Thursday, 4 December 2014

205. Hanuman is mesmerized by the Pushpaka Viman.

       Despite his melancholy  Hanuman was awfully attracted by that awesome Pushpaka Viman  standing in the middle of that building with a surprising hue due to diamonds and gems decorated by series of refined gold. That plane shone like the symbol for the solar path standing in the aerial path prevailing in the sky. Crafted by Vishvakarma himself, who was very proud of that one and all praised that as one without comparison in splendor. In that plane there was not even a small thing that was not made with great effort and care. Stones employed for the articles in that plane were top quality diamonds and other stones. In that Viman there was nothing that was not of great significance. Things in it had been obtained by austerities and by prowess. One that moves about by thoughts of concentrated mind, made from various significant parts with an appearance of parts of equal significance, collected from here and there from all over all the worlds. The construction was conceived and undertook as a special object, like a mountain with wonderful peaks adorned by many peaks, attractive to soul, calm like an autumnal moon, like the majestic  peak of a mountain with other wonderful small peaks.
          Whatever in that wonderful aeroplane by the name of Pushpaka, decorated with all kinds of precious stones, made by Visvakarma in heaven for lord Brahma. Kubera obtained it by great austerity from Lord Brahma and Ravana usurped it  by defeating Kubera.
         For a long moment Hanuman, forgetting why he was there was gaping at that Viman in wonder.

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