Sunday, 13 July 2014

180. Seetha NOT found in East, West and North.

            All the leaders of the search parties as well as each and every member of the parties did their job not only very conscientiously as a loyal soldier of the king Sugreeva, but also as a zealous one who wanted to get the special privileges promised by the king for the one who finds Seetha.
         As commanded by the king Sugreeva all the elephantine vanaras essayed everywhere with post-hast for Vaidehi. They have thoroughly searched at lakes, in the pens of creepers on riverbanks, in vacant lands and in the crowded cities and at most difficult places, rivers and mountains. All the commanders did their job in this regard with utmost alacrity and capability.  All the provinces inclusive of mountains, woodlands, and thick forests of those provinces were scrupulously and systematically searched. All of them firmed up in finding Seetha have searched nooks and corners of earth day and  night. 
        The task-forces sent to East, West and North returned to the Mt. Prasavana within one month without any information about Seetha and reported so to Sugreeva.
       Rama was disheartened to hear that news about 'no news' about Seetha. Sugreeva told him in a comforting manner "Dear Friend, don't loose heart. The party sent to South has not come yet.  We certainly will get good news from them."

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