Wednesday, 4 March 2015

238. Hanuman destroys the Holy sanctuary of the rakshashas.

           Hanuman was mightily happy to have crushed the first lot viz. the Kinkaras. He was waiting for the second round. For the itching Hanuman who was raring for the next round, the appearance of the second lot seemed eternal. He wanted to do something which will increase the anger of Ravana. He looked around and noticed a lofty palatial mansion of the sanctuary, sacred to the guardian-deity of the rakshasas, yonder. He smiled and decided to devastate that mansion.  He then ascended that lofty palatial mansion of the sanctuary, which was as high as a mountain-top of Meru.
      Hanuman of great splendour, ascending the lofty palatial mansion similar to a mountain was looking like a second rising sun. Standing there he metamorphosed his body very huge like a mountain.
       The huge sound made by his clapping on his arms, the birds as well as the guards protecting the sanctuary fell down unconscious. Our dear Bond then roared with his voice resembling a thunder "Long live Rama, skilled in archery and the powerful Lakshmana! Long live the King Sugreeva, protected by Rama! I am Hanuman, the destroyer of the army of adversaries and the son of Vayu. I am the servant of Rama, the king of Kosala kingdom, who is unwearied in action. Even a thousand  Ravanas will not be matching equally with me, who is capable of striking with thousands of rocks and trees in battle. Here, before the eyes of all of you, I will annihilate the City of Lanka and after offering salutation to Seetha. Then only I will go back duly completing my task."
      Hearing that loud thunderous declaration, hundreds of guards protecting the sanctuary quickly armed themselves with many kinds of weapons like spears, swords, axes etc. They, with huge bodies surrounded Hanuman, duly discharging those weapons. They banged Hanuman with various kinds of maces, iron bludgeons plated with gold and arrows shining like the sun.
       Our dear Hanuman then assumed a more terrific form. Uprooting a pillar with a hundred edges and decorated with gold in that edifice, our dear James Bond of Ramayana speedily whirled it around. Fire was also generated due to the friction with other pillars. The edifice was then consumed by fire. Then, Hanuman killing those few hundred rakshasas, like Indra killing rakshasas with his thunderbolt roared "Thousands of vanaras like me, possessing gigantic bodies of strength, are under the control of Sugreeva. The other vanaras are now roaming the entire earth. Some of the vanaras are having a strength of ten elephants. Some are having a strength of a hundred elephants. Some are having a prowess equal to that of a thousand elephants. Some are having the strength of a strong stream. Some have the strength equal to that of wind. The prowess of some other army-chiefs of vanaras  cannot be measured.
       "Sugreeva with a very huge army of vanaras and bears employing their teeth and nails as their weapons, will come here soon to destroy all of you. As you have made the great Rama your enemy  this City of Lanka will not be there. Neither you, nor even Ravana will survive."

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