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234. Hanuman assures Seetha that she will be rescued by Rama.

          Seetha then told Hanuman "This jewel is very well known to Rama. The sight of this jewel will surely kindle the memories of Rama about the three of us, viz. my mother, myself and the king Dasharatha.
       "O Hanuman! Your enthusiasm and consoling words has made me feel that I will be rescued by Rama from this captivity shortly. Become the one who will ever be remembered by me the one who removed my misfortunes by employing your efforts. If you think hard and carefully, you can surely find a way to remove my misfortunes."
        Hanuman assured her that he will definitely do so and started to go back. Stopping him with the show of her palm (like the present day policeman) Seetha with her voice choked by tears said "O Hanuman, inquire on my behalf about the welfare of both Rama and Lakshmana together. Likewise ask the welfare of Sugreeva together with his ministers and of all the elderly vanaras. Hmm.. Think hard and evolve a strategy through which the long-armed Rama will be able to lift me out this ocean of misfortunes.
      "O Hanuman! Tell, in whatever manner, by which the illustrious Rama can console me while I am still surviving. Reap righteousness, by helping me through your words. Constantly hearing the words endowed with energy spoken by you, Rama's manly strength will be  heightened to recover me. Hearing my message from you, Rama will surely accelerate his efforts."
        Hanuman replied "I will definitely do so madam. Rama along with a massive army of vanaras and bears will come over here shortly and rescue you after killing Ravana and the rest of the rakshashas. Both of us know very well that Rama is capable of enduring even the sun-god, Indra the god of rain and even Yama the god of death. Well, I will meet you again shortly after your rescue by Rama."
        Seetha then told Hanuman "Hanuman!  If it is okay for you, stay for a day somewhere here clandestinely without being seen by anyone. After taking rest, you can go tomorrow. O Hanuman! The knowledge that you are in the vicinity,  may give me some relief.
        "O Hanuman! If after that, there is any doubt about your return, then my survival too will be doubtful. There is no ambiguity  about this matter. O Hanuman! To me, who is tormented by one grief after another, your disappearance will further torment me, like a burning flame
       "I wonder how the army of vanaras and bears as well as Rama and Lakshmana can cross that great insurmountable ocean? As for as I could fathom only three beings viz. Garuda the eagle,  yourself and the wind-god have the capacity to cross this ocean. That is why I am asking you to evolve some strategy to fulfill this act, which seems to be impassable as well as impossible. You are capable of fulfilling this task. Your perseverance to get the result has already been established.
          "Please invigorate Rama,  Lakshmana and others to take a concerted action to rescue me."
       Hanuman replied "O Seetha the princess! Sugreeva, the Lord of the troops of vanaras and bears is the foremost among them,  endowed with great strength. He is firmly determined in your cause. O Seetha! That Sugreeva, endowed with crores of vanaras, will come soon to destroy the rakshashas. Very many vanaras, endowed with prowess, perseverance, great strength and who can rush to any place as they wish are intensely committed to Sugreeva's command. There is no hindrance to their movement either in the sky or in the ground or in any horizontal region (between the sky and the ground). With unlimited splendour they are not indolent in performing any indomitable task.
          "The earth with its oceans and mountains has been circumambulated clockwise many times by those vanaras, who are highly energetic and follow the aerial path. Some of them are superior to me and some are equal to me. No one in the vicinity of Sugreeva is inferior to me. When I have arrived here, why talk about the mightier ones? Generally, superior ones are not sent for errands.
     "O Seetha the princess! Enough of your lamentation. Push away your sorrow. Those leaders of vanaras will reach Lanka by one single leap. Rama and Lakshmana, those two lions among men also of great strength, ascending on my shoulders, can come to you, like the rising sun and the moon. Coming together, Rama and Lakshmana the valiant and the excellent among men, can destroy the City of Lanka with their arrows.
        "O Seetha with a good waist! Rama, the delight of Raghu dynasty, after killing Ravana together with his troops, will return to his town, duly taking you with him. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Wish you a very happy future! Within a short time, after this king of rakshasas is killed along with his sons, ministers, army and relatives, you will meet Rama, as Rohini* met the moon.
*Rohini: A consort of the moon-god, presiding over a constellation of the same name.
          "O Seetha the princess! You shall see the end of your sorrow soon. Within a short time, you will also see the end of Ravana, destroyed by Rama.
       "That Rama the annihilator of enemies, and Lakshmana wielding his bow in his hand will soon reach the entrance of Lanka and you will see them. You can see soon those valiant vanaras, with their claws and tusks as weapons, having the prowess of lions and tigers and looking like lordly elephants, coming together.
         "O venerable lady! You shall see many troops of excellent vanaras resembling hills and clouds, thundering on the peaks of Malaya mountain in Lanka. Hit in the vitals by the darts of venerable Manmatha the god of love, Rama is not obtaining happiness, as an elephant gets tormented by a lion. O Seetha the princess! Do not weep or grieve. Cast away from your mind all unpleasantness. You  have Rama as your husband and your protector like Shachi having Indra.
        "Who else is there greater than Rama or who else equals Lakshmana? Those two brothers, like fire and wind, are supportive to you. O Seetha the princess! You will not stay for long in this place, which is very terrific and occupied with a multitude of rakshasas. The arrival of your husband is not far away. Be patient till the moment of my meeting Rama on my return."

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