Monday, 7 December 2015

323. Ravana asks Kumbhakarna to liquidate Rama and his army.

             Kumbhakarna was slightly tottering due to the drowsiness caused by the intake of abundant quantity of inebriating drinks, in his march along the king's highway, full of royal dignity. He was accompanied by thousands of rakshashas. He was covered with a shower of flowers from the houses on both the sides of the highway. He arrived at Ravana's abode, covered with golden grilled windows, spacious and looking beautiful, like a shining sun.
       Entering Ravana's palace Kumbhakarna saw his worried brother sitting in the Pushpaka vimanSeeing Kumbhakarna Ravana quickly jumped from his seat in delighted and brought him near to his side. After the usual formalities, Kumbhakarna  asked him "For what purpose have I been woken up by you? Tell me from whom is the danger for you here and who is to be killed."
       Ravana told Kumbhakarna "O mighty Kumbhakarna! During your sound sleep that Rama came here with an army of monkeys and troubles me. This Rama is cutting short our race. Alas! Coming happily by a bridge, the forests and groves have been covered with an ocean full of monkeys, the army of that human Rama. 
         "The monkeys killed very many important rakshashas in battle. It seems the monkeys were not defeated at any time before, in a combat. O mighty Kumbhakarna! That is the danger which has arisen. You have to help us now. Go and destroy them now. You have been woken up solely for that purpose.
     "I have a great respect and affection for you. For several times, in battles between devas and asuras, you conquered the devas. O Kumbhakarna of terrible prowess! Therefore, show your entire prowess. There is indeed no one, in all the worlds, who is equal to you in strength.
           "O Kumbhakarna, Go and blow away that Rama and his army by your indomitable power, as an autumnal cloud is blown away by a high-rising wind.”

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