Saturday, 28 September 2013

82. Bharata perseveres.

                  On hearing the polite rejection very adroitly and cleverly by Rama, Bharata appealed to him by "Who in this world, my dear brother, is endowed with such qualities like you. Neither does sorrow disturb you nor does joy enrapture you. You are highly honoured by elders. 
         "You are as strong as any celestial. You are true to your promise, all-knowing, all-viewing and endowed with clear understanding. The sinful deed, committed by my mean mother for my sake during my absence, was not to my liking. Hence be gracious to me.
          "I am bound by the chains of morality. For that reason, I do not impose any  punishment on my mother who was of perverse conduct and deserves retribution. 
         "The King Dasharatha was was not only my father but my preceptor, too. Hence, I cannot reproach him. Rama! How can anyone who knows the principles of righteousness, commit such an improper act, bereft of one's interest and duty, in order just to please a woman? There is an ancient saying that at the time of death, beings lose their judgment. The king, acting as he did, has made this saying indeed true in the eyes of the world. This transgression of righteousness was done by our father for fear of the anger of Kaikeyi or through infatuation and over-haste. Please keep in view a noble purpose and reverse that transgression.
            "A son who honours only good and just deviations from righteousness of a father is accepted as a real son in this world. He who acts otherwise than this would be facing a quite reverse situation. You be that real son. Do not lend yourself to the infamous act, committed by our father, which in this world, wise men totally forbid and condemn. Save Kaikeyi and me, our father, our friends, our relatives, all the urbanites and the villagers as well as the entire kingdom. Where is the forest and where is the princely dignity? Where is the matted hair and where is the protection of a kingdom? You ought not to do such contradictory acts.
           "O, my hero! The first duty of a Kshatriya is indeed to get crowned, so that he may then protect his subjects. Which Kshatriya would set aside his manifest duty and practise a virtue that gives doubtful result, that does not promise happiness,has a mental restraint and is uncertain? If you desire to pursue a virtue alone, then take pains while protecting the four castes as per tradition, by recourse to righteousness.
          "I am of course younger to you in the point of learning, situation and by birth. As such how could I rule the earth, while you are living? And I cannot even live without you.
          "Rule this entire kingdom belonging to your father, without distraction, without hindrance and as per the conduct prescribed for you along with your relatives. Let all the king's ministers along with Vasishta and other priests well-versed in sacred formulas, crown you, the knower of sacred texts, here itself. You, having been crowned thus, may proceed to Ayodhya along with us to rule it, like Indra the Lord of celestials, having conquered all the worlds with his might, proceeds to his kingdom along with celestials. You shall discharge the three obligations viz. subdue all the enemies, gratify the wishes of all your friends and you alone rule the kingdom.
            "Please wipe off my mother's ignominy today and protect our venerable father from his sin. I request you by bowing my head before you. Show compassion on me and on all our relatives as Lord Shiva, the Supreme Deity on all beings. Else, if you disregard my entire request and move again into the forest form here, please allow me to come along with you."
            The imposing and very impressive appeal of Bharata did not make Rama to agree to the request of his brother. All the people who accompanied Bharata were very sorry to see that Rama was obdurate and at the same time wondered at the firmness of Rama. The priests, citizens and elders of that multitude as well as Queens, distracted and weeping bitterly, acclaimed Bharata who was prostrating himself before Rama and added their supplications to Rama.

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