Friday, 29 May 2015

271. Vibhishana continues his efforts.

         Vibhishana was not a guy who would advise and leave the party advised to take it or not. As he very, very and very strongly believed that all his advices were for the good for the advisees, he would ensure that it is taken and acted upon as adivised. He, therefore, could not sleep that night and was thinking about the pros and cons of his adivice, till dawn. At dawn he got up and entered the palace of Ravana. Ravana's palace was looking like a mass of rocks, elevated like a mountain-peak, well-divided into spacious apartments and occupied by eminent persons. It was inhabited by important ministers, who were intelligent and beloved. It was guarded on all sides by rakshasas, who were trust worthy and efficient. The air was filled with the sighing breaths of elephants in rut, with tumultuous noise produced by the blowing of conches and made to resound by an ensemble of musical instruments. The palace was filled with a number of women-folk, of course. It was having principal passages in which spoken words were heard. It was having turrets made of pure gold and adorned with excellent decors. The palace was like an abode of Gandharvas  and of Maruts  filled with a collection of jewels resembling a house of Nagas. (What a quick work after the burning by Hanuman! - How nice it would be if only we have such efficient workers now!)
       The valiant Vibhishana entered that mansion of his elder brother, Ravana, like the sun with rays outstretched with splendour entering a big cloud. Vibhishana with great radiance, heard the auspicious sounds of felicitous recital of prayers uttered by the knowers of Vedas (scriptural texts), wishing for the victory of his brother. Vibhishana of great strength saw Brahmins who knew Mantras (sacred texts) and Brahmanas, respected and offered with pots filled with curd, clarified butter as well as with flowers and unbroken rice. Vibhishana offered salutation to Ravana, the younger (half) brother of Kubera.
       After the customary formalities, Vibhishana obtained a seat adorned with gold, as endowed to him by a glance of the king. Vibhishana, while alone or surrounded by ministers, always spoke to Ravana the words convinced of reason and which were very much beneficial to Ravana. Accordingly he addressed his brother Ravana "O, annihilator of enemies! We are seeing inauspicious omens since Seetha arrived here. Even if the sacrificial fire is fed with oblations while uttering a proper set of Mantras, the fire is not flaring up well, emitting sparks, its flames are enveloped in smoke and are coming forth, polluted with soot. Serpents are seen at the corner of the sacrificial post which is nearest to the fire, also in houses keeping sacrificial fire and in places where sacred studies are made. Ants are seen in things to be offered as oblations. Cow's milk is getting curdled. Excellent elephants are bereft of rut. Horses are neighing miserably and are not rejoiced in eating grass. O, king! Donkeys, camels and mules shed tears, losing their hair and even if treated as per medical procedures are not getting cured. Crows in flocks are crying cruelly from all sides and are seen in crowds assembled together on house-tops. Vultures fly to and fro in circles over the city. Jackals are crying inauspiciously at the approach of both dawn and the dusk. At city-gates are heard loud cries of carnivorous animals gathered in groups, with thundering noise.
       "These things, in my opinion are happening due to the illegal detention of the most chaste lady, the wife of Rama, Seetha. Atonement for this is that Seetha should be given back to Rama. These bad omens are being seen also by the rakshashas and rakshasis  of the city and of the gynaeceum as well as all these people here. All your ministers have abstained to inform this to you. Whatever is seen or heard, it is to be told certainly by me as I cannot bear anything bad happening to you. Hence, you ought to do according to a justification of things for the occasion."
        Ravana was not at all inclined to follow the advice of Vibhishana and as such he told him  "I am not at all afraid of anybody. Rama cannot get back Seetha by any means. How Rama even along with Indra and the celestials can face me in battle?"
        Vibhishana started to argue but Ravana held up his right hand nearest to his body indicating Vibi to stop and then staring at his brother waved a few of his hands at him to get lost.

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