Thursday, 11 June 2015

275. Vibhishana advises Ravana to return Seetha to Rama.

              After hearing the boastings and braggings   of  his brothers, Vibhishana decided to instil some good and sensible sense in the minds of his brothers. Standing up he addressed his brother Ravana "Dear brother, obviously you are not aware what you have been wrapped around your neck is the great serpent of gigantic body called Seetha, with heaps of hoods as her bosom, with  deadly poison as her anxiety, with sharp fangs as her sweet smile and with five hoods as her five fingers. Even before the vanaras with their body size as mountain peaks, having their teeth and nails as weapons, storm full upon the city of Lanka, give back Seetha to Rama. Even before arrows resembling thunder bolts and with a speed equal to wind, dispatched by Rama, take away the heads of chiefs of rakshasas, give back Seetha to Rama. O, king! Kumbhakarna or Indrajit or Mahaparsva or Mahodara or Kumbha or  Atikaya cannot withstand Rama in battle singly or collectively. Even if you are protected by Brahma or by Maruts  or Indra or god of Death or if you have penetrated into the regions of heaven or under the earth you will not be spared by the arrows of Rama."
         Irritated by the advice of Vibhishana, Prahasta spat out angrily "We do not know what fear is. We were never afraid of either devas or danavas at any time. We do not have any fear from Yakshas or Gandharvas or  Nagas  or from birds or reptiles on the field of battle. When such is the case, it is absolutely ridiculous of you to advice us  to be afraid of  Rama, the son of a human king, in battle?"
       Vibhishana who was very fond of his brothers and his clan, desired to save them from the valorous Rama. Accordingly he told Prahasta "O, Prahasta! The series of actions our king or Mahodara as also yourself and Kumbhakarna propose to take against Rama are impossible of being accomplished, any more than going to heaven by wicked minded persons. How is it possible by me or by you or by all the rakshasas to kill Rama, who is a past master in all matters. In comparison to Rama the capability of any one of us or all of us united is like that of a person who without having even a bark boasts to cross a great ocean. Even Devas would feel bewildered to defy or challenge the prince Rama who gives priority to righteousness, is a great car warrior, was born in the dynasty of Ikshvaku and is capable of accomplishing his objectives and who is said to be  displaying remarkable sangfroid when everyone else was panicking during any crisis. The sharp arrows discharged by Rama, which are furnished with heron's feathers and are dangerous to be faced, have not yet penetrated, duly piercing, your body. That is why, you indulge in such  boastful talks. The sharp and fatal arrows, discharged by Rama with the speed of a thunderbolt, have not yet penetrated, duly splitting your body. That is why you are indulging in such boastful talks. Ravana or Triseersha or Nikumbha the son of Kumbhakarna or Indrajit or yourself are not capable to resist or overpower Rama, who is equal in strength of Indra, in battle. Even Devantaka or Narantaka or Atikaya or Atiratha of gigantic proportions, or Akampana who is mighty as an ocean are not capable to withstand against Rama in battle. Any king who is overcome by evil addictions* will be rude in nature and would act inconsiderately. Such a king is always surrounded by caucus like you who are his companions acting like his enemies for the ultimate destruction of the king.
*The following are the seven evil habits to which kings are generally found addicted: --Harshness of speech and severity of punishment, extravagance, drinking, love of women, hunting and gambling.
        "You lift up and release our king and make him completely free from the bonds forcibly wrapped around him  by a terrific and exceedingly strong snake of boundless proportions having thousand hoods. All his well-wishers who are getting their desires fulfilled by our king, should come together and protect our king, by hook or crook, by coercion even by pulling his hair if necessary as one who is taken possession of by evil spirits with terrific strength, is protected by one's kith and kin. Our dear lord and king Ravana, for his part is like one, who is about to fall into the mouth of Patala  in the shape of Rama, is fit to be rescued united by you. I am telling these right and wholesome words, to wit,  'Let Sita be given back to Rama' for the benefit of this city and the rakshasas inhabiting in it as well as to the king and his well wishers. A good counselor is one, who after evaluating the strength of the enemies and that of his own master and duly grasping with his intellect, the status quo, fall, or rise in military power like-wise on both sides, renders advice which is beneficial to his king."

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