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152. Sugreeva shares his plight with Rama.

                  Sugreeva replied Rama "That rakshash Ravana was going southward with your Seetha. Truthfully I hereby promise  you, my dear friend, I will make an all-out effort to find where Seetha is and also to help you to get her back.
                 "I, too, am in somewhat similar position as you are. I, too, have this yearning caused by the separation of wife. But I did not despair like you, nor I have forsaken my courage and hope. Though I am a primitive vanara, I am not totally disheartened for the usurpation of wife. I am not presumptuous to advise you, who is very well read and courageous. However, there is no point to get disheartened and weeping.
                 "Please do not think that I am preaching or instructing you. I am just telling a benefiting and friendly thought."
                 The kind words of Sugreeva solaced Rama greatly. Rama dabbed his eyes and gave Sugreeva a thankful smile. Rama rallied back to his normal demeanor and embraced Subgreeva. Then he thanked Sugreeva by saying "Sugreeva, a friendly obligation was discharged by you in a benefiting and befitting manner at the time of need. Your are not only a friend in need but a friend in deed, too. Oh, friend, I steadied myself in my own nature on hearing you. I am very fortunate that I got you as a friend, as it is very impossible to get a friend like you especially at these times. Your immediate endeavor is to locate where my dear Seetha is."
                  Sugreeva felt elated by the praise of Rama. In a very happy mood he replied Rama "When you who has all kinds of endowments and good virtues are my friend, doubtlessly I am worthy to be blessed by all gods in everyway. There is no doubt that with your help it will be possible to achieve even the kingdom of gods. As such I need not worry any longer about my kingdom or afraid of my own brother Vali."

               Sugreeva then looked around and went to a well flowered sala tree not far off from there, covered with some leaves and bedecked with honeybees. Sugreeva broke off one branch of that tree with adequate leaves and looking quite charming. He then came back and spreading it out and indicated Rama to sit on it. After Rama, Sugreeva also sat on it facing Raghava. Hanuman followed suit and brought a branch of a sala tree for Lakshmana. 

          After settling comfortably on the branches of the sala tree, Sugreeva started telling Rama about his plight vis-à-vis with his brother Vali "My brother calumniated me and snatched my wife. He tried to kill me. As he is much more powerful than me, I eluded him and moved over to this mountain Rishyamuka. Affronted by my brother, I have become his enemy. I am living here and trembling with fear of him, all the time. Now that you have become my friend I seek your protection from him."

                 Rama smiled and replied "Helping is the fruit of friendship while harming is enemy's trait. I wish to free you from the fear of your brother Vali once and for all. I would like to kill him, and kill him today itself."

              Sugreeva was very pleased to hear Rama's assurance and told Rama "Rama, I am completely immersed in sadness and your assurance has cheered me up. 

              "My brother Vali deposed me from my kingdom for an unreasonable reason, oh Rama, and speaking harsh words he peremptorily banished me. He seized my wife who is loftier than my life. He tried many times to annihilate me, but, I killed those combatant vanaras sent by Vali to kill me. I thought that Vali sent Lakshmana and you to kill me. That is why I did not wish to be seen by you when I saw you. Though I am engulfed in tribulations I still sustain myself so far due to these vanaras like Hanuman , who have come with me and protecting and helping me in every way they can. These friendly vanaras are guarding me all over, and wherever I go they go along with me, and if I were to stay they too will stay.
             "Rama, this is my sad-story in brief. I kept it short as a detailed one may be too tedious for you. I may however, add that my elder brother Vali is very powerful and a renowned one for his intrepidity. His end would end all my distress and my later life and quietude depend on his destruction."
            Rama asked Sugreeva "I would like to know what caused the enmity? I am interested to know the details. After knowing the cause of the enmity, and evaluating upon the strength and weakness of the cause of enmity, as well as the enemy himself, I will evolve the appropriate means to obliterate him."
            Sugreeva was surprised as well as pleased to hear that Rama wanted to know the details of the cause of the enmity between Vali and himself. Then with a happy countenance Sugreeva started to tell Rama about the cause of the enmity between Vali and himself.

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