Friday, 6 March 2015

239. Hanuman sent Jambumali to meet his maker.

              Having said what he wanted to say, Hanuman was waiting for the next army from Ravana. He did not have to wait for long. 
          Jambumali, the rakshash with great tusks, wielding a bow, donning crimson garlands and clothes, wearing a beautiful chaplet and charming ear-rings, possessing a gigantic body, having round and open eyes  causing fear to his enemies, unconquerable in battles so far, a strong one and the son of Prahasta, commanded by Ravana, started stretching with rashness his big bow resembling the rainbow, garnishing splendorous arrows and have the brilliance like lightening and produced a sound like thunder.
       The tumultuous sound created by the twanging of the string of that bow, soon filled up all the sides, intermediate points and the sky. Seeing him arriving by a chariot yoked with donkeys, Hanuman who was endowed with swiftness, was thrilled with joy and shouted happily.
     The long-armed Jambumali transfixed sharp arrows into that great vanara, Hanuman who was standing on the top of the arched door-way. He tried to transfix Hanuman   with an arrow in the face,  with an arrow with crescent-shaped head, on the head and with ten arrows having  ear-shaped tops,  in the arms.
That crimson face of Hanuman, hit by an arrow, shone like a full-blown lotus touched by a sun's ray in autumn. That face of Hanuman, which was naturally crimson in colour, smeared with blood, beamed like a large lotus in the sky sprinkled with drops of sandal.
Hanuman, struck by those arrows, was enraged with that rakshas looked around and noticed by his side a huge rock. Uplifting that rock,  Hanuman hurled it with a mighty force. The enraged rakshas  splintered that rock with ten arrows.
         Hanuman then uprooted a very large sal tree and whirled it around. Seeing the mighty Hanuman whirling around the sal tree, the exceedingly strong Jambumali discharged numerous arrows. He splintered that sal tree with four arrows and struck the arms of Hanuman with five arrows, in the chest with one arrow and in the space between the breasts with ten arrows. Hanuman, with his body full of arrows, was highly enraged took the same iron rod and clasping it swiftly, whirling it around and spinning it with a great speed, threw it on the broad chest of Jamubumali. The result was that Jambumali's head vanished accompanied by his arms, his knees, his bow and all the arrows, his chariot and  his horses.
      Hearing Jambumali having been killed, as also the mighty Kimkaras, Ravana was angry with his red enraged eyes. Since the mighty son of Prahasta was killed, Ravana rolling his red eyes with rage, ordered the seven sons of his chief minister possessing high strength and prowess, to go to and tackle that vanara.

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