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78. Life of Rama & Co. at Chitrakuta.

        Now let us have a peep into the life of Rama and co. at the Chitrakuta.
        The salubrious climate at the Chitrakuta and the beautiful, calm and pleassant locale of the place made Rama to love his wife Seetha more than before and to make a resolution that his utmost priority would always be to make Seetha more and more happy.  Living there for sometime made him delightful in his mind.  He began to point out the beauty of Chitrakuta to his consort saying "O, my good and the most lovely lady! By seeing this beautiful mountain, neither the loss of kingdom nor the non-existence of friends distresses my mind. Behold this mountain, abounding with flocks of birds of every kind where minerals lie and crowned with peaks that seem to project upwards to the sky. Some areas of the mountain are encrusted with minerals, having the appearance of silver, some resembling blood, some yellowish, some red as madder, some sparkle like precious stones, some possessing the lustre of topaz and crystal and a hue of Ketaka flower and some sparkle with the splendour of a kind of gem called Jyotirasa."
          In this vein he was explaining every aspect and beauty of the captivating scenery of the region to his wife every day.
         Rama was spellbound seeing the beautiful river of Mandakini carrying splendid waters. He told his wife "Behold this charming river of Mandakini, with its multi-coloured sandy banks, frequented by swans and geese and laden with flowers. Behold this river, hedged on all sides with various kinds of flowers and fruits, growing on its banks and enhance its loveliness like the lake (Sangadhika) of Kubera (the ruler of Yakshas). At this moment, its pleasant fords, where herds of deer drink and make the waters turbid, create ecstasy in me."
          Describing the varied beauties of the Mandakini River, Rama with his beloved consort as a companion, strolled in the lovely mountain of Chitrakuta which to look at was as an ointment for pleasing the eyes.
          In short the trio were quite happy living there.

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