vehicle of Vishnu, to assist Sushena along with his mighty followers. Along with him Sugreeva also ordered the greatly mighty brothers of Archishman i.e., the other vanara sons of the Sage Mareecha, known as Arcishmaalyaas, also called as Mareechas.  Sugreeva told them "Oh, my heros, you shall assist Sushena, who will be your leader, in the search for Vaidehi, backed by your two hundred thousand vanara forces." 
      Sugreeva then addressed the force "Oh, my  courageous, daring, bold, heroic, adventurous, gritty, fearless, resolute, gallant, gutsy, audacious, intrepid and valiant vanaras, conduct your search in the Suraashtra, Baahlika and Chandrachitra provinces, including their extensive and delightful rural areas and spacious cities, as well as in their woods with Punnaaga trees, areas filled with Vakula, and Uddalaka trees and in their interiors, and also in the thickets of Ketaka trees.
         "Oh, my daredevils, at the outset search the shores of the rivers in the west whose cool water flows westward, as well as in the forests of sages and on the mountains of those forests, and in lands that are virtually dry and on the highly towering mountains that are chilly. After searching such a difficult western terrain encircled with enmeshed mountains, proceed towards the Western Ocean. There you will see the seawater ruffled by sharks and crocodiles. There try the shrubberies of Ketaka plants, in the copses of Tamaala plants and in the lands of coconut trees. Seetha is to be searched along with the residency of Ravana on the mountains that are sitting pretty on the seashore, as well as in the forests on those mountains. Further, the delightful cities situated alongshore like Murachi, Jaatapura, Avanti and Angalepa are also to be searched together with the forest of Alakshita and the nearby provinces and spacious townships.
             "At the junction of the river Sindhu with the ocean, there is a huge mountain named Hemagiri, (meanig Golden-Mountain) which has hundreds of summits and gigantic trees. The beautiful ridges of that mountain are inhibited by flying-lions which will be lifting sharks, fish and elephant seals to their lairs. The elephants inhibiting on the top of that mountain are contended but conceited, and trumpeting like thunderous clouds they will be moving everywhere in that vast area of the mountain abutted by water and near at the lairs of flying-lions. Search the golden peak of that Hemagiri which will be touching the sky and which has amazing trees on it.
          "There you will see the golden peak of a waterlogged mountain called Mt. Paariyaatra, whose peak is about hundred yojanas in height, and is hard to look at as it will be blindingly glittering. Twenty four crores of mighty and atrocious Gandharvas who will be shining like fire and who can change their guise at their wish, are living there on that mountain Paariyaatra.
               "Be careful not to offend them in anyway, as they have the power to crush together all the offenders together from everywhere. And do not, repeat NOT touch any fruit in that province, since those assiduous, highly mighty, valiant and appallingly audacious Gandharvas are safeguarding the fruits and tubers there and do not like any outsider to even touch them.
         "In you search for Janaki do not in anyway offend those Gandharvas. Then you proceed to the Mt. Vajra.
         "The Mt. Vajra is beyond Mt. Paariyaatra. It will be with a shine similar to the hue of the gemstone lapis, and it will be looking like a diamond in its shape. You will see that glorious mountain soaring high, squarely for a hundred yojanas, and diverse trees and climbers will be spreading over it. Search that mountain including its caverns.
           "In the fourth quarter of that ocean from land there is a mountain called Chakravaan. Vishvakarma, the Divine Architect, constructed a huge wheel with one thousand spokes on it. I understand that that is some sort of weapon.
              "Search the delightful cliffs of that Mt. Chakravaan and also in its spacious caves, together with for Ravana.
          "Then go to the Mt. Varaaja which is at sixty-four yojanas from the Mt. Chakravaan. That, too is a very great mountain with golden peaks. It is said to be the abode of the Rain-god, namely the ocean. A city named Praagjyotisha is there which is completely golden, wherein the evil-minded rakshash named Naraka is living.
            "There on the delightful cliffs and spacious caves of that Mt. Varaaha, including that city Praagjyotisha, search Ravana  together with Vaidehi. 
         "From there go to the entirely golden mountain containing waterfalls and rapids called Meghavanta.
         "From the Mt. Meghavanta, you go to the range of sixty thousand golden mountains. Those mountains are radiant all around with the tinge of young Sun, and with the resplendence of fully flowered trees which are wholly golden in hue. There is a unique and kingly mountain in the midst of that range of golden mountains, which is called Mt. Meru, or Saavrni Meru, to which mountain the generous Sun has once given a boon. Sun told that mountain 'By my beneficence whatever that is sheltered by you, like trees, climbers, rapids, boulders, all of them will transmute into golden hue, either by day or by night. Even those that reside on you, i.e. gods, gandharvas, demons etc., they too shall thrive as my votaries and as far as their resplendence is concerned they will be glittering like gold, i.e., in the ochry golden hue of the eventide.' Search that mountain.
           "On all those mountains, lakesides and riversides Vaidehi shall be searched together with Ravana, far and wide.
          "By the way, my valorous father-in-law, namely Sushena, is proceeding along with you. He will be your leader."

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