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307. Ravana congratulated his son.

             Then, along with Sugreeva, Vibhishana came to that spot of mourning where Nila, Dvivida, Mainda, Sushena, Kumuda, Angada and Hanuman were grieving for Rama and Lakshmana. Breathing but faintly, bathed in blood, riddled with innumerable arrows, motionless and lying inactive, they lay stretched on a bed of arrows, sighing like serpents, helpless, bereft of prowess, their limbs soaked with voluminous blood of their own, resembling two golden standards, and lying inert on heroes' couch, were surrounded by their vanara leaders, whose eyes were suffused with tears. Seeing the two Raghavas, pierced by a multitude of arrows, all the vanaras as well as Vibhishana became uneasy and anxious. The vanaras surveyed all the quarters in the sky, but could not locate Indrajit, who was very much before them but veiled by his magic powers in the fight.
        Vibhishana, who himself had some magic arts, was able to locate his nephew standing nearby, duly hidden by his occult power. In addition to the fact that he had no peer in a battle field and who had unique exploits, Indrajit had made himself invisible by virtue of the boon he had received in this respect. He was, however, spotted out by Vibhishana, who had some occult power, too.
           Indrajit gazed gloatingly at those two brothers lying inert on the battle ground. As there was no movement whatsoever from any of the two brothers, he concluded that they were dead. Unable to suppress his joy, he happily and gloatingly shouted at his cronies "The so-called exceedingly strong brothers Rama and Lakshmana, the killers of Khara and Dushana have been killed by my arrows. Even devas and asuras cannot make these two brothers to get out of the binding by my arrows. This nonsensical pest was was causing a lot of worry for my dad, who could not sleep for the past three nights and was not able even to touch his couch with his limbs, and remained absorbed in thought and stricken with grief. That apart this scourge made the entire city of Lanka remain agitated, like a river during the rains, has been destroyed by me. As clouds are useless in the autumn, so are all the exploits of Rama, Lakshmana and all the vanaras."
           Indrajit then wanted to have some bonus, too. He hit Nila with nine arrows, tormented Mainda and Dvivida with three superb arrows on each. He then smacked the chest-region of Jambavan with an arrow and released ten arrows towards Hanuman. He struck both Gavaksha and Sharabha with two arrows on each of them.
        Not satisfied with that, Indrajit continued by striking Gavaksha  and then Angada. His arrows pierced those jewels among the vanaras  with his arrows having all the attributes of flames of fire and began to shout in triumph.
      Tormenting them with a multitude of arrows and frightening the vanaras, Indrajit heartily laughed and cried "O, rakshashas! At the forefront of the army, behold those two brothers Rama and Lakshmana bound together by me by a terrible net work of my arrows."
       All those rakshashas, hearing the words of Indrajit, were overjoyed. All of them cheered Indrajit unanimously with a roar like thunder, crying "Rama is dead". Seeing the two brothers  Rama and Lakshmana lying motionless and seemingly breathless on the floor, Indrajit was sure that they were dead. Indrajit, full of joy and victorious, returned to his palace, spreading happiness to the rakshashas.
            Sugreeva, seeing Rama and Lakshmana riddled with arrows and pierced in every limb and bone of their bodies, and there was absolutely no movement from any part of their bodies, concluded that they were dead and ipso facto was embraced by a great fear and sorrow. Vibhishana then kindly  consoled the frightened and grieving Sugreeva with "Have no fear, O Sugreeva! Stay this rush of tears. Wars are like this. Victory is not guaranteed. O, warrior! I am sure that the exceedingly strong Rama and Lakshmana are only unconscious. I am sure that sooner than later they will get their consciousness. O, Sugreeva! Be courageous. For those who are devoted to truth and righteousness, there is no fear of death." Vibhishana then kindly and affectionately wiped the charming eyes of Sugreeva with his hand moistened with water.
     Then Vibhishana continued "O, Sugreeva! This is not the time for sentiments like despondency. At this hour, even too much attachment may lead to physical weakness, which in turn will lead to death. Therefore, shedding your despair, which ruins all actions, focus now on how best to serve the troops which have Rama as their most loved and revered head. And Rama and his brother be protected till they regain consciousness. After regaining consciousness, Rama and Lakshmana can indeed drive away the fear in both of us. Both Rama and Lakshmana are now only unconscious. I am sure about it. Therefore don't fret yourself and regain your prowess. I, on my part endeavour to restore confidence in the entire ranks. O, my dear friend, These Vanaras, with their eyes dilated due to fear, are signaling some words into each other's ear. Terrified as they seem to be, I will make them to cast off their fear, like one would discard a used garland."
         Having solaced Sugreeva, Vibhishana went to the disheartened vanara ranks.
         Indrajit, the great conjurer, surrounded by all his forces, re-entered the city of Lanka. Going straight to his dear dad, Indrajit told him that both Rama and Lakshmana had been slain.
           Hearing that happy news, Ravana forthwith sprang up on his feet in joy and embraced his son fondly. Indrajit then explained to his papa how he managed that feat.
        Hearing those pleasing words of Indrajit, Ravana with his heart filled with a gush of joy, relinquished his anguish, caused on account of Rama and applauded his son with pleasing words.

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