Wednesday, 24 June 2015

279. Vibhishana becomes an ally of Rama.

            Hearing Hanuman's opinion, the inviolable Rama smilingly nodded. Then he said "Now let me tell you my decision about Vibhishana. I do not desert anyone who seeks refuge, protection or shelter even if he has a defect. His acceptance is irreproachable by all means in the eyes of Dharma. And I am a firm believer of Dharma."
           Sugreeva was sort of stunned to hear those words of Rama. With an unbelievable look on his face he asked Rama "I feel that would be unwise as he may be  very dangerous and unreliable. If he can desert his own brother at a time of peril what he would not do us to harm us?"
      Hearing Sugreeva, Rama smiled  and told his brother, Lakshmana, who was suppressing his giggle with great difficulty, "Without studying scriptures and without serving elders, it is not possible to speak such words as Sugreeva spoke." Then looking at Sugreeva, he continued "It appears to my mind that the peculiar circumstances which impels one to take a certain course of action should clearly be seen in all lives of kings as well as others. It is told that persons of the same family and rulers belonging to adjoining territories become enemies and strike in times of adversities. For a similar reason he has come here. Even if belonging to the same family, persons who are virtuous do respect their own well wishers in that family. Generally among kings, even a virtuous person is apprehended. With regard to the draw back you told me in the matter of accepting a person coming from the side of an adversary, I abide by the scriptures. If a man comes as a friend, how can I reject him? It is against the law of my life. All of you, my friends and helpers, should know this. Once a man surrenders himself, one should overlook all his faults.
      "We do not belong to the same family. Further, Vibhishana, the rakshash is perhaps desirous of acquiring the kingdom. A few of the rakshashas also may be rather learned ones. That is why, Vibhishana is acceptable. Kinsfolk do not live together in a fearless mode and in a delightful manner. Hence, they get a split among themselves. For this reason, a fear has come to him. This loud appeal is also a major cause. That is why, Vibhishana can be accepted. Neither all brothers are like Bharata, nor all sons of a father like me nor all friends are like you."
       Sugreeva, wearing a deep concern on his face and shaking his head said "O, Rama the excellent among the tolerant! It is highly possible that  Ravana himself has sent Vibhishana to us as a spy. He and his four companions should, therefore be arrested and kept behind bars. I am sure that he is being sent to kill you who is unsuspecting, or to kill Lakshmana or me in trust. He came here with a crooked mind. He with his counselors is fit to be imprisoned. Is not Vibhishana the brother of that cruel Ravana?"
       Smilingly Rama replied Sugreeva "O, Sugreeva, What does it matter whether that rakshash is good or bad? He is incapable of doing even a little harm to me. If I wish, I can kill all the supernatural beings and ogres living on the earth with just a tip of my finger. That apart, under the present context let me tell you the story of the dove and the hunter. When the hunter sought refuge from the dove, he was received by the dove according to the rules of hospitality in  spite of the fact that the hunter killed his wife.  Not only that the dove invited the killer of his wife for a feast with its own flesh. I, as a human, feel that I am loftier than that dove. Hear the sayings inculcating virtue so long ago, by Kandu, the son of a sage called Kanva, a great sage and a speaker of truth. Even an enemy, who formed a cup with his hollowed hands, a miserable person, a person who is begging and who is seeking a refuge should not be killed with the aim of not being cruel. An enemy who comes for protection against others, even if the aforesaid enemy is oppressed or arrogant, is to be protected by one who has a disciplined mind, even by abandoning one's life. If he does not protect rightly through his strength, by fear or by ignorance or by desire, it is a sin to be reproached by the world. If having not been protected, a refugee dies before the eyes of a man who was able to protect him, the former takes along all his moral merit and goes. In not protecting thus the persons who take refuge, there is a great blemish involved in it. It does not bestow heaven. It destroys reputation. It devastates strength and valor. I will follow the indubitable, undeniable, indisputable, irrefutable and unquestionable saying  of Kandu. It becomes a very righteous thing, gives reputation, leads to heaven and the rewards appear consequently. He who seeks refuge in me just once, telling me that 'I am yours', I shall give him assurance of safety against all types of beings. This is my solemn pledge. Let him either be Vibhishana or even Ravana himself; I have given an assurance of safety to him. Bring him here."
     Hearing Rama's words, Sugreeva the lord of vanaras, overwhelmed as he was with cordial friendship, said "O, Rama, who knows righteousness, the crest jewel among lords of the world! What surprise is there in thinking that you, duly endowed with true essence of life and established in a right path, speak these venerable words? My inmost spirit also feels Vibhishana to be a genuine person, he being well examined from all angles, by act of inference and by his appearance. Hence, let the highly wise Vibhishana be equal among us soon together. Let him get our friendship too."

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  1. <> Lord Rama is telling this to all living beings! Surrender to Him - you are saved!