Saturday, 21 May 2016

355. The agonised wailing of the rakshashis.

         The few rakshashas who escaped from the arrows of Rama ran away with full speed. And they promptly broadcasted the devastation of the entire army by that guy Rama. Hearing that all the female relatives of the rakshashas who were killed by Rama gathered at the very same place where they used to assemble for gossiping.  Instead of gossiping, they started wailing with deep grief for the loss of husband. son, brother etc. One of them wailed loudly "It is all because of that cantankerous, ugly, contemptible,  worthless, shameful, shabby, vile, degenerate, abject, measly, scurvy, detestable and odious   Surpanakha of sunken belly. When even a very old rakshash with the characteristics matching hers would abhor even to look at her, she had the audacity to approach sensually Rama, who is charming like the god of love.
            "It is utterly incomprehensible that such an ugly and terribly nauseating old hag could imagine that the young Rama would agree to marry her.
          "Because of that grey-haired and disgusting woman, who had developed lot of wrinkles on her whole body, the destruction of thousands of rakshashas including Dushana and Khara occurred. She is the root cause for all our present miseries.
        "Ravana should have realized the strength of Rama when he came to know of the killing the rakshash Virada by Rama single handedly.
       "In Janasthana, Rama killed fourteen thousand rakshasas including Khara, Dushana and Trishira. This should have convinced Ravana that Rama was not someone to be meddled with.
          "The killing, by that charming prince Rama, of  Kabandha having arms with a length of eight miles each, with blood as his food and roaring with anger should have been sufficient warning for Ravana to refrain annoying Rama. Rama killed the mighty Vali, the son of Indra, looking like the black cloud. That instance should have been sufficient warning for Ravana to refrain from making Rama angry with him.
        "It is abundantly proved that it was catastrophic to ignore the appropriate and a very sensible advice of Vibhishana.
           "Ravana should have realized his mistake when the mighty Kumbhakarna was killed by Rama and his beloved son Indrajit killed by Lakshmana.
         "Now the valiant Rama killed thousands of horses and elephants in the battle. He killed almost all the foot soldiers. It is evident that our foolish king is absolutely incorrigible, too.
        "It is said that very bad omens appeared whenever anyone accompanied by  warriors set out to fight with Rama. We are hearing rumours that Ravana and his clan will be totally annihilated by Rama. Brahma, at the request of Ravana, gave him protection from devas, danavas and rakshashas. But the arrogant  Ravana did not seek protection from human beings.
         "I have heard that devas not able to bear the torments of Ravana prayed Shiva for protection. Shiva consoled them by saying
'Wait till the female baby who will be found by the king Janaka. That baby after growing into a beautiful woman, will lead to the destruction of Ravana and all other rakshashas.' This Seetha must be that woman."
          Then, all the females in Lanka, embracing each other in their arms, afflicted as they were with grief and tormented with excessive fear, lamented thus and wept loudly and severely.

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