Thursday, 12 December 2013

112. Khara's valiant fight with Rama.

              Khara was shocked to see the brave and highly capable Duushana and Trishira killed by the human Rama. He started realizing the competence and the intrepidity of Rama. Khara was alarmed to see the unbearable and brutish demonic forces killed by the one and only human, Rama. His vanquishing of Duushana and Trishira as well as the manner in which they were killed was something unimaginable to Khara.  Seeing the destruction of almost all his forces that rakshasha Khara became less of vainglorious.  However, Khara was by no means a coward. With determination, the brave Khara shot iron-arrows, which ingest blood  and followed them by snaky-venomous arrows towards Rama. Fidgeting his bowstring in many ways, exhibiting missiles by his training in warfare, Khara moved about the battleground and spilled his arrows in many ways while going on his chariot. Acknowledged as a great warrior, Khara, in all the stretches and inter-stretches, started to fill his arrows, which made even Rama startled. However, as Rama was a past master in the warfare, started to fill his very great bow with arrows. Rama with those verily unendurable arrows that were glinting fires, made the sky less of leeway, as the raining clouds would fill the sky. The sky was completely covered with those sharp arrows unloosened by Khara and Rama, and there was no space that was unfilled in the sky.
            Then, Khara shattered the bow of Rama with its arrow, at its fist-place. Khara again on taking seven other arrows hit at the armour [crucial parts] of Rama infuriatingly and those arrows equaled the radiance of Indra's thunderbolts. Then hitting with a thousand arrows of great vitality at Rama, Khara blared a loud blare in that combat.
             Well shot by those well bumping arrows released by Khara, the armour of Rama fell down on the field. Then Khara rained very powerful arrows which covered the entire body of Rama. This flared up Rama and made him to decide to end the battle with the end of the enemy Khara. Rama took the very admirable bow of Vishnu presented to him by the maharishi Agastya. With this thunderously blasting bow, Rama proceeded to end this battle. Then with arrows that were with golden fins and curved barbs Rama fragmented Khara's flag and flagstaff. Severally shattered was that eye-pleasing golden flagstaff which fell onto the ground, like the falling of sun onto the earth by the damnation of gods.
By that Khara was enraged and dashed four arrows onto Rama's entire body. This made Rama's entire body drenched with his blood making him highly indignant and disconcerted. Rama then taking the great bow released six arrows targeting pointedly. One arrow on head, two on hands are set on and then with three demilune arrows Rama hit Khara's chest. Then with iron arrows that are sun-similar, infuriately shot at that rakshash, thirteen arrows in all, all were stone-grind. With one arrow the yoke of the chariot, with four, four of the dappled horses, and with eight the head of the charioteer of Khara are dismembered. With three arrows the three-pronged shaft from yoke to the base of chariot, with two arrows the axle and with twelve arrows Khara's bow with its arrow were devastated.
                On devastating the chariot, with the next arrow, Raghava impaled Khara. His bow and chariot were completely shattered. His charioteer and the horses were killed, too. Handling a mace Khara hopped down onto to the ground from the shattered chariot, and then stayed there, staring belligerently at Rama and silently challenging him for a duel to the finish.
             At that deed of Rama, the gods and the great-sages assembled in heaven, worshipped Rama with their adjoined palms.

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