Tuesday, 11 March 2014

147. Rama and Lakshmana goes towards Mt. Rishyamuka.

                   While Shabari was ascending to heaven with her own divine self-resplendence, Rama was wondering about the magnificence of the disciples of the maharishi Matanga. He shared his thoughts with Lakshmana with the words "We have now seen a highly astounding hermitage of self-controlled sages in which the deer and tigers are at home, and is adored by divers birds.
                   "Oh, Lakshmana, holy is our taking a bath in this holy Pampa Lake, for it is formed by the waters of seven seas, and even holier is our oblation of this holy waters to manes. What that was unpropitious for us is now completely abated by our holy bath and holy oblations.
                  "Mt. Rishyamuka which is beaming forth nearby, on which the son of the Sun, Sugreeva is living along with a few other vanaras. He is said to be hiding there out of fear from Vali. Now the next immediate action for us is to get into contact with that Sugreeva. With that end in mind, we will go to that spectacular Lake Pampa. Come on, Lakshmana. I am very eager to meet Sugreeva, for my next immediate enterprise called 'The search for Seetha' is under his aegis."
               Then both the brothers exited from that hermitage, and started marching towards the Lake Pampa. But on the way took a little diversion and entered into a lake called Matanga Lake.
             Both the brothers were quite composed and dispassionate until they entered the area around the lake Pampa. However, when they reached the shore of that ladylike lake, Rama was filled with sorrow. Nevertheless both enjoyed viewing that beautiful lake which was beaming forth with lotuses hemming in from inside, and trees like Tilaka, Ashoka, Punnaga, Bakula, Uddala, are hemming it from outside.
             That lake wass huddled with delightful fringe lands and lotuses squeeze it from within, and its water was plethoric and crystalline, and its sand was softish all over. It was beautified with packs of fishes and tortoises, and packs of trees on its banks, on which climber plants were wraparound like the ladyloves of those trees. And that was adored by the beings like sylvan, reptilian, celestial, georgic, and elfish beings, and it is overcrowded with trees and tendrils, and it is a trove for fairish and goodish water.
The lotuses of the lake were rich in their fragrance, and with the heaps of clusters of reddish, whitish, and blackish lotuses, and with such pinkish, whitish, and reddish lotuses the sheet of water was like a picturesquely painted canvas and it was surrounded by the orchards of flowered mango trees and sounded much by the screams of peacocks.
               Then both looked at the mountain renowned as Rishyamuka which was abounding with colourful ores and amazingly flowered trees. The highly valiant Sugreeva presided over that mountain. Rama then told Lakshmana "oh, Lakshmana, you make a headway for that chief of vanaras, Sugreeva."
                              End of Aranya Kanda


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