Monday, 25 May 2015

269. Many valiant warriors declared they will kill Rama.

      Nodding in agreement with the  sycophants, the valiant rakshash Prahasta, the commander-in-chief, looking like a dark cloud, rose and said pompously  "While all devas, asuras, gandharvas, devils, birds and serpents could not defeat you in battle, why bother about two human beings? All of us were cleverly cheated by that animal Hanuman. That vanara cannot live long, while I am alive. I shall make the entire earth extending up to the ocean, along with mountains forests and woods, bereft of vanaras. You command me. I will take care of those humans and his army of vanaras, if and when they come over here."
       The rakshash Durmukha spoke with rage "This humiliation meted out to us by that vanara is definitely not to be tolerated. The looming threat of attack by Sugreeva on the city of Lanka and the palaces in it under the rule of the glorious Ravana is outrageous. I alone can destroy Sugreeva and his vanaras even if they hide in the ocean or the subterranean region or the sky."
     The very strong Vajradamshtra, beset with great anger, took hold of a terrific iron club smeared with flesh and blood declared loudly "Why should we be bothered about that pitiable and miserable Hanuman, when Rama along with Lakshmana and Sugreeva who are said to be very difficult to be conquered, are alive? Now itself, with this iron club, killing Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva after perturbing the army of the vanaras, I shall return. Oh, king! Thousands of rakshasas able to change their form at will, courageous, appalling, terrifying to look at and firm in their purpose can assume human bodies and approach Rama without embarrassment and tell him that 'We have been dispatched by Bharata, your younger brother. He is summoning his forces and will surely come here soon.' I am sure he will swallow that tale. If you agree, then with spikes, javelins and maces together with arrows and swords in hand, we will quickly go there from here soon. Once that Rama falls into our deception then  we clandestinely go up in groups to the sky and beating that army of vanaras with a mighty hail of stones and missiles, we will send them to Yama. If Rama and Lakshmana thus fall into our trap they will surely abandon their lives."
      Thereafter Kumbhakarna's son,  Nikumbha, strong and powerful, became very angry and said in a loud voice "All of you stay along with the king. I alone will go there, kill Rama along with Lakshmana, Sugreeva, Hanuman and all the vanaras."
      Then Vajrahanu, who resembled a mountain, licking the corners of his mouth with his tongue, said "Sir, You continue to do your routine as hitherto, without any mental pain. I alone will kill Rama along with Sugreeva, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Angada and all the other vanaras."

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