Sunday, 15 May 2016

352. Immediate medical treatment. was given to Lakshmana and others.

           Lakshmana, after killing that malicious but a mighty and competent adversary, felt very much relieved and happy. He thanked Jambavan, Hanuman and others for giving him immense support in the battle between himself and Inderjit. He then started to go to his dear brother Rama to inform him the good news. But he found that he was absolutely drained and ipso facto was hardly able to move. His entire body was lacerated by the vicious arrows of that rakshash Inderjit. He saw that his entire body became red by the blood oozing out of those lacerations.
              Supported by his well wishers like Vibhishana, he reached Rama. He wanted to shout happily the news that he had killed that rakshash Inderjit. But he could not raise his voice beyond a murmur. He, therefore, murmured that he killed Indrajit. Seeing that Lakshmana was severely debilitated and as such was not able to raise his voice beyond a murmur, Vibhishana informed Rama in a clear and loud voice that Indrajit's head had been chopped off by Lakshmana. Hearing that news the handsome face of Rama became dashingly attractive by his happy smile. With immeasurable joy he congratulated Lakshamana "O Lakshmana! Well done! I feel abundantly  gratified. The destruction of Indrajit is the beginning of the  destruction of all malicious and pernicious rakshashas including Ravana.”
        Rama then made Lakshmana to sit down near him. Then fondly smelling the head of his dear brother Lakshmana, who had augmented his fame and yet who was feeling abashed to hear himself being praised, he forcibly but very affectionately tenderly drawing his body and placed his head gently on his lap with affection. Then he affectionately fondled his handsome face. Rama then noticing his dear brother breathing hard, looked at his body. Rama then saw his dear brother was terribly wounded and required immediate medical treatment.
      Sushena, was therefore sent for and was ordered "Please attend the wounded Lakshmana, immediately. I want him to become quite hale and healthy within a few moments.
      Note: I tried my best to find out who this Sushena was. It is presumed that he was a vanara who was an expert in curing ailments of humans, animals, rakshashas and whoever he was asked to cure.
End Note.
     "Also examine Vibhishana and make him free from the pain caused by the arrows. You also attend bears and vanaras who were wounded, and make their wound healed."
       Sushena nodded his agreement and held some herbal medicine near the nose of Lakshmana. Inhaling the odor of that herb, Lakshmana got rid of all his arrow-wounds and the pain caused by them. Vibhishana and others,too were treated in the same fashion and all of them became free from their wounds and pain.
       Rama and others were happy to see Lakshmana restored to his original disposition. 

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