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324. Kumbhakarna promised to kill Rama and others in battle.

             Hearing the lamentation of Ravana, Kumbhakarna guffawed. Then with a serious face he told his bro Ravana "O! My dear bro! What has happened was a very likely possibility envisaged during your consultation with your well wishers and counselors. But you unfortunately discounted it totally. 
          "O emperor! This course of events were not expected by you at first. In your arrogance you did not foresee such a consequence, in particular  from Rama, a human. 
          "A king who disregards an enemy and does not protect himself adequately, is very likely to have disappointing occurrences and would be removed from his position. That advice which was tendered to you earlier by Vibhishana is beneficial to us.
           "Now there is no point in crying over the spilled milk. Now, I will certainly do what you want me to."
          Ravana was not in a mood to take criticism or advice, even from his dear brother, Kumbhakarna. He asked his brother angrily "Why are you advising me like a venerable great teacher? Now, it is a waste to tell again that I did not take the advice which you consider was the best option.
              "Wise persons do not repent over the past. Past is past. Let us consider what is best for the present. If you have some affection for me or if you are confident about your own prowess and if you think it fit in your heart that what I need from you is to be done very much, you nullify the hardship, born out of my wicked conduct, by your prowess. He who rescues an afflicted soul, whose fortune is ruined, is the real friend. He who is ready at hand to help one who has deviated from the right course, is a kinsman.”
        Kumbhakarna felt sorry that his words hurt his dear brother Ravana who had become very angry with him. As it was not his intention to hurt the feelings of his dear bro, Kumbhakarna spoke slowly, sweetly and smoothly. Observing that his brother was highly perturbed and excited, Kumbhakarna, gently and softly told Ravana “O my dear brother! Sorry my words hurt you. Let me assure you that it was not my intention to hurt you. Please shed your anger completely and become your normal sweet self again. O king! I hereby give you my solemn assurance that until I live, fulfilling of your desire will be my utmost duty. As you desire, I shall destroy him, for whose account, you are feeling anguished.
             "O king! I consider it is my duty to give advice, which in my opinion is the best for you. I gave this advice, because of our relation and brotherly affection. That was past. At this moment, I gather that you desire the destruction of your adversaries in battle. It will, certainly be done by me. See today the army of monkeys and Rama along with his brother being killed by me in the fore-front of the battle-field. Be happy by seeing Rama's head, which I shall bring today from the battle. Let Seetha be unhappy.
       "Let all those rakshashas in Lanka, whose relatives have died in battle, witness the death of  Rama today. Today, I shall do the act of wiping off tears of the rakshashas, who have been afflicted with grief and lamenting because of the destruction of their relatives in combat by the adversaries. See today in battle, the mountain-like Sugreeva, the king of monkeys, looking like a cloud illuminated by the sun, thrown about, dissipated.
         "O king of rakshashas! From this moment onwards Rama can kill you or even cause a scratch on your body, only after killing me. On that account, I do not regret for myself. You can command me, even now, as you wish. No other person need be sought to assist me. I, alone can vanquish your enemies, who have a great strength. You know very well that I can face even ShakraYama, Agni, Vayu or Varuna. It is common knowledge that even Indra gets frightened of me.
         "Without any weapon I can smash my enemies, singly. I can kill even Indra, with my bare hands.
         "If Rama today survives my rapid blows of my fists, then my flood of arrows will finish him. O king! So long as I am alive, why do you succumb to any anxiety? Here, I am ready to sally forth for the destruction of your enemies. Get rid of any apprehension of Rama. In the battle, I will kill Rama, Lakshmana, the mighty Sugreeva and Hanuman, too, by whom the city of Lanka was burnt off and many rakshashas were killed. I shall devour the monkeys. I wish to be the raison d'être for the extraordinary reputation you will be securing for subjugating Rama.
         “O king! In case you have any fear for Indra or even for Brahma, I shall erase it, as the sun removes darkness of the night. You know very well that when I am enraged, even Devas will lay down on the floor. I can extinguish even Yama. I can devour the Pavaka (i.e. Agni), too. I can cause the sun along with the stars to fall asunder on the floor.
           "You know very well that I can overwhelm Indra. I can drink away the ocean. I can crush mountains into powder. I can tear up the earth. The supreme prowess of Kumbhakarna, who slept for a long time, is going to be demonstrated today. I am going to bring you happiness, conferring you a delight by killing Rama along with Lakshmana. I will devour all the chiefs of army of monkeys. O king! You make merry today. Throw away your agony and perform your usual duties without any worry. After I sent Rama to the world of Yama, Seetha will become subservient to you."

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