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386. Hanuman was sent to Guha and Bharata to inform about the return of Rama.

              Rama did not doubt the words of the sage. However, he wanted to be absolutely sure that everything was quite okay at Ayodhya. The best way to do that was to send someone there to verify. The obvious choice was Hanuman, of course. He, therefore told Hanuman “O my dear chap! I wanna ensure that the the people in Ayodhya are safe in general and in the royal palace in particular. First go to Shrigaverapuram, meet Guha, the king there. Guha, a friend of mine will be pleased to hear about me, as being safe, healthy and free from trouble.
           “Feeling pleased, Guha, the lord of Nishadas, will tell the way to Ayodhya and the news about Bharata. Then go to Ayodhya meet Bharata. After ensuring all are okay there, tell him that I have returned with my consort and Lakshmana on completion of the period of vanvasa.
      “Tell him about the abduction of Seetha by the mighty Ravana, my association  with Sugreeva and the killing of Vali. And also about the search for Seetha and how she was traced out by you, after crossing the never-diminishing ocean, having extensive waters.
      “Tell him also how we reached Lanka and killed that Rakshash Ravana and his army.
 “Inform Bharata that I am in the proximity of Ayodhya, along with Vibhishana and Sugreeva. Also tell him that the army of vanaras and bears has come with me, too.
    “Observe his face closely for his reaction on hearing the news about me.
   “In case you feel that, by his facial expression, Bharata is longing for  the kingdom himself, let him rule the entire kingdom in one piece. O Hanuman! After gauging his mind and perception, you return quickly."
         Hanuman taking the form of a human started at once. Leaping into the sky above he landed Shrigaverapuram. Being Hanuman, he had no difficulty in finding Guha. He told him “Hi! Sir! I have been sent by Rama. He has asked me to inform you that he, along with Seetha and Lakshmana, has returned from his exile. They are now staying at the hermitage of the sage Bharadwaja. Most probably they will be coming over here to see you today itself."
           After taking directions from Guha for reaching Bharata quickly, Hanuman left him. As usual he leaped up to the sky and landed near Nandigrama where Bharata was staying.
        Hanuaman saw Bharata, living in a hermitage. He was subsisting on roots and fruits, with his senses subdued, engaged in austerities, protecting virtue, covering his body with the bark of trees and a deer skin, disciplined, whose thoughts were fixed on the Supreme Spirit, with a splendour equaling that of a Brahman sage, ruling the earth after placing the wooden sandals of Rama before him, protecting the people belonging to all the four grades viz. BrahmanKshatriyas, Vaisyas and Shudras from all peril and attended by the upright ministers, priests and by clever troop-commanders, all clad in saffron robes.
        Going to Bharata Hanuman said "Rama whose emissary I am, has sent me to you to inform that he has returned form his exile and now is staying at the hermitage of the sage Bharadwaja. He, along with his wife Seetha and brother Lakshmana will be coming over here to see you."
       Hearing the glad news, Bharata felt so delighted and  fainted through joy. Getting up in a short while Bharata embraced Hanuman for bringing such a good news. He then asked Hanuman "O! My dear fellow! Who are you? Are you a divine being or a human being, who has come here out of compassion? To you, who has conveyed this happy news to me, I  give in return a hundred thousand cows, a hundred best villages, and for wives, sixteen golden complexioned virgin girls of good conduct, decked with ear-rings, having beautiful noses and thighs, adorned with all kinds of jewels, with charming countenances as delightful as the moon and born in a noble family."

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