Saturday, 30 January 2016

329. Ravana rues over the death of Kumbhakarna.

               The way in which Kumbhakarna was overpowered and subsequently killed by Rama shocked and surprised and awed the accompanying soldiers. Shaking all over, they rushed to Ravana and reported to him "O king! The great Kumbhakarna, looking like Yama, driving away the army of monkeys and devouring quite a lot of them, was absolutely overpowered and killed by Rama who was unquestionably much more superior in prowess, bravery, courage, daring, fearlessness, heroism etc. The prowess exhibited for a moment by Kumbhakarna, your brother, was effortlessly crushed by the fiery energy of Rama. Unable to defend himself from Rama's arrows, Kumbhakarna who was looking grandeur like a mountain became an ugly mass, with his body copiously oozing out blood, his face bereft of nose and ears, resembling a tree scorched by a forest-fire, with his trunk half-submerged in a terribly looking sea and obstructing the main gate of Lanka."
           The news completed shattered Ravana, who was absolutely sure of his great brother's victory over Rama and his army, was tormented with grief and fell down, fainted. Devantaka, Narantaka, Trishira and Atikaya, the nephews of Kumbhakarna were afflicted with sorrow and wept. Mahodara and Mahaparshva (close relatives of Kumbhakarna) were overcome with grief.
          Ravana when came out of his stupor cried "Alas! O hero, destroying the pride of enemies! O mighty Kumbhakarna! Leaving me behind, you have gone to the abode of Yama. O mighty Kumbhakarna! I did not at all think that you will be vanquished by that  Rama, a mere human. I was immensely confident that after taking away the thorn of grief from relatives and me, you and me will be enjoying our lives eternally.
         "Without you, this right hand of mine, on whom I was taking refuge had no fear of suras and asuras, has fallen down. How such a hero, who destroyed the pride of devas and danavas, as also who was an image of fire that was to destroy the world, was killed by Rama, a mere human, today in battle?
         "It is incredible that you, who was not bothered in any way by the thunderbolt of Indra, were afflicted by Rama's arrows? Seeing you killed in battle, I am sure the devas along with the rishis, witnessing the battle from the firmament, were  rejoiced and applauded Rama.
       "I am now pretty sure that the wretched monkeys will be rejoicing and now itself will dare to ascend the inaccessible door-ways of Lanka here from all sides. Now, without you, I have no interest with this or any kingdom. Now I lost all interest in Seetha. I do not like to live without my dear brother Kumbhakarna. Anyhow I have to live to kill that Rama who has killed my dear brother. If I cannot kill Rama, who killed my brother, in battle, I would rather prefer death.
           "Now devas, who were holding me in awe, will now mock at me. O Kumbhakarna! Now that you are dead, how can I conquer Indra? I did not accept the advise of the prognosticator of my clan and my dear brother Vibhishana,  due to my arrogance. The cruel end of Kumbhakarna and Prahasta has has made me feel shameful."
        Not knowing what action to take next, Ravana simply slumped on his couch.

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