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248, Hanuman's tail is set fire.

              Hearing the lecture, advice, sermon or whatever it was, by Vibhishana, his brother, made Ravana to think. He, Ravana being a very learned rakshash knew everything  about righteousness,  virtuousness, uprightness, decency, integrity, worthiness, rectitude, probity, morality, ethicalness, high-mindedness, justice, honesty, honour, honourableness etc. He, therefore could not bring himself to ignore the advice. After carefully considering all the pros and cons, he came to a conclusion and replied his brother Vibhishana "My dear bro, I agree that killing of an envoy is forbidden. However, that animal will have to be punished.
        "It is said that the tail is considered to be the most beloved ornament for vanaras. Therefore, I decided to have his tail  burnt immediately. Let him go with a burnt tail. When all his relatives, friends, kinsmen and others see him miserably injured with his deformed tail, this animal will feel highly humiliated. I, Ravana hereby order that this impudent animal, with his burning tail be carried by the rakshasas  the entire city around its cross-roads."
       This order of Ravana was received with glee, delight, joy, triumph and exuberance by the rakshasas hard-tempered with their wrath. They, with utmost promptitude, searched, found and wrapped-up old ragged clothes around Hanuman's tail. While his tail was being wrapped around with cotton tatters, Hanuman was deeply thinking as to what the appropriate retaliatory action to be taken by him. The rakshasas sprinkled oil and set fire on that tail. Hearing that tail of that vanara was being set afire, a large number of rakshasas and rakshashis with their kids gathered around to see the fun! By the time the fire started burning with full flare, Hanuman formulated what he should do now. Making his face to resemble the rising sun with his mind filled with anger and impatience with his burning tail, threw those rakshasas down effortlessly. 
          During the time the rakshashas were reorganizing and regrouping to tie him again, Hanuman evaluated all the possible actions and decided to get tied by them. Let us pry into the mind of our hero James Bond of Ramayanam and look into the reasons leading to make him decide to get himself tied. Hanuman thought "Even when I am tied down, those stupid rakshasas cannot really hurt me. Whenever I want, I can break the ties and kill them all. If these evil-minded goons fasten me who is representing Rama, my lord, no one can hurt me. I am sure I am capable to kill all these rakshasas in battle. But, I wanna espionage again this place. For this reason let me allow them to do whatever they want to. Lanka was not observed fully and thoroughly the particulars of specifications of the fort, when it was seen by me during the night. This is the occasion for me to do it openly during the day-time. Let the nitwits tie me down again and torment me as they wish, by burning my tail. I can surely bear the travails of the same."
      Then those delighted happy-go-lucky rakshasas tied  Hanuman, who nonchalantly submitted to their action in this regard. Sounding conches and kettle-drums and proclaiming the wrongdoings of Hanuman like his damaging of the pleasure-garden, the rakshasas were dragging Hanuman through out that city.
          Hanuman was very happy to see what he wanted was happening and gladly submitted to those rakshashas  taking him around that great city. 
      During the procession, Hanuman, the son of Vayu, noted the relevant details about the streets congested with dwellings, places where several roads meet, high-ways as also the approach-roads, small inner apartments and palaces appearing in multitudes, like clouds. All the rakshashas proclaimed at cross roads, four-pillared temples and in royal high-ways, that Hanuman was a spy. Eager to  see the fun, people (meaning Rakshash people) gathered from their respective dwellings  to see that Hanuman with his burning tail.
     When the process of setting fire to the tail of Hanuman started, the rakshashis guarding Seetha came to know of it teased Seetha with glee "O Seetha! That vanara with a red face, who had a tete-a-tete with you, is being moved around in the city, with his  tail set to fire and burning voraciously.”
           Seetha became very sad just like when she was carried away by Ravana. Seetha, tormented with grief did the only the thing she could, to wit, request Agni, the fire-god. The large-eyed Seetha, wishing for the welfare of Hanuman, prayed Agni "If I have done any service to my husband, if I have performed a penance and if I am a faithful wife, please be cool to Hanuman. If the wise Rama has even a little of kindness to me and if I have still some good fortune remaining to my credit, please be cool to Hanuman. If that virtuous Rama recognizes me as one, who is endowed with a good moral conduct and who is ardently desirous of meeting him, please be cool to Hanuman. If the venerable Sugreeva, true to his promise, can make me traverse from this ocean of sorrow, please be cool to Hanuman."
        Seetha being the foremost pathivritha (chaste wife), Agni had no option but to obey her. Vayu, Hanuman's dad, joined force with Agni, swept coolly like a snow-breeze.
     Hanuman was wondering why he was not at all hurt by the blazing fire from his flaming  tail. He also noticed that the fire was not burning him. This made him thinking "It is conspicuous with large flames. But it is not creating any pain to me. On the other hand I feel as if a snow-ball is kept on my tail.
           "When I was over the ocean on my journey to this Lanka, the sea and the wise Mount Mainaka showed me such an hospitality obviously because of Rama. Similarly Agni (the fire-god), in deference to my lord Rama, is now showing the same degree of eagerness in making his touch cold to me. The fire does not burn me, probably due to the kindness of Seetha, powerfulness of Rama and affection of my dear papa."
        Hanuman reflected again for a moment and decided the further course of action. When he was taken near the city-gate, which was looking high and stood secluded from the crowds of the rakshasas, our hero assumed the form of a mountain and within a moment, assumed an exceedingly short form, which made him free from his tethers. Hanuman, our dear Bond of Ramayanam, after becoming free from his bonds, again assumed the form like that of a mountain and looking around found an iron rod attached to the arched door-way.
         Hanuman  killed all the guards with that iron rod. Our impetuous Bond of Ramayanam, after destroying those rakshasas and looking over Lanka, was shining like the sun encircled with rays, with the wreath of flames blazing on his tail.

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