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114. Ravana informed of the obliteration of Khara and his forces.

                One rakshasha named Akampana in the service of Khara, was actually a spy of Ravana who placed him at the employment of Khara. When Akampana sensed that the battle with Rama was not going in favour of Khara, he (i.e. Akampana) maneuvered to keep himself alive so that he can report the matter to his master Ravana. On seeing the fall of Khara, Akampana just slipped away and went straight to Lanka.
              There he went to Ravana and told him "Your Majesty! There was a great battle at Panchavati between the army of Khara and one human named Rama who just massacred the entire army of Khara and killed Khara, too. I slipped away to report the matter to you."
              Ravana was highly skeptical. He thundered at the spy  "Who is he so powerful and capable to destroy my indomitable Janasthaana?  It cannot be Indra or Kubera. Yama? NO, He would not dare; why even Vishnu would not dare to meddle with me. I am Yama to Yama. The gods for Fire, Air, Rain etc. as well as the Sun obey my wishes implicitly." 
                "Akampana became terribly nervous and sought the clemency of His Majesty with a stuttering voice. And His Majesty Ravana granted the same with grace.  Then he said "Sir. He is a youth with mighty shoulders, round and lengthy arms, built like that of a lion. He is said to be the son of the King Dasharatha and known as Rama. He is blue-black in complexion. His handling of the bow and arrows is magnificent.  He was the one who slew Duushana and Khara in Janasthaana."
                 Ravana asked the spy "Who came with that Rama at Janasthaana? Indra with all of the immortal gods?"
                Akampana pondered for a moment to recollect his thoughts and said softly and nervously "Your Majesty! Rama came to Dhanda forest with his brother called Lakshmana. But Rama alone fought Khara and his forces. 
               "I made inquiries and collected information about Rama. Rama is highly resplendent, an ablest archer among all archers, one who is endowed with divine missiles and divine attributes, and he is the one who conducts warfare with a supreme conduct. And his younger brother Lakshmana is also a mighty one with redly eyes and drumbeat like voice, and whose face is shiny like the full-moon. But Rama alone fought the battle and destroyed Janasthaana.
                "I thoroughly checked and no god, deva, asura, human or animal was helping Rama. I saw with my own eyes that his gold-finned and feather-winged arrows after released from his bow became five-faced serpents which started consuming the rakshashas.
               "To whichever nook or corner the rakshashas smitten by fear of those serpents were fleeing, they saw to their amazement and horror Rama standing before them alone in that nook or corner with his ominous bow and arrow. Oh! Your Majesty! in this way your Janasthaana is totally ruined by that Rama."
                 On hearing Akampana, Ravana said "Is it so? Then I Myself will to go to Janasthaana and kill Rama along with Lakshmana."
                Akampana was not only a very competent spy but was a very intelligent, clever and smart, too. And he was very much devoted to his master Ravana. He therefore told Ravana "I beg your pardon your Majesty. But that does not seem to be a good idea. From what I observed I have come to the conclusion that Rama was a chap with a spirit and grit.
He is highly renowned and said to be almost invincible. It is said about him that he can collapse even the firmament along with its starlets, stars and planets, and he even can elevate the earth if it were to collapse.
                 "It is said that on breaching the shoreline of the ocean with his arrows that Rama can deluge worlds, and he can stem the tide of turbulent ocean, or can even stall the agent of that turbulence, namely the wind.
                 "Oh, Sir, in view of the above I feel that it is not a good idea to fight him in a straight battle. In view of the superb capability of Rama as a warrior, you will lose face in case you could not defeat him in a battle, either singly or along with the hosts of the rakshasha allies of yours.
                "I have an idea to kill him from a different approach. Rama has come to the Dhandaka forest with his wife too. A real beauty of all the worlds of all times, a youthful one with symmetrical limbs and a slender waist known as Seetha. No goddess can match her beauty. It is needless to say that Rama loves her so dearly and he cannot live without her. I, therefore suggest you abduct her."
                 Ravana after chewing over the suggestion, liked it. He told Akampana "Agreed! I will go early in the morning with a charioteer and delightfully bring that beautiful wench into the elegant city Lanka." 
                 In the following early morning Ravana started as planned to get Seetha. On the way he noticed the hermitage of Maareecha at a distance. Remember Maareecha? If not read chapter 5. Rama's character and valour revealed. Another idea occurred to Ravana. He went to the hermitage of Maareecha, the son of Tataka.  Maareecha received Ravana and entertained him with with special sweetmeats and savories.
                 After the usual formalities Maareecha asked Ravana "Oh, king and supremo of Rakshashas,  I am anxious to know whether everything is safe and secure in your kingdom. Please let me know to what I am indebted to the honour of your visit."
                 Ravana replied "Oh, sire, One human named Rama has completely ruined my security stationed at Janasthaana. I do not like to stoop to fight with a human.  I wanna hit him back in a different manner. I have decided to kidnap his wife and I want your friendly help in the kidnapping."
                 Maareecha with a grave face asked Ravana "My dear fellow! Who broached the subject of Seetha with you? He must be an enemy in the guise of a friend. Who is that censurable one who is so unhappy with you for giving such a disastrous advise?
                 "I am sure that the chap who contrived to make you do this dreadful thing is an undoubted enemy of yours. This is like extricating the fangs of a snake from its mouth by bare hands. It is as good as his hitting you hard on your head while you are fast asleep.
                  "Oh, Ravana, it will be catastrophic to raise an eye to see Rama in war.Take my advice.  Do not even dream to rouse that sleeping lion.
                  "Oh, lord of Lanka, do not tinker with Rama. If you do then you will regret it later. Go back to Lanka. You take delight in your plethora of wives, and let Rama be delighting with his only wife in forests." 
                    Ravana took the advice of Maareecha and went back to Lanka. 

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  1. Ravana listening to Mareecha's advice and returning to Lanka is news to me. The epic would have turned different had Ravana stayed in Lanka! But, he was destined to be killed by Sri Rama!