Wednesday, 25 February 2015

235. Seetha bid adieu to Hanuman finally.

            Seetha was highly pleased to hear the most encouraging,  inspiring, comforting, cheering, stimulating, reassuring and heartening words of Hanuman. She was at a loss to find appropriate words to thank him. She however, did her best by "O Dear Hanuman, I am overjoyed to hear your most comforting and encouraging words. Hearing your words I felt like the field with half-sprouted crops of grain thrilled by receiving a rain.
        "O Hanuman! please do not forget to tell Rama the story of the crow. Please also tell him that I asked him to recollect  his effacing a mark on my forehead once, and that another mark painted by him on my cheek. Please ask him on my behalf 'Why are you, the valiant man equal to Indra, the Lord of celestials and Varuna the King of Universe, ignoring me, your dear wife Seetha, who was taken away and now staying in the midst of these rakshashas? O faultless Rama! This wonderful jewel for the head has been protected well by me. Seeing this in my distress, I have been getting delighted, as though I was seeing you. This splendid jewel is sent to you. 
          " 'Absorbed in grief, I shall not be able to survive for long. With the hope of your coming here shortly, I am enduring these unbearable hardships as well as the words of these horrible rakshasies, which pierce my heart.
          " 'O Rama the prince, the annihilator of enemies! I shall hold my life for a month only. I will not survive without you, after a month. This Ravana, the king of rakshasas, is terrible. I get a terrible nausea whenever he looks at me. If I get an inkling  that you are procrastinating, I will not survive even for a moment.' "
           Hanuman was very much moved to hear Seetha's words. He told her "O Seetha the princess! Rama, grieving so much for you has grown averse to everything. I swear it to you truly. when Rama is overpowered by grief, Lakshmana too gets tormented with grief.
      "O lady! By His grace, you have been discovered by me. This is not the time to lament. You will see the end of your sorrow shortly. Those two princes are eager to see you. They will surely reduce Lanka to ashes. Killing the cruel Ravana along with his relatives, Rama and Lakshmana will take you to their own city.
         "O faultless Seetha! Be pleased to give another token of remembrance, which Rama will recognize and be pleased."
        Seetha replied, "The jewel I already given to you is quite adequate. Seeing this jewel for my hair, Rama will trust your words.
         "O Hanuman! Enquire about the welfare of Rama and Lakshmana, the brothers looking like lions, of Sugreeva together with his ministers and of all other. Be pleased to make that long-armed Rama deliver me from this ocean of sorrow. O valiant vanara! After approaching Rama, appraise him of this terrific gush of my grief and also about the threatening attitude of these rakshasis.
           "There is no point to retain you any longer. Have a happy journey! Toodle-oo."
     After saluting Seetha Hanuman left.

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