Monday, 3 August 2015

290. Ravana sends some more spies.

          Looking those formidable,  intimidating, threatening, dangerous, terrifying, appalling, horrible, dreadful, menacing, dismaying, fearful, daunting, frightful, baleful and shocking vanaras as well as the most valiant, doughty and indomitable Lakshmana Rama's right arm, his own brother Vibhishana standing close to Rama, the terribly powerful Sugreeva the king of all vanaras, the strong Angada the grandson of Indra, the powerful Hanuman, the invincible Jambavan, the highly gallant,  daring, bold, heroic and courageous vanara leaders Sushena, Kumuda, Nila, Nala, Gaja, Gavaksha, Sharabha, Mainda and Dvivida  pointed out by Shuka and Sarana,  Ravanas heart (unfortunately for him, he had only one heart as against ten heads and twenty hands) started fluttering, which made him nervous, apprehensive, anxious, uneasy, edgy, worried, tense, fearful, shaky, agitated and jittery. He became terribly angry with those spies Shuka and Sarana who made him shaking. Hiding his nervousness Ravana shouted angrily at Shuka and Sarana who were standing silently saluting with their faces bent down and smiling happily "Don't you know that it is most improper and ungallant of you two  to utter unpleasant words to me, your king who has the power to mete out any punishment. Is it proper for both of you to shower irrelevant praise on our enemies who are adverse to us and are contemplating to vanquish me? In vain have you sat at the feet of your elders, your preceptors and the aged, since the essence to be followed from political sciences has not been grasped by either of you. Or if you have imbibed them, you have not remembered them. You are over-burdened with ignorance! Being associated with such foolish persons like you, it is a miracle that I am still able to retain my sovereignty! Have you no fear of death that you dare address me thus rudely? Trees may survive in the forest, even if disturbed by fire. But the guilty cannot survive the justice of the monarch. Because of the good services you have earlier rendered to us, I would have killed you two miscreants who are praising the band of enemies. Keep away from my neighborhood. Do not be seen anywhere here. I am recollecting your past services and hence spare your lives. Both of you, who are ungrateful and unfaithful towards me, are considered as dead to me."
         Shuka and Sarana  paid obeisance to Ravana and vanished silently.
           Ravana then ordered some competent spies to be sent to him for briefing. When those spies made their presence before him, Ravana told them "Your primary task is to investigate that guy Rama, like who are his intimate friends, and in respect of those who joined on his side with a liking towards him. Find out what are his hours of sleeping and waking and what he intends to do next. Get these as well as any other useful info fast. You should get such info which will enable me to kill or capture him and his cronies without much effort."
       Those spies headed by Shardula started to do their assigned work. They went to the place where Rama along with Lakshmana were camped. (Don't ask me where else they can go.) They went there in disguise! (Yes, Agreed, it is obvious. They cannot go to Rama and introduced themselves as the spies sent by Ravana to spy on him and his army.)
        Rama and Lakshmana together with Sugreeva and Vibhishana were found by the spies in the neighbourhood of the Mountain Suvela. Seeing that army, those spies became overwhelmed with fear. And unfortunately for them they were spotted by Vibhishana. When they were captured and brought to Rama and others, Vibhishana commented that Shardula among them was more wicked than others. When Shardula was about to be killed by the vanaras, Rama intervened and got him as well as his companions released.
         Those spies heaved a sigh of relief and reached back Lanka. 

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