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362. Hanuman brings the mountain containing life-saving herbs for Lakshmana.

              When Ravana suddenly vanished from his sight, Rama was perplexed for a moment. Then he came to the correct conclusion that that rakshash, unable to resist the thrashing he was getting, must have run away.
            Rama then turned his attention on Lakshmana bathed in a stream of blood. He then told Sushena, who was also  around there 
"My dear Sushena, look at Lakshmana wiggling like a serpent. I am highly distressed to see him in this condition. All my energy seems to have been drained and I am not inclined to fight anymore when Lakshmana, who is dearer to me than life is bathed is terribly wounded........."
           The highly distressed Rama went on lamenting in this manner as he could not think of anything in this situation. He didn't know what to do. He looked pathetically distressed.
         The vanaras around them were very much distressed to see Rama in this condition. Sushena, the great vanara physician of that time stepped forward and told Rama "O! Sir!  you, possessing all the nonpareil characteristics of a man, prince, warrior should not lament like this. The raison d'être for you agony,  Lakshmana, is not, repeat NOT dead. His countenance is not changed, nor has it become dark. You can see for yourself that his face looks bright and very much placid. The palms of his hands are resembling the petals of a lotus. His eyes too are very bright, as usual.
         "O Sir! Though Lakshmana is not dead, he is very much injured. O! Sir! I assure you I can cure him."
\        Sushena then turning to  Hanuman, who was standing nearby, told him "Dear fellow! You have already visited the mountain called Oushadhi (Mahodaya), which was already described to you previously by Jambavan. Go there again immediately with your utmost speed and get the precious herb Vishalyakarani from its southern peak, and Savarnakarnani, Samjivakarani and  Samdhanakarani. Now SHOOT PRONTO!"
        Hanuman, having reached the Mount Oushadhi, could not identify those precious herbs. He then decided to repeat what he did last occasion.
            Like the previous occasion, Hanuman took that mountain-peak, in his hand jumped up into the sky. Like his dear dad, Hanuman reached the battle field in a short while. There, placing down the mountain-peak  on the terra firma, he told Sushena: "Hi! Doc! As I could not identify which herb is what, I have brought the entire mountain-peak."
          I consider it is needless to explain how Dr. Sushena cured Lakshmana. Lakshmana was not only completely cured, but he also felt that he acquired more strength and energy than before.
          Embracing Lakshmana, Rama told him "Thank God! You are quite OK now. Without you I do not have any interest in Seetha or anything else."
          Lakshmana told Rama with a smile, in a feeble voice "O! Dear brother! I am very happy to hear that you love me so much. However, I do not at all agree to what you said. Having solemnly taken a pledge to liquidate that lousy rakshash Ravana earlier, you ought not to speak as you did like a weak and a coward man. Those who speak the truth never render their promise futile. Fulfilling their pledge is one of  the attributes of the greatness.
          "Shedding everything for my sake is not befitting of you. Fulfill your promise now, by killing Ravana. An enemy, who falls victim to your arrows, cannot turn out alive, as a huge elephant which gets into the path of a roaring lion possessing terrible tusks.
        "I, for my part, wish to see the death of this evil-minded fellow instantly, even before this sun, having finished his task, does not sink below the horizon. O venerable hero! If you wish to kill Ravana in battle, if you wish to fulfill your promise and if you feel affectionate towards Seetha, do as I tell you soon and now."

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