Friday, 14 August 2015

294. Sympathetic Sarama soothed Seetha.

             Seeing the bewildered Seetha, a rakshashi named Sarama* who had developed some affection for Seetha and was treating Seetha as one of her beloved friends.
*Sarama, is claimed to be the (or one of the) wife(or wives) of Vibhishana, by some experts on Valmiki Ramayana.
Sarama was one of the guards assigned by Ravana to guard Seetha. She was kind hearted and firm in austerity. She made herself a companion as well as a protectress of Seetha, who was being protected by her there. The affectionate Sarama found Seetha stupefied and just risen after rolling on the dust and soiled, resembling a female horse.
          Sarama consoled  Seetha "O, Seetha! Calm down. Please do not fret. Be comfortable! Do not get perturbed. Timid woman! I overheard the entire dialog between Ravana and you. O, Seetha! I probed and found out the reason why Ravana left you agitatedly. They all know that it is not possible to attack and conquer or kill Rama, a man of self awareness, even while he is asleep. It is not possible to kill all the vanaras in the manner Ravana told you. The vanaras are fully protected by Rama, like suras are protected by Indra, their lord.
       "O, Seetha! I assure your that Rama, who is endowed with long and well rounded arms, an illustrious man, who is large-chested, a man of great energy, an archer well known in all the worlds, a man endowed with muscularity, a righteous minded man, a person of celebrity on earth, a man of eternal strength, a protector for himself and others, a man of high descent, a knower of doctrines of conduct and behavior, the killer of a stream of enemy forces, a man of inconceivable strength and valor, a venerable man and an annihilator of adversaries, has not been killed.
            "The face of Rama you saw was not real but a trick. Hear me. Rama, along with his army of vanaras, having crossed the ocean, reached its southern shore and is encamped there. All of them are quite safe and sound.
      "I personally went and saw both Rama and Lakshmana very much alive. They stand protected by the troops gathered together at the vicinity of the ocean. Some spies of Ravana brought the news here that Rama has crossed the ocean. Hearing that news, Ravana hurriedly left you for making deliberations with all his advisors. ..........."
          Sarama was interrupted by a terrific sound from the troops preparing for the impending war. Hearing the crashing sound of kettle drums, made to sound like a thunder storm with a drum stick, Sarama in her sweet voice told Seetha "O, timid Seetha! This frightful sound of  kettledrum is indeed an indication of preparation for war. Hear also the thundering crash of the kettle drums, which resembles the rumbling of clouds. Elephants in rut are being caparisoned for the war. Chariot horses are being prepared for the battle. Thousands of horsemen carrying darts in their hands are seen. Thousands of soldiers equipped with armor are marching quickly hither and thither. Royal highways are filled with wonderfully looking warriors like a swift flowing sea with its flood of waters making a roaring sound.
       "Seen are the sheen of polished weapons, shields and coats of mail sending forth luster of many hues like the splendor of fire consuming a forest in summer. Here is seen the flurry of chariots, horses and elephants following the lead of Ravana as well as of energetic rakshashas thrilled with joy. Hear the sound of bells of elephants. Hear the rattling of chariots. Hear the cry of neighing horses, resembling the flourish of trumpets. Here is the bustle of rakshashas, carrying uplifted weapons in their hands following the lead of Ravana. This bustling activity is causing hair to stand erect. A good fortune, which will bring your sorrow to an end, awaits you. A peril has arrived for the rakshashas. The lotus eyed Rama, your husband, who has overcome his anger but having an unimaginable strength will kill Ravana in the ensuing battle and take you back. Your consort along with Lakshmana will show his valor against the rakshashas, like Indra the lord of devas along with Vishnu, the lord of preservation, the annihilator of enemies exhibited his strength over his adversaries. Very soon, I shall see you, mounted on the lap of Rama who actually arrived, your object of his coming being fulfilled and the enemy fallen.
        "O, Seetha! You will shed tears of joy on the bosom of that broad-chested Rama, re-united with you and holding you clasped to his breast. Before long, that mighty Rama will loosen the one single plait which has reached past your hips, which you have worn these many months. Seeing his face, looking like a rising moon, you will renounce your tears born of grief, like a female snake casts off its slough.
      "O, Seetha! Having killed Ravana in combat, Rama will enjoy happiness in the company of his beloved, namely yourself. Acclaimed by the nonpareil Rama, you will be so happy as how the earth, endowed with crops, feels after the onset of good rains. Seek refuge now with him like the sun that rolls towards Meru the highest mountain like a horse that makes its round rapidly. That sun is indeed the source of happiness for all creatures."

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