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153. Sugreeva narrates the cause of enmity with Vali.

                  Sugreeva said "Vali is my elder brother and he was very dear both to my dad and myself. After the demise of our father, Vali succeeded him apart from the reason that he was the eldest son, all the ministers had glorified him immensely. I had no ambition for the crown and was very happy to see my dear brother Vali on the throne.  While he was ruling the great kingdom of my father and forefathers, I have always bowed down to him like a servant and stood by him. But, alas, the destiny decided otherwise. There was a fierce rakshash named Maayaavi, the elder brother of the rakshash Dundubhi and the son of the rakshash named Maya. For some reason I could not fathom, there was a great enmity between this Maayaavi and Vali.  I am not sure but I think it is because of some female. 
                When all of us were sleeping soundly in a night, that Maayaavi came to our kingdom Kishkindha and started shouting. We did not understand what that sudden high pitched sound was, as all of us were not fully awake. A few moments later we recognized that the voice was that of Maayaavi and that he was challenging Vali for a fight. Vali was furious primarily for the reason that he was disturbed in the middle of the night when he was at sound asleep. He got up and told us that he was going to accept the challenge and kill that rakshash.
             All the females and myself requested him not to go out for a fight at that time for the reason that he got up from sound sleep and as such may not be able to defeat that rakshash as he (Vali) might not have collected all his wits. But Vali spurned our remonstrances and stormed out. I accompanied my brother in order to help him if and when required. 
              The rakshash seemed to have taken aback to see both of us. Obviously he became nervous and took his heels. Vali pursued him and I followed my brother Vali. That rakshash suddenly dropped into a cavity in the ground covered with grass. On reaching that cavity, Vali told me "Dear Sugreeva, I am going and you stay here and be on the alert. Do not go away until I return after killing that rakshash."
             He did not agree to my request to accompany him. As desired by my dear brother, I waited and waited for over a year. Then on one day I noticed some blood with foam gushed out that hole. Then I also heard some sounds of screaming. The voice was NOT that of my brother. I, therefore presumed that the noise was the cry of victory by that rakshash.
              "Oh, friend Rama, I came to the logical conclusion that the rakshash vanquished and killed my brother. I, therefore, covered the cavity very firmly and performed water oblations to my deceased brother, and then returned to Kishkindha. 
              "Then all the ministers requested me to take over the throne. I was crowned.
              "Vali returned one day after destroying the enemy. I was very happy and welcomed him back effusively. I bowed with the crown touching his feet.  But he was terribly angry to see me as the king of Kishkindha. He arrested all my ministers. 
            "He was not prepared to listen to any of my explanations. He was very angry and shouted at me with many expletives. And summoning people and venerable ministers he hurled very abusive words at me. He told 'You all are aware that earlier the gigantic and rancorous rakshash Maayaavi challenged me for a duel on a night. I accepted and went after him. This brother of mine followed me. That Maayaavi ran away as he was fraught with fear on seeing me with my brother at my side, and he ran away and entered a great cavity in the earth.

               'I then told my brother that I would not return without killing that rakshash and asked my brother to wait at that cavity's entrance, till my return. Believing that he would be staying at the entrance of the cavity I entered that cavity. It took over a year for me to find that rakshash.  When I found him, I killed him along with all his relatives.
              'Unfortunately I found the cavity was plugged firmly. I also noticed that it was fully filled with the gushes of blood emanated from the mouths and bodies of that rakshash and his relatives. I could not see any exit. I shouted calling Sugreeva many times but I did not get any reply. Somehow, with great difficulty I managed to come out and arrived here. Now I find that this fellow Sugreeva has usurped my kingdom.'
               "He then ruthlessly banished me, then and there in the court itself. I was not allowed to take anything, even a change dress. I, therefore ran out of Kishkindha with a single clothing on my body. Then I learned that he nonchalantly appropriated my dear wife, too. He threatened to kill me, too. I came to this mountain Rishyamuka, because Vali cannot set his foot here due to some another reason.
                 "Now you know that I was punished for no fault of mine. Oh, Rama, I beseech you to protect me from my unreasonable but very mighty brother, Vali, who is all set out to erase me from this world."
                Rama told Sugreeva "I will assuredly protect you, my friend. I see how you are deluged in a sea of sadness, but I will make you to get over that sea, and you will definitely regain abundantly whatever you lost." 
              Sugreeva was very happy to hear those words of Rama.

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