Monday, 14 December 2015

325. Mahodara interjects a strategy.

           Mahodara, who was also present there, somewhat resented the boasting of Kumbhakarna. He interjected mildly "O Kumbhakarna! Having been born in an illustrious family, it does not become of you to be so audacious. Your boasting sounds like the perception of a vain man who is also arrogant. You do not seem to have the ability to perceive the right thing to be done at any point of time. O Kumbhakarna! Your perception that the king does not know what is prudent and what is not is not correct. Your boasting sounds childish and audacious. Our king knows very well about apportioning of place and time, understands the subject about strengthening and diminishing of relationships as well as his own position and the position of others.
          “You are speaking as though virtue, wealth and pleasure are dwelling separately in water-tight compartments. By their very nature, there is no accurate description for those things. Action alone is indeed the means to get all the results. Even sinful acts may yield a fruit of prosperity!
          “Living beings reap the fruit of good actions in this and in the other world. However, he who remains diligently devoted to actions, good or otherwise, with a view to attaining sensuous pleasure enjoys eternal  bliss in this life. Such a person does not care what happens to him in the other world. In this context, this act of pursuit of sensuous pleasure has been cherished in his heart by the king and was approved by us, too. What violation is there in doing this daring act against the enemy?
          "Your declaration of marching all alone for the encounter, does not seem to be prudent. I do not thing you will be able to conquer, single-handed, that Rama by whom several mighty rakshashas were destroyed in Janasthana.
          "It does not seem wise to encounter single-handed that Rama, who is forever shining with a splendour. Going there single-handed does not seem to be wise."
          Having thus admonished the enraged Kumbhakarna, Mahodara turned to Ravana said "Sir, I have a strategy by which Seetha will be submissive to you. Announce by a beat of drum in the city-streets that myself, Dvijihva, Samhraadi, Kumbhakarna and Vitardana  are setting out for the final battle with Rama.
         “Then, we will actually fight with him. If we conquer him, there is no need for any strategies. In case we are not able to conquer him, then we will implement the plan which is as follows. Moistened with blood on our bodies torn with arrows marked with the name of Rama engraved on them, we shall come back here from the battle.
         "We will report to you that 'Rama as well as Lakshmana have been devoured by us. Then, have it proclaimed by the beating of trumpets in the entire city, on the back of an elephant, that Rama has been killed along with his brother and his army.
       "Becoming happy for that, arrange to bestow on your servants, objects of enjoyment, other desired objects and gold. Then, present garlands, garments and cosmetics to champions as well as abundant gifts to other warriors. 
        "When this thick rumour that Rama along with his companions have been devoured by our rakshashas  spreads far and wide, you approach Seetha in private and talk to her nicely consoling and conciliating her, tempt her with a load of luxuries and precious stones.
          "Ensure that she is scared and anguished. And make Seetha think that she lost her husband. Then, I am sure she will, may be with some reluctance, submit to your will. Believing that her charming husband is destroyed, Seetha from her hopelessness and feminine feeling of flexibility will come to your protection and embrace. Seetha, without her husband Rama, cannot go to her dad's place or to her in-law's place. The only option left for her would be only you!
             "I think that this is a very wonderful plan without any flaw, whatsoever. After the successful execution of this my wonderful and marvelous plan you will be acclaimed as 'An emperor who conquered his enemies without losing his army, without meeting with any danger and without a combat'. You will certainly be crowned with a great fame, merit, prosperity and glory."

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