Saturday, 15 August 2015

295. Sarama continues her efforts in soothing Seetha.

            Seetha, who was terribly distressed seeing the head of her dear hubby Rama, as well as hearing Ravana's deriding confabulation, was comforted and rendered happy by Sarama, as parched earth is solaced by rain.
Sarama wanted Seetha to be more happy. She asked Seetha "O, black eyed lady! I can take a message from you and convey the same to Rama and return secretly. I am gifted with such a talent. That apart neither  Pavan nor Garuda can follow my movements."
          Looking at Sarama gratefully, Seetha said "Thanks a lot for you offer. I guess you are capable of going even to heaven or to the penultimate subterranean region and return safely. Yes! I very much like you to do something for me. 
        "That cruel and evil minded Ravana, equipped with the strength in the shape of conjuring tricks, has flummoxed me, as spirituous liquor would the moment it is imbibed. By his order, I was threatened by words all the time by the most frightful rakshasis, who always surround me and insult me by their act repeatedly. I am depressed and distrustful. My mind is not in its natural state. Staying in the Ashoka vana, I am distressed because of this fear. Please let me know, all that is decided by Ravana during his meeting with his ministers about the matter of releasing me or keeping me captive."      
      Sarama, wiping Seetha's face, which got moist with tears, replied "Is that all you want?!  O, Seetha! I will get that info and get back to you pronto."
       Sarama thereafter vanished from the sight of Seetha.  Going to the meeting place of Ravana with his ministers, Sarama collected all the info she wanted and returned to the Ashoka vana where Seetha looking like Lakshmi the goddess of prosperity without  the lotus,  waiting for her eagerly. 
         Seetha affectionately embracing Sarama told her "Sitting here comfortably tell me about the real design of that cruel and wicked Ravana."
      Sarama replied "Both Kaikasi, the mother of Ravana and Aviddha, the aged minister advised Ravana to release you. They said 'Let Seetha be restored honorably to Rama the Lord  par excellence. That unimaginable thing happened in Janasthana should be an eye-opener to you. Which mortal would accomplish the crossing of the ocean, the discovery of Seetha by Hanuman, and the carnage of the rakshashas in combat on this earth?' Though admonished in many ways by the aged minister and his mother he is not inclined to set you free, any more than a miser would leave his hold on his riches. O, Seetha! He does not want to release you. This is the resolve of the cruel Ravana along with his ministers. Thereafter, due to infatuation caused by his impending death, his aforesaid determination is very firm. He is not at all inclined to release you. Killing Ravana by his sharp arrows in combat, Rama will take you back to Ayodhya without any doubt."
         Both heard the sound of all the vanara troops blended with the sound of kettle drums, causing earth to shake. Hearing that sound of that vanara troops, the servants of Ravana stationed in Lanka became apprehensive and depressed.

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