Friday, 22 May 2015

268. sycophants advise Ravana to defy Rama.

          The sycophantic,  servile, crawling, flattering and cringing ministers, who ipso facto were quite close to Ravana, but stupid and without any moral conduct,  raising up in unison with joined palms spoke vehemently but pleasingly to Ravana, without knowing anything about the subject about which they started to advice. They said in chorus "O, king! Our army, equipped with iron bars, javelins, double-edged swords, darts and sharp-edged spears, is very great. Why are you getting worried? After proceeding to Bhogavati city, the serpents there were defeated by you. Kubera  who resides on the peak of the Mount Kailasa, surrounded by many Yakshas  surrendered to you. O, Lord! By your rage, Kubera, who was bragging himself about his strength acquired due to his friendship with Lord Shiva and was claiming to be a guardian of the world possessing great strength, was defeated by you in battle. Throwing down a group of Yakshas causing a flutter among themselves and taking them in prison, his aerial car, Pushpak was appropriated by you. O, the best of rakshashas! Maya  gave you his dear daughter Mandodari in marriage, because knowing your valour he preferred you as his friend rather than an antagonist. Madhu, Kumbhinasa's husband, another ruler of asuras, who was proud of his valour and who was difficult to be defeated, was defeated by you in a battle against him. O, mighty armed! After moving down to rasatala (the penultimate subterranean region), you conquered the serpent-kings Vasuki, Takshaka, Saukha and Jati and subjugated them under your control. O, annihilator of enemies! You, after a battle for a year, with the mighty asuras who were almost beyond destruction, who were valiant and who obtained boons were defeated by your own strength in combat. Several fascinating tricks were also learnt from them by you. Varuna's sons, valiant and strong and who were accompanied by an army of elephants, chariots, cavalry and infantry were defeated by you in the battle with them. You have also fought and won battles with Yama.  The earth is filled with, like big trees, many of our warriors who are strong and courageous like Devendra. O, King! Rama is definitely not equal to them in  valour, energy etc. Many warriors, who were considered to be impossible to be overcome in battle, were overpowered and killed by you. 
       "If that Rama somehow manages to come over here then there is no need for you, in person to face him. Prince Indrajit alone can destroy all the vanaras. After performing an excellent sacrifice to propitiate Mahesvara, our indomitable prince got a boon very rare to be obtained in the world, was acquired by him. Approaching that huge ocean of army of celestials, Devendra was captured by him and was imprisoned here at Lanka as a POW. Oh, king! Having been released by the orders of your grand father Brahma, Devendra who killed the asuras Shambara and Vritra and who was adored by all celestials, went back to heaven. You send our prince Indrajit alone, who even without any assistance will quash the army of vanaras together with Rama. Oh, king, Rama, who is an ordinary human, who  does not deserve to be considered as a danger."

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