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119. Ravana explains his plan to Mareecha.

                 Ravana replied with humility "Sir, You know that you are my best recourse when I am anguished or troubled. Please therefore, pay your earnest attention to my words without interruption until I finish.
                 "You are well aware that I placed my cousin Khara, the mighty Duushana, my sister Shuurpanakha, the fierce Trishira along with a mighty army of over fourteen thousand able and valiant rakshashas at Janasthaana for the purpose of preventing rishis treading a righteous path by any means.
                "Until recently everything was going perfectly well. But recently Khara and his army had to encounter one human named Rama in a combat. In that combat that Rama, a foot-soldier, that too, a human, has completely wiped out those fourteen-thousand demons with flaring fieriness with his fierce arrows. Khara was hewed down thereby rendering that Dandaka forest free from the fear of rakshashas. I understand that he was banished by his infuriated father, and he came to Dandaka forest along with his wife. It is unthinkable that such an ignoble Kshatriya is the slaughterer of that indomitable army of mine.
          "He was thrown out by his father because he is out of character, brutal, firestorm, senseless, selfish, one with his senses unconquered and righteousness discarded, and he is an unrighteous soul just delighting in the disservice of all beings.
           "For no reason other than to flaunt his brawn he disfigured my dear sister by stripping off her nose and ears.  I would like to inveigle such a man's wife Seetha looking like a divine nymph flaunting and swaying her beauty in Janasthaana, and in that matter I want you to be my aide in Dandaka forest. Oh, my dear Maareecha, I know that you are most capable in such matters. That apart, with you and with my brothers standing by my side as my associates, I care a damn for all of the gods if they are going to wage a war against me. Therefore, oh, rakshasa Maareecha, as you are capable of rendering aid in such matters, you should indeed become my aide in this venture.  In valour, war and verve there is none to excel you; you are a topmost stalwart in trickery and a matchless expert in illusive-tricks. I have come to you only for that reason. I will explain as to how you can help me in this matter.
               "As you are a past master in changing yourself to any guise, you take the guise of an astounding golden deer with silver dots and move in front of the hermitage of that Rama. Seeing you in the shape of a such a captivating, bewitching, winsome and an irresistible dear deer, Seetha undoubtedly will demand her husband to get you (in the form of golden deer) forthwith for her. Perhaps even Lakshmana may say 'Let us lay hold of it.' Then in the absence of those two, Rama and Lakshmana, I will comfortably and unimpededly abduct Seetha, as Rahu abducts the shine of moon. Thereafter Rama will be enervated by the abduction of his wife. If in such a condition, he comes to me for getting his wife back I can easily defeat him and kill him." 
                Maareecha was completely nonplussed to hear the suggestion of Ravana.  his mouth was completely dried up, and he was totally frightened. Wetting his dried up lips with his tongue he was staring at Ravan speechless. His whole body shuddered at the thought of his encounter with Rama earlier - see Chapter 5. Rama's character and valour revealed..
Maareecha's heart sank with scare as he was made to aware of Rama's valour when he was in the great forest of Tataka. He was not sure weather Ravana would heed to his persuasion. Anyhow he decided to make a try.

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